Do you love words?

I doooo!!! I love words, I love reading, I love writing.

Did you ever think of what sense you would hate to lose the most? I can lose my sense of smell and together with that my sense of taste (they go together, did you know, to provide us with the gustatory experiences that are responsible for making our hips grow to the size of Texas?). Heck, my body would probably even roll its eyes in gratitude if I ever lost my sense of taste 😆 (I love eating too… but I love reading more).

Losing my sense of sight would kill me. I’ve always known that. Perhaps it’s because I’m myopic to begin with so every morning when I wake up and start groping around for my glasses, I know what it’s like to be blind. Thank heavens the blindness lasts only till I fix those specs upon my nose. 😀 And there are a lot of cool people who wear glasses, beginning with my friend Jessica, and… come on, tell me now, you DO wear reading glasses at least, right? hehehe 😆

Now that I think of it, perhaps it’s a case of the chicken and the egg: which came first, my love of reading or my myopia? I do have memories of hiding under the blanket past bedtime with a flashlight and a book in hand… 🙂

But I digress. This love of words should explain the next set in the Boy Oh Boy Kit. Man, as usual, this kit is growing to epic (unintentionally so) proportions! But that can only be good, right?

This set has 2 papers, ultra-grungified in a very big way. I actually thought of my friend kimi when I was making this (as her style is so wonderfully different, and I don’t think she would use any of my freebs… maybe with this one, there’s a better chance, hahaha!) There’s Mudtrail, which is a beige/cream/brown one with little accents of dark red, and there’s Kimi’s Boy–and I know Kimi has no boy, but she does have a hubby, right? 🙂 –which is a wildly grungy brown/green thingie.

The set comes with a full chipboard alpha in coordinating colors: there are 2 files–both uppercase and lowercase with as many punctuation marks as I could fit in. It also comes with a set of dymo-inspired labels, also in coordinating colors: there are 44 in all (so you don’t see them all on the preview, but they’re there!) They all have to do with boys, but I think they’re generic enough to use for any kid in general, and maybe even for us wanna-be kids. 😆

There are drop shadows on the preview but the actual elements do not have any drop shadows–more freedom for you to apply your own, yay!!! 🙂

Here’s the preview:

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Boy Oh Boy Set2 Preview

Download Set 2 of Boy Oh Boy here. Zip password is wordlove (but of course! what else? 🙂 ) Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for the downloads to process: I know they take long, but that’s what happens when the files are large… 😳

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Hope you enjoy this, as I truly enjoyed making them for you. Thank you for all your kind comments. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate them and how I so look forward to hearing from you again (speaking of which, I have a request for a bicycle… will work on that! I hear ya, my friend! 🙂  )

Have a happy day, and come again soon! 😉

17 thoughts on “Do you love words?

  1. Repeating what I said on the download page!!Oh My Stars!!!! Liv, I love this GF! It’s practically perfect in every way!!! Shall I break out in song … Mary Poppins style? Love Love Love it and you! Your the bestest best gF!


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