You know your kids aren’t kids anymore

when they start asking permission to leave at night and you have to give them a curfew to make sure they come back before it’s light outside. Boohoo. I have two boys growing up! Two weeks ago they went to the concert of Beyonce with their cousins and had a grand time. Last night they went to another cousin’s house and spent the evening playing and “hanging out.”

Gosh, makes me wonder… what did we do to hang out when we were their age? ( Geez, seems like so long ago) Oh, now I remember: I used to “hang out” with my favorite cousin, and we’d read books, occasionally dipping into cookies and sipping on milk… I seriously doubt, though, that that’s what my boys are doing 😆

Half of me is amused and proud to see them growing into fine boys (who, by the way, do not object to and actually do follow the curfews I set–what can I say, God is so kind to me); the other half of me wants to say “hey, no, don’t grow up too fast; stay and pull on my apron strings a bit longer.” But of course, I let them go. They are boys. I’ve always known the day would come when they would pack their bags and venture out on their own. But show me a mother who doesn’t feel the tug on her heart when that happens and I’ll give you roundtrip tickets to the moon and back. 😀

So those of you with children who still have temporary teeth falling, rejoice!!! You’ve got a couple of good years to go before they start “hanging out” literally out of the bounds of the yard and the home. 🙂 And you just might find some use for the freebs in this kit! 😆

Here’s what’s in Set 3 of the Toof Fairy kit: 3 papers, tamer and less grungified this time (except maybe for the yellow one which I call sweettoof :D) . There’s a yellow brush-striped one and a blue textured paper with green stitches. I think the solid yellow and the blue-stitched one will be useful for those who aren’t visited by the tooffairy anymore 😉

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Toof Fairy Set 3 Preview

There’s a silver commemorative tooth plate; a transparent tooth-shaped thingie which you can use for anything (maybe put a title underneath it? Maybe use it as a frame?) And then there’s a stenciled tooth and a chalk-y tooth: if you layer them on top of each other, they work quite nicely. But in the download I kept them separate in case you would want to use the stencil on the darker papers and the chalk-y one on the lighter papers… or for whatever you want to use them for.

Download Set 3 of the ToofFairy Kit. Zip password is toofsieroll 😆

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with the FINAL set in the Toof Fairy kit, and then we move on to new freebie kits! Woohoo!!! I’m so excited! Hope you are too!

Thank you for the love you leave!

2 thoughts on “You know your kids aren’t kids anymore

  1. Oh Liv…you reminded me of my kids and growing up..and the years when they were preparing to fly from the nest….hang in there girlfriend…everything turns out good 🙂


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