It’s been crazy nuts and I know I have been sooooo unforgiveably remiss in being “home” for your visits here… but my compy Wilson has been panting and chugging slowly, trying to keep up with all the designing load and scrapping work I’ve been giving him… Didn’t want him to lose steam and just fizzle out so I’ve been holding out till my wonderful blessing-from-heaven hubby would give me my additional 2 gigabytes of RAM and maybe an extra hard drive?

Have I told you that my dh is the most amazing man in the entire world? I have? Well, let me say it again! Today he came home with my 2gig RAM and 500GB of spanking new hard drive space!!!! Whoooopppppeeeedooooo!!!

Christmas in November! Ladidadida! Do the happy dance with me, my friends! And you do know what this means, don’t you? It means more FREEBIES FINALLY are coming soon!

Woohoo!!! So in the next few days I should be coming up with new stuff to snag! Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Off to get some more work done! 😉 Have a great day, y’all!!!