For the Love of…


So my son J loves scissors. He loves paste. He loves pens and papers.

I love that he loves these things, because when his older brothers were his age, they weren’t as deft and adept with scissors. (Just an aside: isn’t it funny how those two words–deft and adept– mean nearly the same thing, and how the F can easily sound like a P with a slip of the tongue? 😆 I know, I know, I think of the weirdest things).

So my 5 year old son J can busy himself with drawing anything that his imagination can conjure. And then he cuts up these drawings. And then he pastes them on a new piece of paper. Or he takes the box packaging of whatever toy he has, cuts up the little pieces and little photos (you know, the ones that the smart toy manufacturers show at the back of the boxes so that the kids can go to their parents and say “Next time, Mom, can we get this? And this? And this too?”) . And then he sticks those cut-outs onto a piece of paper and then calls out “Anyone who wants a surprise, raise your hand and say Yea! Anyone who doesn’t want, say Nay!”

Naturally, without missing a beat (and often with just a brief glance up from our monitors) his pop and I will raise our hands and say Yea! What can we say? We’re trainable.


So yes, I know my son is good with scissors.

But nothing prepared me for this:

 The Gang

Here, have a closer look:

Won’t you have a seat? :P

Okay, so they’re roughly cut and they’ve got these little charming crayola scribbles instead of a solid paint of color. But! But! But! He’s making his own toys! He’s making his own furniture for them! He’s making stuff!!! (And that means it’s possible, just possible, that if I give him some clay, he may make things, with the side benefit of us taking less trips to the toy store! Woohoo!)

Of course, the reason I am so amused and amazed that he’s into creating is because… ahem… his mom loves creating too. And there’s nothing store-bought that can ever come close to the value of a little hand-created homemade gift… scraggly cuts, scribbles and all. 😉

Mmmmmm! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Big Deal Update!

Here are the links, my sweeties! I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long. I had to break up the set into 4 parts to make it faster to upload. Still takes some time as the items are pretty detailed, so that means they’ve got bigger filesizes too. Didn’t want the quality to suffer by making the files smaller… does anyone know a way to do that without sacrificing quality? Let me know and we’ll all be thankful for your wisdom! 😉

Here’s the link to the first part of Christmas Lullaby Set 2. Zip password is joytotheworld

Yeah, joy, joy, joy that I have finally been able to post this first link! 😆

I’ll be coming back and forth to this post to upload the links for the next 3 parts as they become available on my 4shared site.

Thanks so much for your patience! Hope you find that this is worth it! And thank you for the love you leave as you download! 😉


Here’s the link to the second part of Christmas Lullaby Set2. Zip password is silentnight

Here’s the link to the third part of Christmas Lullaby Set2. Zip password is awayinamanger

And here, finally, is the link to the fourth and last part of Christmas Lullaby Set 2. Zip password is jinglebells

It’s a good thing there were only 4 parts to this upload, or I would’ve run out of Christmas song passwords. 😆

ETA: Sorry, download links are no longer available.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience in downloading! Hope you won’t be disappointed with what you get. Thank you for leaving love as you download (And PS? It’s easier to leave the comments here in my blog… hehehe). Have a happy day and don’t forget… this ISN’T the end of the Christmas Lullaby kit! There’s more coming! So do visit soon!

Big Deal.

Yup, this one is pretty big. Pretty big in size, I mean.

I’m uploading the files for the second set of Christmas Lullaby and it’s taking forever. I wonder if something’s up with 4shared, because lately it’s been taking a whole lotta time to upload even the small files.

So while I wait (and yawn), maybe I’ll work on the next Christmas kit, which I think will be a bit on the wintery side. That way you’ll have a warm Christmas kit and a cool Christmas kit.  😉

Here’s what Set 2 looks like:

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns Christmas Lullaby Set2

This set has a complete set of alpha tags (the C-tag that you see is shown in actual size… relative to the size of the layout, that is), so you can go as big or as small as you want. Each tag has a sewn-on letter and a lightly-debossed word. I’ve included folded ribbon staples in three colors in case you need something to attach the labels with. The patterned paper you see in the background is included with this set as well.

This set actually comes in two parts (because the size is quite large. Since the items are highly textured and the tags are pretty large in size, this resulted in filesizes that are a bit larger than usual… add to that the fact that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, and you’ll see why I needed to divide the downloads into two parts.  😆  Please be patient as you download… grab a magazine, preferably the January issue of Creating Keepsakes (I just got mine today, woohoo!!!) which has a new look (this issue is kinda retro-looking to me)… the best part of the new CK for me is having a REGULAR COLUMN on Computer Tricks by my dear friend Jessica Sprague!!! Woohoo!!! Love love love that! 🙂

Okay, I think I need to go to sleep as it’s 3AM in my part of the world and 4shared isn’t anywhere near the end of uploading my files. You think maybe when I wake up my files would’ve been uploaded already? :rolling my eyes here:

Oh well. I think I may further divide the upload into 3 or even 4 parts so that you don’t end up waiting too long. I’ll be back tomorrow (that’s actually today… just give me about 4 hours to sleep) so I can post the links. Much as I’d love to be able to do that now, I need to be patient and wait for 4shared to do its work. Patience. Is. A. Virtue.

Auuuugh! Will be back tomorrow with the links, my sweeties! Will update this post once I have them.

Have a great day! And now I lay me down to sleep…