Boy Oh Boy!!!

That’s what I’m saying as I whoop and jump around like a real nut! 1,203!!! That’s the magic number of visitors I had here at my blog home in one day… woohoo!!! How wonderful to have so many friends come around! We are having a parteeeeee!!! 😆 Oh and I am so happy that we have in our company the one male visitor I’ve had in my blog so far… Clarke, was that you? 😛 I am so incredibly happy because the number of wonderful people downloading and leaving love in my blog and on my 4shared account is increasing! I looooove that the stuff I create is worthy enough for you to want to download, and I love being able to share with you, and I love having company, so I hope you’ll be coming around real often! (Okay, gushing, gushing and giddy, giddy 😀 😀 😀 )

Alright. I’m calm now. 😆

I am especially giddy now because I’ve just had the most amazingly fun time creating elements for our kit today! Well, okay, make that the last two days, as I was up till 5AM this morning playing with Wilson and Adobe 😀 (For those who don’t know yet, Wilson is my compy… and since I’m introducing my best playmates, I might as well let you know that Cameran *yes, that’s an A in Cameran* 😆 is my Nikon D40X. I know, I’m so corny. But I love these toys of mine! hohoho)

Today was the first time I tried doodling my own bicycle (since Terebene asked for a bicycle and I am always inspired by requests, so off to the drawing board–literally–I went! 🙂 )… and I had the greatest time of my life! So it might be safe to say you’ll find some more doodles in my freebs sometime in the near future. 😉

Here’s what I’ve been having fun with!

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Boy Oh Boy Set 3 Preview ~ Elements

Set 3 of our Boy Oh Boy kit is full of elements (the paper you see in the preview will come with tomorrow’s download, which will be the last in this series so I can get to the next mini kit 😉 yippee!!! A new one! ). A bit of explanation of these elements, since I had to squeeze them in to fit the preview:

All the elements are in coordinating Boy Oh Boy colors. There are 12 brads, three different sizes of 4 designs each (so you don’t have to resize… though you can, if you want! 😀 ). There are 6 grosgrain ribbons with knots in the middle–5 are solid and one is patterned (I figured the patterned papers were quite busy, so it would be nice to have plain ones that could easily coordinate with them). All the ribbons are 12 inches in length (as the green one is in the preview), but you can easily resize them and make them smaller. As you know by now, I like making items as large as possible so that quality doesn’t suffer when you downsize.

The green round thing you see below the ribbons is a wooden frame (since Tori said she likes frames… wanted to go a bit masculine on this one, so I didn’t make any with swirls). The preview shows one of the 2 frames, which are actually exactly the same, except that one has a hanging thingie so that you can make it look like it’s attached to your layout, and the other one is a simple round wooden frame with the same design. Actual size of the frames are 9.5 inches (yeah! So you have the option to fill your whole layout with it… or not 😀 ).

There’s a crumpled red tag which comes with the rope attached to it already (I just added the brad to the preview, but the rope has a knot both below and above). The other tag, where I’ve summarized the contents of the kit, is a tag chalked on all sides and with one edge where the BOY text is cut out. I’ve attached the eyelets to the tag already so that you can use the brads or even the knotted ribbons on it. Actual size of the triangular crumpled tag is 5×8 inches, and the BOY tag actually measures 4.5×8 inches. (hahaha, I’m having visions of Supersized Mcdonalds meals!)

Then there’s the bicycle charm which I doodled and turned into a metal chain with the hanging thingie attached as well. (Actual size is 6×11 inches).

And that’s it! Those are the elements for this kit! I’ll be back tomorrow with the last paper pack, which has the paper you see in the preview and more, all in coordinating colors of course.

Download Set 3 here. Zip password is elementary 😀

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed making them! Now back to the drawing board to play and create again for you!

Thank you soooooooooo much for all the love you leave! I love reading your comments! Thank you in advance for leaving love again (and do let me know what you think of these elements as this is the first time I’ve tried making a lot of these types).

See you tomorrow with the next freeb! Have a happy day, and here are a kazillion hugs from me to you! Mwah!

Special thank you hugs to atomic cupcake and cindy doerksen for their commercial use items!

10 thoughts on “Boy Oh Boy!!!

  1. I wish more people would be kind enough to thank you, I couldn’t believe it today, only 32 comments and 229 downloads, it realy makes me cross that this is happening alot. Be sure that i am thrilled and grateful that you are kind enough to let me share your talent. lots of love.


  2. Wow Liv! These are super duper! This is like opening up a bonus for me tonight because I’ve been away from my compy! You’re terrific GF! Thank you so much for all you do & give to others!


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