FREEBIE TIME!!! Woohoo!!!

There’s nothing like a gust of cool wind on a hot, humid day–and coming up with this freebie after a long drought has felt exactly like that plus a glass of cold iced water thrown in for good measure! Wow, this feels so good to be playing with design once again! 😀

It’s a bit demanding on time when one has to take a course, moderate a course, and design all at the same time–although it is an AWESOME LOVELY WONDERFUL experience that I would never trade for anything! So given the three choices above, the first to be laid on the shelf (with absolutely NO second thoughts) was the design-play. But now that the course I’m moderating is over, and the course I’m taking is almost over, that gives me a bit more time to indulge in freebie-creating, so here we are, my friends! (It also does keep me from biting my nails while waiting for the next courses that Jess will have… they are just so absolutely wonderful that if there’s anyone reading this who hasn’t taken one or two of them, I suggest you head on over to her site and take ALL OF THEM!!! I’m willing to bet all the digits on my body that you will never regret it. 😉

I wanted to give my sweeties at Jessica’s playground a sneak preview of the colors of this kit, sort of like a teaser (yeah, yeah, I like teasing once in a while–the good kind, mind you 😉 )… but I have hardly any experience posting images on a message board, and so mine ended up throwing my posts way out of whack (ugh, and I felt like I was littering all over the MB with my useless posts cut in midway because the image was too large for the area to hold… I am so so sorry, Jessica & Jared, sending apologies through the net-waves!). So anyway, here I suppose I will be able to post it (as I’m more used to the space requirements in here 😀 )

Here are the colors I’ve been playing with:

Boy Oh Boy Peekaboo

This is a bit of a skip into the deep forest for me, as I’ve experimented to a much greater degree in grungifying the items (well, at least the papers, at this point, as I am still working with the elements). Here is where I’d like to give a big shout-out to my friend Tori, who inspired me to come up with a boys’ kit. A couple of days ago, we were chatting and she told me she was surprised that I hadn’t made a boy kit yet, given that I happen to have five sons. Good question, my friend!!! 😀 So off I went to design my latest freebie: this one’s named Boy Oh Boy.

For today’s freeb, I have 6 papers–3 solid and 3 patterned papers. (More coming, but since they’re large files, I kind of have to divide them to upload them…hope they don’t take forever for you to download the zips! 😯 ). I like versatile kits–those that you can use for various purposes and that don’t limit me to just the theme of the kit–I try to do the same with my freebs… so I think you’ll find various uses for the solid papers that come with this kit (uhhh… the blue text-patterned paper that comes with this set, unfortunately, is really targeted for boys as it has an embroidered design above and below that reads “the splendor and joy… of my precious little boy”).

So enough talk about this, and onto the download links (so that I can make more stuff for you, woohoo! :D) Here’s the preview of Set 1:

{Click on the image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Boy Oh Boy Kit 1 Preview

Download the kit here. Zip password is thanxtori 🙂 {Seriously, girlfriend, thank YOU for your inspiration!}

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

I’ll be uploading more papers and elements in the next few days, so do come around soon… but will also come up with a mini kit in between for Tori’s little son… 😉

If anyone has any requests for a kit, I’d be more than GLAD to know… it’s always nice to know that at least one person will have some use for the results of my playtime 🙂 Come now, don’t be shy, do let me know–what you want, what you need, themes? elements? –in the comments  section right over here. Go ahead, click on it, you know you want to… LOL!!! 😆

Hope you enjoy this, and I would really, really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y love to know what you think about this kit. I would truly be grateful if you could leave some comments for me… thanks so much in advance!

Have a happy day!

20 thoughts on “AT LONG LAST!!!

  1. Liv, you are amazing dahling….absolutely beautiful papers. The colours are fantastic, very similiar to a few of the fabric hues I’ve used to make some quilts. Keep on rockin on the computer!! Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration with us all.


  2. Like Veronica, I also have two boys now in their 20s. But I have lots of 20-yr-old pictures to scrap. This kit is great! The colors are so rich! They’ll be really good for the scrapbooks I am making for our boys. Thanks, Sweetie!


  3. Liv, I picked up your pile of laundry…do you want starch or no starch?

    Seriously though, these rock and it’s so sweet of you to think of us no matter how busy you are. Luv ya.


  4. Okay, I have two girls, but I STILL love this!!! My girls are rough and tumble as well as sweet as can be, so I know I will be able to put these to good use. Also, I do have a hubby (and a dad, and 5 brothers…LOL) Thanks so much for your generosity, Liv!


  5. Ok, this is a duplicate of the comment I accidentally left under your last post. But I see a great improvement over the other paper set your offered (the one with the tires) in terms of a ‘professional’ look. These are definitely going into my download list!


  6. Liv … WHY DIDN’T EITHER ONE OF US THINK OF BOYS?!?!?!?!? Yeah, I might have wanted Pink (Thankks for Pinky Promise!) but I don’t have nearly as much to scrap Pink with. I have TONS of boy’s stuff that needs to be scrapped. Thanks! This is awesome stuff! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the remainder of the kit. It will be awesome … no doubt! Love ya sistah!


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