What’s on your Christmas list?

So I was thinking… you think maybe I should get a mac?

Should I? LOL! 





Bwahahahahaha… This is purely for laughs. In the first place, I love my desktop and use my laptop only when there is absolutely no other choice but to crawl up the walls in desperation 😛 and in the second place, I love my Windows XP.  Okay, so I am open to a mac, but I am not open to the learning curve. And to the fact that there aren’t a lot of programs yet that work with it. Or maybe I’m just stubborn. Or maybe we should just stop analyzing this. 😆

I’ll shift to  mac the day my dear friend Jessica Sprague shifts to mac. Nuff said. 😛

My dear friend Jun de Leon (who also happens to be my brother-in-law and oh, yeah, he’s just been the top photographer in the Philippines for the past three decades or so…. hehehehe… of course I say that with sisterly pride–and gratitude for all the free family portraits we get! LOL!) has been trying to get me to shift to a mac.

So far… so good for me, not so good for him.

You think I should clone my face and put it on one of these people so he stops the mac-chant with me? 


Did you ever notice…

how totally cool the mom is on the Starbucks cup?

Sipping on a cup of hot cafe mocha, I happened to look at the Christmas design (did I tell you I find inspiration for digital design in everything, even a street sign? 😛 Now why would a coffee cup be spared my inspection? hahaha ). And there was the requisite happy family in the snow. Dad, son, daughter, even the family dog, and… hello? What was that I was looking at? No apron strings, no headband-in-hair, unh unh. With utter delight my eyes beheld The Mom.

Short spiky hair. M.O.D.E.R.N. Soooo N-O-W.

My kinda gal!

Instant thought bubble: COOOOOOOOL DUDETTE!!!

Of course, I may be biased since I myself have short hair. >teehee<

See, that’s why I’m impressed by Starbucks. They have amazing marketing gimmicks (loooove the packaging… and have you bothered to read the literature at the back of each Tazo teabag? Love it!), and if this cup is any measure of how well they know their market, well, hats off to you, Starbucks ad-men! You just earned another gold star in my coffeebook. 😛


The toof fairy? Becauth here cometh the thecond thet in the Toof Fairy Therieth!!!  😆

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Toof Fairy Set 2

The other day we had the blues, now we have some greens as well! 🙂 There’s a real grungy, scratchy solid paper (looks like it got toothpaste all over it) and a patterned paper filled with teeth. There’s a sticker that says “Mind the Gap” (loved seeing that all over the London tubes);  small and big silver tooth brads; 2 paper journal tags with stitches around them (the blue one is shown in its actual-relative size to the layout and is blank; the green one has lines for journaling–I made it smaller but it comes to you in the same size as the blue tag). Then there are the 7 labels. Download Toof Fairy Set 2. Zip password is thankful (Happy Thanksgiving everyone!)

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.


I’m pretty excited to start on the Christmas kit, but I think I kind of like intermissions along the way as well (Who doesn’t love surprises?)

So I just wanted you to know:

Mary, I hear you on the celestial boy kit, blues, yellows, moons, stars, the works!

Beth, I hear you on the winter nature kit with birds, snow, grass, evergreen, cardinals, tans, whites, blues, reds…

Anybody else wants anything? Do leave me a note in the comments and I’m sure I’ll be inspired to come up with even a mini kit (or, gasp, a mega kit?) for you!

Have a happy day, my friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with another freeb!

And we interrupt your regular programming…

to give you a surprise intermission! 😛

I’ve been so amused with my friend Veevs’ love for colors (and she’s the Queen Enabler too–ask her about any sales and she’ll give you a hundred… we’re speaking digital of course, though… hmmm, I haven’t asked her about shoes… and maybe I shouldn’t, given my weakness for shoes I just may not be able to resist her enabling  😆  )

So anyway, on a spur of the moment, I decided to create some glitter frames to indulge her love for colors, and here’s the result!

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Peruveevian Delights

{Special thanks to atomic cupcake, amylynn of stock.xnchg for the stock photo of the Peruvian cutie-pie, and to Carrie Stephens for her commercial use items}

I don’t know how useful these frames will be, but I hope you’ll find a use for them (with Christmas just around the corner, maybe the glitter will come in handy, eh? 🙂  ) Actually, as I stumbled upon creating these, I realized I could add some to the Christmas kit I’ll be making soon, so you’ll have some of these frames in Christmas colors coming soon! (unless you’re sick of them already, hahaha)

Download Peruveevian Delights, with a total of 8 supercolorful glitter frames. You can use them at landscape or portrait orientation. Each frame is about 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Zip password is chauveevs 😛 (Note: paper and drop shadows are not included with the kit. hahaha!)

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and thank you for leaving some love in my blog and/or on my 4shared site!

Have a happy day, and happy thanksgiving to all my friends in the US!