Oh Boy.

I’m almost sad to see the end of this kit 😥

This is the last set in the Boy Oh Boy kit, and it has 6 papers: 3 more solid and 3 patterned papers, all grungified, all coordinating with the first three sets of papers, elements and alphas. Hope you like this last offering!

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns BoyOhBoy Set4 Preview

Download Boy Oh Boy Set 4. Zip password is cooldude

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

I should be working tonight on the next freebie… so do come and visit soon! I’ll be working on a mini kit for Tori’s little son, and then I’m thinking maybe a kit for Christmas? What do you think? Or maybe a travel kit? (and no, not the kind you pack in your suitcase 😆 ) Anything else you’ve been looking for? Knowing what you could use really inspires me to create, so please leave me your requests in your comments? Thanks!

Thank you soooooo much for all your warm words of appreciation: I am totally inspired to keep creating when I know that you can use the little things I make. 🙂

Now, off to do some more creating 8) Have a happy day, my sweeties!

20 thoughts on “Oh Boy.

  1. I love your kit, and I’ve tried and tried to open the zipped file once I’ve downloaded, I’ve saved the password, but still no luck. Usually I don’t even request help, but this kit is so wonderful, I would love to make it work. Any suggestions? Thanks!



  2. Your designs are wonderful. My boys are older and into soccer and running. Anything related to those sports would be great for me. Thanks for asking for suggestions. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  3. OH MY!!! I just happened upon your blog… and I must say, you are a wonder! Not only do you have a great boys kit, but you made a paper with TIRE SWINGS! We just spent a day in the ER a few months back, due to a tire swing-spinning incident. Centrifical force = burst blood vessles = Purple freckles, from shoulder to scalp! Thankfully it was nothing too serious, but scary none the less! Thank You for the perfect paper to chonicle this ordeal!!!!


  4. Oh this has been such a wonderful kit!!! If you’re taking suggestions, i’d love a celestial boys kit, yanno moons, stars, blues, yellows, that kinda stuff. Thanks again so much!!!


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