Today’s Funny

Got home close to midnight from a planning meeting for the next Big Project, and who did I find wide awake, waiting for me and hubby to come home? My five-year-old J, who joined us for a midnight snack of burgers, chicken sandwiches, ketchup and fries, and macaroni salad (yum! >burp!<)

Now this wonderfully articulate son of ours constantly amazes me with his snippets of conversation. This is the little guy who told me when he was three years old “Mama, I am so disappointed with you” when I didn’t allow him to drink cola. Hmmmm… disappointed? Can you spell that for me, son?¬† ūüėõ

Anyway, he comes up with the¬†most astounding insights and I often am left speechless and in awe when he tells me what’s on his mind. I always wonder: from which corner of his brain does he pull out all these thoughts? He seems to have an innate understanding of so many things, and often (and best of all) they are hilarious!

Today he declared out of the blue: Mama, I know the difference between real and fake.

Me: Hmmm?

J: You want to know what fake means?

Me: Okay, tell me.

J: Fake is when you buy a¬†Zoid (his current craze) and then it breaks apart easily and then when you try to fix it you can’t ever get it back together again.


Really. How do these kids come up with these things?    8)