Surprise!!! It’s freebie time!!! :D

749003_beach.jpgCome jump with me! I am so excited to finally unwrap this gift I have for you!

Happy happy day! I’ve been working on a surprise gift for all my friends at Jessica’s playground, and now I can present the first box!!!

This is an ongoing process of discovery… So far I have 5 solids and 16 patterned papers. These are all 12×12 and made at 300ppi. I will be uploading them in packs, so that downloading is easier to handle for you (and uploading is easier to handle for me! ) )

Besides, I think it’s always nice to get little packages delivered to your door for an extended number of days rather than having one huge overwhelming box dropped in your living room, don’t you think? D

This is my very first attempt to make a mini kit, and I’m so glad that you’re walking right beside me as I take this journey. Renee Pearson’s book has been invaluable in teaching me how to go about designing, so I am so grateful to her for that. Even more, I am overflowing with affection and gratitude for my favorite digi-diva of all time, Jessica Sprague, because without her, I wouldn’t be exploring this creative landscape and feeding my addiction to digital scrapbooking. She taught me how to get up and run, and for that I will always, always be grateful. It is also on her playground where I met some of the very best friends this world has to offer, and that has been a totally unexpected and utterly amazing gift.

Our next official journey with Jessica (the intermediate class) is supposed to start sometime in October, and I am sooo looking forward to that! Jessica’s classes are always sooo thrilling and enthralling, and my playground friends and I miss the buzz that we used to get every single day of our U&R course. So we try to wait as patiently as we can, and we try to amuse ourselves with organizing our digi stashes (in my vocabulary, ACDSee is now a verb!) and with coming up with Photoshop Friday challenges to attempt together. Since I’m bursting with energy, I’ve added this adventure of creating digi schtuff to my repertoire of Things to Do to Keep Myself Amused Till Jessica’s Next Class comes around. D

So that’s why this kit is called Play With Me. I made it in honor of Jess and all my playmates on her playground. I love them all!I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Again, it’s very simple, nothing grand… but it comes with a kazillion hugs and a whole load of affection. )


Here’s the first of the series: You can download it HERE. Please don’t forget to leave a comment if you do snag it (and even if you don’t). Your comments are like gas in my creative tank: always good when it’s fully loaded. ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Oh and after you download the zip file, when you unzip it, it will ask you for a password. The password is digilove. All small letters, no caps, no period. Just “digilove” )

If you have friends who want to snag the freebie as well, feel most welcome to send them over to my blog for the links, please. That’s all I ask: no hotlinking please. Okay, so that’s two I ask 🙂 :

– download from my blog directly, and

– do please leave a comment.

Now that’s not asking for much, right? 8)

One last thing… if you do use it on a layout, could you give me a link to your LO? I would be so honored to be able to see the wonderful works of art you created! Thanks so much!

Okay, then… off to work on more stuff for you! Happy downloading, my friends! ) And don’t forget to come back to my blog every now and then to check out the the rest of the kit!

Hope to see you soon! 😀

All I really need to know…

757805_little_gang.jpgI learned in Kindergarten. Remember that book? I loved it so much it used to sit right by my single bed at night, its pages worn from constant thumbing. The main concept was that the essential knowledge we need to get through life we actually learned way back when we were kids.

Kids. I love ’em. (With five sons, was there ever a doubt? 😉 ) In the part of the world where I live, there are children everywhere: in the streets, on the roads, in the churches… I suppose you could say we have a pretty heavy youth sector of the population. And I like that!

I remember once, on a trip to Paris with my hubby (one of the very few trips we made without dragging along the kiddies with us), we ended up missing our boys more terribly because there were just no children to be seen anywhere! And it wasn’t as if we were holed up in our hotel; we were moving about! We saw more dogs on leashes than we did babies in strollers. Okay, we did see one, an adorable little boy. I wanted to snatch him up and plant a huge kiss on his cheek, so happy was I to see a little one that was not covered in fur. Since I couldn’t do that (at least without sending the unsuspecting mom into a flight of panic), we did the next best thing: we hopped on a plane for home the next day, back into the arms of our kids.

Today’s Gospel at Mass was about the apostles shooing the little children away from Jesus (in their defense, I think they were very well-intentioned, albeit a little naive, wanting their Teacher to get some rest after all that teaching). Instead (and much to their surprise and, I suspect, a bit of embarrassment), Jesus welcomed the children into his arms with those famous words: Let the children come to me, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of Heaven belongs.

Powerful. I love those words and keep them always close to my heart. Those words never fail to increase  my forever-growing appreciation for my children, these 5 boys I have been blessed with. (Words that are especially useful to remember also during those times when my sons do something that drives me up the wall. 😀 )

I suspect that we often think we’re the ones who must teach our children and they must simply drink from our fountains of wisdom 🙂 , forgetting that we often stand to gain so much from what they have to teach us, if we’d only be willing to sit down on the kiddie chair and listen to what they have to impart to us. I think of my children and all that I’ve learned from them, and I will tell you right here, right now, with all humility and honesty: I would be so unschooled in this great business of Life if not for the lessons they have taught me.jesus3.jpg

I am tempted to go through each one of the many lessons my kids have taught me (often unknowingly), but not all in one blow (so yes, you can breathe now 😆 ). I will just mention the 3 lessons that spontaneously pop into my mind right now.

1. A sense of wonder about everything around them. This constant desire to learn, to reach for more, to understand, all those Why’s… I believe this is the very heart of the laughter of children. None of the jaded “been there, done that” attitude that we seem to acquire with lightning speed when our age turns into double-digits. (I mean, really, aren’t teenagers, wanting to be adults, the masters of that nonchalant attitude? 😆 )  I think if we viewed the world and everyone around us with the same welcoming arms, with an attitude of amazement, with the same excitement and the happiness of discovery, we would be a lot more grateful for the beautiful and good things around us that we often don’t notice as we go about “getting on with life.” Funny how, in rushing to get through our every day, we actually miss out on what Life is really about. The expression Stop and Smell the Roses? I’ll bet it was said by someone watching a kid in a garden filled with rose bushes. 🙂

2. Short-Term Memory. This is a wonderful thing to have especially when one has been hurt. I am embarrassed to admit that there have been times that I’ve lost my temper (thank goodness, not too often–mostly with things that have to do with lying, which for me is a “guest” totally banned from our home).  I always end up feeling guilty about losing it; I think lessons are better retained when there’s a lot less noise that comes with the correction. But… I’m human, so help me God, I do have meltdowns sometimes 😦 But everytime after, I go to my children, repentant and remorseful, and they act as though I had no fault of my own and they were the ones completely wrong in the first place. Amazing. Such humility, such forgetfulness, the ability to truly forgive and forget. I think that ability is essential in living a happy, peaceful life, and I’m so glad it’s a trait that hangs around in our home.

3. Docility, that openness and readiness to be taught, to be trained, to learn. I think it takes a whole load of humility to be able to say “teach me, tell me, I want to learn from you.” And together with that, obedience. (For how can we learn without doing?) All those what’s, why’s and more why’s… Our kids ask us a kazillion questions, and they don’t think twice about asking a million more if they aren’t satisfied with our answers. I can’t help thinking that if we sought our God with such doggedness, such perseverance, and such willingness to really listen to him and do what he says, we would surely find him at every corner.

Your turn to think about the lessons you’ve learned from your kids (or, if you don’t have them, from the kids around you). What invaluable things have you learned from them? 🙂


764984_sneak_peek.jpgI’ve got a secret and I’m itching to tell you! And it involves a surprise! For you! Yes, that’s right, you! I’ve been working on it for the past couple of days and now I can give it to you!

 But 😛 you’ll have to wait till tomorrow (or should I say later on today) as it is already 4 in the morning and I really must go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. 😀

I just wanted to let you know, in case you drop by while I’m zzzzzing, to make sure you visit again tomorrow… you’ll have a take-home goodie bag if you do, I promise. 😉

So for now, merry evening, and to all a good night!

Easy Dodge!

394277_escape_key.jpgspaceball.gif… for now, at least! 😀

Last night, my 5-year-old J was delighted to find that his older brother R had toys of some Nickelodeon cartoon show… hold on a minute while I rack my brains trying to remember what it was (do you think kids have the same problems trying to remember the titles of the shows we watch? “Hmmm, what’s that one Grammy loves… Oh… Oh… Opera?… Oh yes, Oprah!” 😆 ) AHA! I got it… Kids Next Door. That’s the show, and the toys that J found were the characters from that show.

I have to backtrack a bit and tell you how J is crazy over Ben10. He happens to be his grandma’s favorite playmate (I think it’s partly because he calls her to come over and play with him about a hundred times everyday), and she, bless her heart, does come over to play with him each time he calls. She also brings the newest Ben10 figure in the stores with her each time she comes.

Sometimes, when the toys come one day after another,  dh and I find ourselves having “that little talk” with our son to remind him that he can’t have a “surprise” everyday, because each toy he gets is one toy less for another kid and it would be much more wonderful if other kids would be able to experience the same kind of joy in receiving a toy.  (Here’s a variation of that: But what will Santa give you on Christmas, if you already have everything that’s in his shop?)

Is that so awful? I hope not. I just don’t want my child to grow up loving what can be touched (today toys, tomorrow cars…) more than what is invisible yet of greater value (things like love, faith, hope, duty, word of honor, work…)

I mention this because it helps to understand why he was so happy to discover the old/new toys of his brother. In his exhilaration, he said to me, “Mama, isn’t it soooo great to have brothers?” 

Me: “Uh-huh!” 

He: “Wow, imagine, we can share toys without buying! If I were only one without brothers, I wouldn’t have too many toys to play with.”

Me: “Yup, it IS wonderful to have brothers, isn’t it?”

He: “Yes! There’s A, he’s 15… then there’s R, he’s 11… (and he continues to enumerate all his brothers and their ages, ending with our youngest baby, who’s 1). Then without skipping a beat, he asks: 

“Mom, how are babies made?”


Thank goodness I was not sitting on a chair then or I would’ve fallen off (and not very gracefully, too, I suspect!) Get outta here!!! Isn’t 5 years old too young an age for asking me that? What am I supposed to say? 🙄  Go to your pop and ask him! I was tempted to say. But after eternity about 5 seconds, I recovered from the … ahem… mild surprise and said,

God gives them to mom and pop, honey. And then you come into this world. Isn’t that great?

And, joy of joys, he was satisfied with that! He dove right on to the next topic (with me whispering silent prayers of gratitude for the divine help I had in answering both quickly and naturally).

Whew! That was an easy dodge last night. I think I’ll sit a while and bask in the joy of having hurdled this one well enough. One day, when these sons of mine want more detailed answers, I’m going to make pretty darn sure their pop is around. 😉


Freebie Time! Share the Digi-Love!

I  was chatting with a very good friend of mine a couple of days ago (lots of fun!). Isn’t it funny how time flies when you’re having fun? Uh-huh, that’s why songs have those lyrics, thank you very much, Gloria Estefan! 😀 harhar. Anyway. When it was time for goodbyes, she told me how she could now sleep as her kids were already home. Oh, yeah. Thank goodness I have a few more years before I have to deal with that kind of worry. But I certainly know how it feels.

Many years ago, when I was still…ahem… single, my brother’s room was right next to mine (separated by a shared bathroom). This room arrangement was great because he had a fantastic sound system (way back when there were 33s and spinners 😀 ) and because we come from a family that loves music, I loved being able to just open the adjoining door and get free entertainment without the job of having to lift the needle when the record had reached its end.

Having adjoining rooms also meant that I knew exactly when he came home (which was often in the wee hours of the morning). Since I have always been a night-owl, I was the one who received that call one fateful dawn when he called to say that he had been in a car accident and could I please send my brother-in-law (who lived with us then) over to help him out. Years after, I was also the one still up that other dawn when we received a call that my brother-in-law had himself gotten into a car accident. (I should sleep earlier, you think? 😀 )

You would understand, therefore, how I hate phones that ring at dawn.

(By the way, my brother ended up with a very Harry-Potter-like scar on his forehead that he never bothered to have treated by a plastic surgeon so he could have a visible reminder of how important it was to never come home that late again. My brother-in-law was coughing up shattered windshield glass and picking pieces of them out from his eyes weeks after his own accident. But thank God, they both cheated death. Guardian angels working overtime.)

Now really, why the need to talk of such awful stuff? Well, we all have things we worry about. I worry about getting phone calls that carry bad news. I worry about my kids slipping in the bath. I worry about losing the people I love without warning. What do you worry about? Or are you one of those lucky few who blissfully sashay and sway through life with zero worries? And tell me now, honestly, are there even people like that? 🙂

And yet… as soon as those troublesome thoughts enter my mind, I take my psychic broom and start sweeping them right out my mind’s door. Then I sit and say a prayer. Because, really, what can worrying do? We take the necessary precautions, and the rest is left to faith. I have a very active relationship with my guardian angel and the guardian angels of my family. I bug them all the time to keep those I love safe. And they do a great fantabulous job. So really, what’s the point in worrying? Doesn’t do any good… and it leaves wrinkles in its stead.

So in celebration of saying CEASE! to worrying habits, I made a freebie for my friend… and for me… and for all of you who are interested as well. I only made a colored version because from the comments in the downloads, it seems not everyone needs the black-and-white version. I suppose you can always recolor the colored version anyway if you want to change the colors. If you happen to want the black and white version, just drop me a line and I’ll make one to download too. [Same Terms of Use, in case you were wondering 😉 ].

Again, it’s very simple… but it comes with a lot of affection and good vibes (and brooms to sweep worry away!). Enjoy, and please do be kind and leave a comment… I can’t tell you enough how encouraging it is to get comments, and how it truly helps me come up with stuff that would suit what you want. 🙂


Note: This is a png file… background is only there for viewing pleasure. 🙂

live-wordart-0702-restt-web.jpgDownload the wordart HEREETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Bits and Pieces of Life

No? Problem?

Today, my 1-year-old son said No for the first time. We were reading the Ice Age 2 book after his bath, and I had to extricate myself from his embrace long enough to give my 3-year-old his bath. Trying to distract my baby long enough to make the walk to the bathroom, I suggested “Show the book to J?” (his older brother). Children are always smarter than we give them credit for; of course he knew what Mom was up to. So his reply was calm, short and succint: “No.” First time he said that word! I was delighted! I clapped my hands! I was so proud!

Then approximately 5 seconds after, a thought flashed through my mind: Should I really be rejoicing? Should I really be celebrating this milestone? Will I still be as happy when he says No a few years down the road? HAHAHA. I think I’ll worry about the repercussions of today’s latest addition to his vocabulary when the time comes. Today, it’s just perfectly wonderful and I will celebrate it for what it is! 😀

Mr. Sniff-a-lot

My 5-year-old son J has a new “thing.” He likes to spend every moment he can beside me, sniffing my back, my arms, my hair… then he gets this look of rapture on his face as he exclaims, “Smells goooooood!!!” Hence my new nickname for him. This preoccupation of his with sniffing reminds me of those childhood days, when my siblings and I would love sniffing our mom’s nightgown. There was something so wonderful, so soothing, so calming, in smelling our mom’s scent left behind in a piece of cloth. Whenever she and my dad would go out of town, we would fight over who got to sleep beside Mommy’s nightgown, as if having it beside us was reassurance that she was still right there.

Funny how scent can provide such a sense of security. Though, given its peculiarity, it’s a good thing that as we grow older, we also outgrow our sniffing tendencies. 😀

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got …

Last night, our airconditioner broke down without warning. Just like that. It was not a humorous thing for me. HAHAHA! Now I can laugh about it. Not last night. Last night I was not mad. I was… hmmm… resignedly disappointed. But not disappointed enough to relocate our sleeping quarters to the living room (where there were 2 airconditioners in perfect working condition). I thought of all the trouble it would take to transfer pillows, blankets, and cushions and then set everything up with the kids (they loooove the thought of having to sleep in the living room and will readily give up their own beds for the opportunity to “go camping”). Just thinking about the entire operation  made me tired.

So we spent the night lulled by the whirr of electric fans. I always try to look at the bright side of life: fans = better than power outage where there is absolutely no air and the hair sticks to the back of your neck when you wake up. Yuck. Yeah, fans rock in the absence of anything else.

But the experience was enough to get my hubby to ensure that the servicemen arrived today. So now we are again ensconced in cool comfort. SIGH. Nothing like losing something to fully appreciate it, eh? (Seriously though: Think about how this  applies to soooo many things in life as well… hopefully, we don’t have to lose much to appreciate much.) I think from this day on, everytime I pass the aircon, I’m going to blow it a flying kiss (no pun intended). 😀

PS. You know that song Big Yellow Taxi? The line that goes “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…” kept playing in my subconscious the whole night. I’m convinced it was an ode to our aircon. Boy am I glad that it’s back and working! 😀 (Then again, isn’t it funny how losing such a material thing can make us ponder the more profound stuff in life?) For those who haven’t heard Big Yellow Taxi… enjoy!

Drumroll… my very first freebie! Yippee!

Share the love for words; share the digi-love!

Here’s my very first wordart and my very first freebie. I made 2 versions: the first is with color and the second is in black and white, so that you can recolor it to fit your layout if you wish. Both are made at 300ppi and are about 3 inches high, I think… although you can easily resize it using the transform handles of your scrapping software. They are also .png files (don’t you just love transparent backgrounds?).

My TERMS OF USE are simple (haven’t had time to study how to include it in the file download, and I’ve been so excited to just share with you… so for the meantime I’ll put the terms of use right over here and later on in a page that you can click on at the top… 🙂 ) – For personal use only. Please give credit to me, LivE, or LivEdesigns @ when you use it on a public gallery or for a submitted layout. And of course, use only for what is good, just, and refined. 😀

Please, please, please leave me a comment, even if you decide not to download it… it would help me so much in my desire to share with you what you really want or need.

Please remember, these are PNG files; the backgrounds are only there for your viewing pleasure. 😀

livedesigns-wordart0701c-we.jpg Download the colored version here.

WordArt 0701C Words… Download the black and white version here. ETA: Sorry, links are no longer available.

Yippee! I just tried it and it works!

Now… would you like me to create specific wordart for you? Leave me a comment and I’ll do what I can! 🙂

Oh, my word! What a love affair!

sxchu-singhajay.jpgAs far back as I can remember, I have always loved words. I can recall with amazing ease many memories of my childhood, but up there among the most vivid is my love affair with books, a long-standing relationship that has never waned, instead growing stronger through the years.  Yup, my books and I… we go a long way. 🙂

There was that time I was in preschool and I read right through the entire Reading book assigned for the year in a week’s time. (I was given the rest of the year off, and was rewarded with a 2-month trip to Europe while the rest of my 6-year-old classmates were in school, because the preschool directress told my mom that I didn’t need to go through the preparatory level anymore. I suspect, though, that in reality she was just so annoyed with me. hehe. 😛  I probably should mention at this point that I began schooling when I was barely able to walk so I kind of had the unfair advantage of a headstart, so to speak :D).

Then there were those late weekend nights, always spent with my best friend/cousin two years my senior, where we would read our Enid Blyton books in bed, sneak out to the kitchen for some milk and cookies, and settle back in bed with our books till the sun would threaten to rise in the sky. (She is now a published poet; I am immensely proud of her!).

There were those summers where, out of sheer boredom, I would devour the dictionary, the entire Encyclopaedia Brittanica, the Great Books, the Medical & Health encyclopedias, that hugely heavy Readers Digest Word Power book… I went through them all, page by page. I was the youngest child in the family, with a brother as the next older sibling and my three sisters 5, 6, and 7 years older than me: this meant that they weren’t interested in the games I wanted to play (and just my luck, I had no neighbors near my age to play with either). So books became my playmates, and like their loyal friend, I took them with me wherever I went. (Must confess I still have that habit up to this very day).

My bookshelf was much bigger than my toy shelf, filled with the complete collection of The Bobbsey Twins, Noddy, and Bedtime Stories (all 24 volumes of them, which I would read religiously every evening before going to bed–what can I say, I took the title seriously :D).

It must have paid off, though, because I was never at a loss for words. In fact, my siblings would generally groan when I started to speak, because I could go on and on and on.  (Does history repeat itself in this post? :D)

Eventually, my love for the printed word extended and translated itself into an affection for the written word as well.

So now I write.

And as I write this, it just dawns on me that this is one of the great reasons why scrapbooking really ROCKS. It allows me to combine my love for photography with my love for art and creating and my love for writing. It’s like having your entire multi-flavored cake and eating it too! How absolutely wonderful!

Which brings me to this question: Do you love words too? Do they leave a sweet aftertaste, too, in the corners of your imagination? If you too have a love affair with words, then you’re in great luck, because I have decided that my very first freebie will be … tadah! WordArt! 😀

 Now… if only I can figure out how to upload it so you can download it, hahaha! Please leave me some constructive criticism whether or not you decide it’s worthy to snag. I would really like to be able to make goodies and freebies that you, my dear friends, will like… hmm, perhaps even love. Be kind but be honest and don’t forget to “leave some love”! With any luck, your very first freebie will soon be on its way to you 😉

{Credits for photo of book: singhajay @ istockexchange}

Oh, happy day!

I can almost hear the song and I surely can be dancing along with Whoopi Goldberg right now! 😀

Got my FedEx package delivered to my doorstep this morning with Jessica’s Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers and Renee Pearson’s Digital Designs 2! I sooo love books, and I especially love books about digi-scrapping (and photography too! and nonfiction books and Harry Potter books and books about writing and … well, you get the picture). It’s all I can do to stop myself from reading each and every page immediately, but I need to put that on #2 in my priority list (with #1 being getting my computer files all sorted out!). I am so looking forward to these greatly inspiring books (and keeping my fingers crossed that after I’m done with them, I’ll have not only the mojo but the ability as well to design some freebies to share! Yipee! That’s another happy day to look forward to!) So come, let’s all keep our fingers crossed, shall we? 😀

Swimming in the abyss

I changed computers a week ago. That’s right, I dragged all my files from my 3 resident hard drives into the new resident hard drives of my new Wilson. (Did you ever see that movie of Tom Hanks, Cast Away? Remember his best friend on the island, Wilson? That’s where my Wilson got his name. On those (thankfully not very often) days when I get that “not responding message” and my files hang, I can very well pass for a Tom-Hanks lookalike screaming “Wilson! Wilson!” with that outstretched hand and that distraught look on my face  :D).

Having an updated Wilson should be a great thing, given more gigabytes to play with and just as much RAM… except that the more than 30,000 photos that I had spent months of tagging and organizing in Photoshop Elements have all vanished into thin air. Eaten up by the great abyss. All the re-organizing I have to do makes me feel like I’m about to plunge into the innards of my computer, and frankly, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 😀

Now why should this be interesting to you? hahaha. That’s easy: it’s my lame excuse for not posting in this blog for a couple of days. Lame, but true.

Anyway… I hope you’re in a forgiving mood, because… tadah, it’s my birthday tomorrow! 😀 (That doesn’t leave you much choice now, does it? 😉 )

Birthdays. Hmmm.

I don’t know when it started, but somehow my birthdays have ceased to be major events for me. When I was younger, I would wait up till midnight just so I could be the first to greet myself. (Isn’t it amazing the crazy things that you think of when you’re young and have so much time on your hands?) Nowadays… well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to a really laid-back, no-pressure-to-go-anywhere-or-do-anything type of celebration. (Man, do I sound ancient or what!?)  I suspect this change in anticipation crept in unnoticed when I had my babies. Imagine: You plan their first birthday party and go all out as tradition dictates (even if I’ll bet my little finger they will remember nothing of this, their first huge birthday bash, as they grow up)… then you plan another 3rd birthday party because you reason they’re old enough to remember and still young enough to believe in the magician’s tricks… and then you plan the 7th birthday because you celebrate the child’s coming of age…(and if you are surrounded by the culture of my people, you will understand that birthday party equals the biggest bash where there are more adult guests than child guests and there’s enough food to feed an entire community). By the time you’ve done this for each of your five kids, you’re all birthday’ed out and all partied out that you don’t have the energy or the will to plan your own. 😀

But I plan to change that this year. In fact, I began today, on the eve of my birthday. The entire family went to see Ratatouille–we took up an entire row in the movie theatre! (Okay, so it’s a special movie theatre with just 100 seats, but still… isn’t it funny how you can fill an entire row with just your nuclear family?) We had the time of our lives, if you don’t count my 3 babies running back and forth (thank goodness there was just one other family in the theatre, given the early hour at which we attacked. Or we might have been attacked by that other family which had better-behaved kids. 😀 )

Should I admit to you now that this is the first movie I’ve seen in years decades? Seriously. As my husband and I settled into our seats in the midst of our kids, I whispered to him, “Can you believe this is the very first movie we’re seeing together in an actual movie house?” Oh yes, that’s the truth; I kid you not! And that’s why it was so exciting for me. New experiences are always exciting, aren’t they? Not that I’ve never been to a movie theatre, because I have… oh, maybe some 20 years ago? In those days, the floors were sticky with spilled soda and scattered popcorn so it really wasn’t so hard to choose to see a movie in the cool comfort of your own bedroom with the ability to press pause if you needed to take a wee-break in the middle of the movie’s climax and the ability to rewind in case anyone needed the answer to “What did he say? What did he say?” 😀 I was (and still am) pretty content with that set-up, but it’s always a refreshing change to step out and try something new, or at least something old-new.

So all this birthday talk should at least leave you with something fun, right? Here it is: I plan to hire these aliens for my upcoming kids’ birthdays… before they get discovered by Simon Cowell and their rates go up. 😀 Enjoy!