Wonderful Wednesday, It Is!

I think Yoda would agree. 😆

One-Buck Wednesday

If you love the look of textures on your photos, you’ll love playing with my Photo Play Texture Pack, which happens to be on sale for just a buck today (till midnight of Wednesday Pacific time)!

{Click on the image above to grab this texture pack for just a buck!}

Here’s a sample of how these textures can bring that oomph and bang to your photos:

You can combine different textures to get totally different looks each time…

Or you can use one particular texture and play with blending modes, which is what I did here:

Original (Unedited) Photo:

I used Photo Play Texture 6P on the photo and came up with this:

(I used a layer mask and with a low brush opacity, I erased a bit of the texture from the little girl so that the texture was retained but did not overpower the subject).

I used Photo Play Bonus Texture #2 and this is what I came up with:

Here’s the recipe I used above, in case you’re interested (though the textures work differently depending on your images… and that’s a wonderful thing, because it means that you can play and experiment with different textures, different blending modes, different opacities, and the possibilities are just mind-boggling!)

As always, you can click on the images to view them at larger sizes. 🙂

Wonderful (Half-Off) Wednesday

I also have this wonderful element pack at half the regular price today (again, till midnight Pacific time)… and these are perfect not just for taping photos or elements or tags, but also for adding realism and texture to your creations (you can even put text on them!). These are real tapes that I have painstakingly and lovingly extracted for you so that all their rough, torn edges and crumpled areas have been preserved. Yummy, right? 🙂

{Click on the image above to grab this at 50%-off}

You knew I’d be sharing some fabulous layouts with you, right?

This one was created by Sarah:

This one was created by Margje:

This one was created by Reeta:

And here’s another one that Reeta created:

Five Essential Things… Photoshop Class for Free!

Ever wanted to learn Photoshop? Want to learn it in the most wonderful way, with video instruction and with the most supportive community plus the sweetest, funniest, most awesome instructor holding your hand (virtually) as she guides you through the Top 5 Photoshop Techniques that everyone should know?

You’re in luck because my dear friend Jessica (yeah, she of JessicaSprague.com 😉 ) is giving a FREE online class which is open to everyone!

Click on the image above to find out which specific techniques will be covered and how to get yourself enlisted for the Online Class which starts next week (but you can totally do it on your own time… as long as you register and sign up for the class, it’s yours forever. Yeah, you read that right. All our classes at JessicaSprague.com that you sign up for (free and purchased) are and have always been yours forever so that any time 5 or 10 years from now you want a refresher, it’ll still be right there waiting for you :D).

Alrighty then! Go have a most wonderful Wednesday, my dearies, and I’ll see you soon! xoxo


Super Summer Sale at JessicaSprague.com

Four is fabulous. Four is fascinating. Four is fantastic.

And JessicaSprague.com is FOUR! 😀

To celebrate four awesome years of growing skills and giving you the best digital products, we’re throwing a HUMONGOUS Birthday Bash & Summer Sale! From June 14-26, you can save 20% off of every self-paced class, and 35% off of ALL digital products. (That’s right! A whopping 35% off on all my products too! 😉 ).

And for those with a thirst to learn, grab all 27 episodes of Jessica’s amazing Photoshop Friday tutorials for just $1 each before they’re retired on June 26!

As part of the celebration, starting on June 24, you can participate in an incredible weekend of grabbing fabulous freebies in our second (and biggest ever) blog hop, picking up a sweet digital freebie at each of the 47 (yes, FORTY-oh-glorious-SEVEN) stops!

Best of all, on June 26 Jessica will be making a special announcement of a brand new class coming up in July.

We only put our site on sale two times a year, so don’t miss out on this GREAT savings opportunity! For all the info on the Summer Sale, Photoshop Fridays, blog hop, and the new class, just click on the lovely image above!


And remember to come back here on June 24th – you *really* do not want to miss the partay! 😉

For the Young, the Once-Young, and the In-BeTWEENs

Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.  ~Jim Fiebig

Nor does it diminish the extreme joy of creating an album to hold your most precious memories!

We have three new exciting classes that are opening today at jessicasprague.com! And like a scrumptious banana-split festival, there are three flavors, perfect for the young, the once-young, and the in-beTWEENs among us!

First off, we have the newest instructor-led class (with no less than the awesome Jessica Sprague at the helm), the Family History Album Class!

Record the stories of your ancestry; tell the funny, touching, and unforgettable stories of your parents, grandparents, and the other branches of your family tree! I can think of no better way to get this all-important job of memory-keeping done than to create a 20-page heritage album (and even get it printed when you’re done, if you so desire!)

Classes begin on October 11th (that’s next Monday).

Click on the image below to learn more about the class! And when (not if 😉 ) you decide that this is *just* what you’ve been dreaming of, clicking on this image will also bring you to the very place where you can sign up!

And for all those who are 8 – 18 years of age (or feeling 8 to 18 😉 ), you now have the chance to create your own Awesome Album! Whether this will be your first time to create a digital scrapbook album, or your nth time, you’ll love this opportunity to create your own 20-page album about yourself! Got homework and will be busy on some days? No worries! The class is self-paced, so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you wish!

You’ll get an awesome kit designed exclusively for the class by my beloved cereal-munching great friend Nisa, and (get our your bullhorns and announce this to the world), you’ll be led in the class by the Great Jessica Sprague! When you complete your album you’ll be able to share it with all your friends and loved ones in two different ways! Intrigued yet? Read all about it by clicking on the images below!

The Tween Album Class (featuring loads of doodles and bright colors and sweetness all over):

The Teen Album Class (featuring coolness in the form of paint swashes, rockstar titles, and stereos!):

Well? Whatchawaiting for? Go run and sign up and give yourself (and your friends) this gift of a class and album rolled into one!

Gotta get started now on my design work, so I’ll see you soon!

PS. Have you clicked on the images above yet? Don’t be shy: go right ahead and CLICK. 😉