What’s on your Christmas list?

So I was thinking… you think maybe I should get a mac?

Should I? LOL! 





Bwahahahahaha… This is purely for laughs. In the first place, I love my desktop and use my laptop only when there is absolutely no other choice but to crawl up the walls in desperation 😛 and in the second place, I love my Windows XP.  Okay, so I am open to a mac, but I am not open to the learning curve. And to the fact that there aren’t a lot of programs yet that work with it. Or maybe I’m just stubborn. Or maybe we should just stop analyzing this. 😆

I’ll shift to  mac the day my dear friend Jessica Sprague shifts to mac. Nuff said. 😛

My dear friend Jun de Leon (who also happens to be my brother-in-law and oh, yeah, he’s just been the top photographer in the Philippines for the past three decades or so…. hehehehe… of course I say that with sisterly pride–and gratitude for all the free family portraits we get! LOL!) has been trying to get me to shift to a mac.

So far… so good for me, not so good for him.

You think I should clone my face and put it on one of these people so he stops the mac-chant with me? 


4 thoughts on “What’s on your Christmas list?

  1. Yep, LOVE my mac!

    I started on a mac in grade school and didn’t switch to a PC until I got married. DH is a PC man (slowly switching him over) and we couldn’t afford a mac…

    But I have my NUMEROUS iPods, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone….

    DH wishes we had more $$ so he could get a MacBook Pro, too!


  2. Love all this support for the Mac even though I am still using a PC. Since I just bought 2 for my kids I am starting to sway and I do so love their company too. Love, love, love my iPhone. I think as soon as PSE6 comes out for Mac I am going to give it some serious consideration. Jana said ACDSee is also going to come out for Mac. It is a fine machine and the support is awesome for a dummy like me. Love your pic Liv and my daughter got a kick out of it since she is loving her new Mac. Love ya.


  3. Well… I am the WRONG person to ask, lol! I worked for Apple for 8 (yes 8!) years doing tech support! I don’t think the learning curve is all that bad… of course, I COULD be wrong! I mean, I found getting around Windows XP to be a PITA! And… my mac hardly ever, I mean EVER crashes! If something kind of hoses up, then I might need to restart, but it never crashes. I have gone weeks without restarting, too. I love this thing. The other thing… which is kind of weird, is that I’ve had this computer for 6 years. And it still works really well. I had it for five before I really started craving a new one. I had to replace the hard drive a couple of times in those six years, but that’s pretty normal… my PC hard drive just bit the dust too… don’t think I can afford to replace it, so the PC will probably get garaged. I think it’s easier to find things on a mac… the PC frustrated me in that regard. I could be VERY prejudiced, but I do believe graphics are much better on a mac. Also, there are TONS of programs for OS X… is is complete BS that there are fewer programs for the mac. Especially since OS X is Unix based, a lot of Unix developers have ported their programs over to mac, because it’s pretty simple to do so. Oh, and let’s not forget, there is an absolute absence of viruses for the mac… I mean, just because there are a lot of people designing programs for the PC…doesn’t make them better programs! kwim? In some cases… like viruses… they’re worse… MUCH worse. I haven’t had a virus on a mac in about 8 or 9 years, pre-OS X.

    But again… I realize I’m prejudiced, lol… and OCCASIONALLY I get envious of the PCer’s just because there’s a PARTICULAR program I want that’s only for PCs, but it doesn’t happen often, and there is usually something equivalent for the mac. I mean, how can I not love a machine that just works? Even when I upgrade…

    Plus, and this is really probably like a who cares? But Apple was a GREAT, I mean, AWESOME company to work for. I loved it there. But 8 years is a LONG time for tech support, I was completely burned out on talking to people and using my brain ALL DAY LONG, and Unix freaked me out (I am so NOT command-line oriented, and when you’re a tier two level tech, you HAVE to get in there sometimes! As a user, you’re barely aware of it!) So, it was time to quit and move on…now I’m a SAHM, and loving that, but it may be time to go back to work, mostly because DH isn’t making any money in his business yet.

    Anyway, sorry, but I just had to answer the question, and it’s so totally YES. PCs… they’re okay, but they are a major PITA, and I hated to use mine. I was amazed the hard drive went out, I used it basically to run my wishblade, and now I’ve got software on the mac to run it, so… I could care less!!!!
    LOL. Oh, and I have to admit, I can’t find a font organizer for the mac that I’m in love with yet. I’m working on it, but I’m trying to find something for free… I think I found a program, but it seems to slow my computer WAY down. If I have anything CLOSE to a “lock up” that’s it… but, you just force quit the program, and go on your merry way! Seriously… I restart maybe every two weeks.

    Okay… sorry for the ramble! That would be me, though…anyone can tell you, I RAMBLE!


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