Big Deal Update!

Here are the links, my sweeties! I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long. I had to break up the set into 4 parts to make it faster to upload. Still takes some time as the items are pretty detailed, so that means they’ve got bigger filesizes too. Didn’t want the quality to suffer by making the files smaller… does anyone know a way to do that without sacrificing quality? Let me know and we’ll all be thankful for your wisdom! 😉

Here’s the link to the first part of Christmas Lullaby Set 2. Zip password is joytotheworld

Yeah, joy, joy, joy that I have finally been able to post this first link! 😆

I’ll be coming back and forth to this post to upload the links for the next 3 parts as they become available on my 4shared site.

Thanks so much for your patience! Hope you find that this is worth it! And thank you for the love you leave as you download! 😉


Here’s the link to the second part of Christmas Lullaby Set2. Zip password is silentnight

Here’s the link to the third part of Christmas Lullaby Set2. Zip password is awayinamanger

And here, finally, is the link to the fourth and last part of Christmas Lullaby Set 2. Zip password is jinglebells

It’s a good thing there were only 4 parts to this upload, or I would’ve run out of Christmas song passwords. 😆

ETA: Sorry, download links are no longer available.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience in downloading! Hope you won’t be disappointed with what you get. Thank you for leaving love as you download (And PS? It’s easier to leave the comments here in my blog… hehehe). Have a happy day and don’t forget… this ISN’T the end of the Christmas Lullaby kit! There’s more coming! So do visit soon!

12 thoughts on “Big Deal Update!

  1. Thank you so much for everything! You are SO kind and generous!

    I love your son’s toys! They are dear; be sure you keep everything. I always threw everything away. With my son grown now, I am so sorry I didn’t keep things.


  2. Worth it? Are you kidding me!!!! This set is gorgeous!!! I love the alpha tags. Such quality! I dare say that there are very few designers with the same quality that you have. Thanks is such a small word for expressing my gratitude for your generosity! Love ya GF!!!!


  3. OOohhhh!!!! Can’t wait for the other parts. Love this kit!!! Thanks not only for your creative treasures but also for your patience in working through the techie problems to get them to us. Love ya!!!


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