liv.edesigns Terms of Use

UPDATED: September 2011

This license applies to all my products, including freebies distributed on and here on my blog,, unless the product is clearly labeled as “COMMERCIAL USE.”

For personal use only. No other use is authorized.

Please credit Liv Esteban or liv.edesigns + Kit Name & Element Name plus a link to my shop ( and / or my website: .

Copyright for all elements, papers, designs, and graphic images (including sample images) created by Liv Esteban / LivE / liv.edesigns are retained by Liv Esteban (LivE), with all rights reserved. Purchase of these items does not transfer the copyright to you.

All materials designed by LivE / Liv Esteban, including but not limited to images and text, are protected by copyright under US and Philipppine copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws. You may use the Content only as specified herein.

Liv retains and reserves the right to modify, update, and change the Terms of Use for all digital designs at any time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to check for updates and changes made to the Terms of Use. Unless stated elsewhere, any amendment to this Terms of Use agreement will take effect 10 business days from the time it is posted.



You may use these digital items in part or in whole in your layouts (digital, paper, or hybrid) that will be submitted to scrapbooking and related magazines for publication, and on galleries and/or blogs, as long as proper credit is given to Liv Esteban or liv.edesigns, including any items you have altered in any way. You may alter any graphics with respect to color, size, or by adding to or removing from them as long as these are for your own personal use (no sharing please).

You may use these digital items in part or in whole for your own personal blog header, as long as the following conditions are met:

(1) You notify me first with a link to your blog
(2) Proper credit is given to Liv Esteban or liv.edesigns in your blog sidebar, together with a link to my blog,


You may not use any of these creations and call them your works. Please provide the proper credit to Liv Esteban or liv.edesigns.

You may not use these items in any way as part of a resale layout or product or any other graphic product for resale or wide distribution without prior written consent from me. Not all projects will be granted permission.

You may not use any of these items for any purpose that earns you profit since these are licensed for personal use only.

You may not use the content for any harmful, pornographic, racial, or unrefined material, including any material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.

You may not use any of my designs / graphics (free or purchased) in any online collections, CD-ROMs, whether sold or distributed in any way, including sharing via e-mail, groups, newsgroups, chats, etc.


It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. This digital download that you have just received is protected by copyright laws. Please use the Content only as specified herein.

For questions or permissions for commercial use, please email me at, or you may leave your comments right here on my blog.


LivE / Liv Esteban / liv.edesigns and shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of these items.

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions regarding a corrupt file, please feel most welcome to contact me at my email address above or via my blog.

Thank you for your interest and support! I hope you enjoy telling your stories, creating art, and preserving your memories with my designs!

~ Liv Esteban { LivE / liv.edesigns }


1. May I use your product to create a t-shirt or an album or a hybrid creation as a gift for my friend / child / loved one?

Yes, by all means! It would be an honor for me if you would use my creations for such a precious purpose.

2. May I use your product to create any item that I will be earning from?

Nope. You would need a commercial-use license to do that.

3. May I use your product to create any item that will be used for fund-raising for someone other beneficiary?

Fund-raising implies profit, even if it doesn’t go directly to you. I would need to know the details regarding this, and I would be deciding this on a case-to-case basis, so please email me before you use it for this purpose.

4. May I use your items to create a design for my own blog or a friend’s blog? I will not be gaining any profit from it.

Yes, as long as the above conditions stated in my Terms of Use are met.

5. The site where I want to upload my layout / hybrid creation does not allow links to other stores. How do I satisfy that stipulation in your Terms of Use?

I understand if you are unable to provide active links. Do provide credit as specified in my Terms of Use as well as the address of my blog (i.e., “Product X” by Liv Esteban / liv.edesigns at

6. Will you be coming up with any products with a Commercial-Use license in the future?

Yes, that is my plan, although at this moment all my products are strictly for personal use only. When I do come up with CU products, it will be clearly indicated on my product preview. Additionally, I will update the Terms of Use in the product download and here on my blog. The Commercial-Use license will apply strictly to the single product that it comes with.

7. My question is not covered in your FAQ section. What do I do now?

Please feel most welcome to email me or comment on this page in my blog. I promise to get back to you ASAP.

7 thoughts on “liv.edesigns Terms of Use

  1. I am using your HOlidays in Hand from the Jessica Sprague site. I’m confused a bit with the template. Do you have any examples of what Designs A, B, C, and D are supposed to look like? Thanks.


    • hi! would love to help you, but i’m not sure i’m following – are you referring to my product, the “proud to be square” album which was featured in the blog post for more in store monday last november?


  2. Hi Liz,

    I came across your site and found that you share freebies of your creation. I’m currently creating a blog which will feature many of digital scrapbooking’s freebies and would love to include your blog on my list.

    I will basically put the picture of your freebie on my blog and include the download link back to your blog.

    Thanking you in advanced.


  3. Hi Liv,
    I’ve taken several classes over at Jessica’s playground, and have a few of your freebies from there; but I finally took the time to check your blog out and it’s awesome. I would love to snag your DID It Circle Template, but the link is no longer valid. Is there anyway I could get it? thanks much!

    Candy W


  4. I have 2 questions for you and I hope that you don’t get annoyed with me because I am late. I didn’t know how to reach you until I found your website. Beautiful!!! Intelligent!!! Anyway since you helped me in the course maybe you can help me now. I am doing the jen caputo templates and I did #2, the one in the sample video on how to use templates. The first one with the 3 curved pics, I cannot complete. My photos are flat. What is the trick to curve them to fit the mats in the templates. Question 2. Can you download the so sistah and other goodies from your site to a Mac. My kids got me this new and wonderful MacBook Pro a month ago for my 65th b’day but I cannot for the life of me get your freebies to open. Is there a trick to that too. Thanks. Deanna


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