Drumroll… my very first freebie! Yippee!

Share the love for words; share the digi-love!

Here’s my very first wordart and my very first freebie. I made 2 versions: the first is with color and the second is in black and white, so that you can recolor it to fit your layout if you wish. Both are made at 300ppi and are about 3 inches high, I think… although you can easily resize it using the transform handles of your scrapping software. They are also .png files (don’t you just love transparent backgrounds?).

My TERMS OF USE are simple (haven’t had time to study how to include it in the file download, and I’ve been so excited to just share with you… so for the meantime I’ll put the terms of use right over here and later on in a page that you can click on at the top… 🙂 ) – For personal use only. Please give credit to me, LivE, or LivEdesigns @ https://livestories.wordpress.com when you use it on a public gallery or for a submitted layout. And of course, use only for what is good, just, and refined. 😀

Please, please, please leave me a comment, even if you decide not to download it… it would help me so much in my desire to share with you what you really want or need.

Please remember, these are PNG files; the backgrounds are only there for your viewing pleasure. 😀

livedesigns-wordart0701c-we.jpg Download the colored version here.

WordArt 0701C Words… Download the black and white version here. ETA: Sorry, links are no longer available.

Yippee! I just tried it and it works!

Now… would you like me to create specific wordart for you? Leave me a comment and I’ll do what I can! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Drumroll… my very first freebie! Yippee!

  1. Wow, you’ve got a fabulous blog. I kept going and going until I got to this post, the first one…of course it would be stupid of me to say I wasn’t just searching for freebies…you know better than that, right. I love EVERY single item you have on this blog. Your work is beautiful. I am off now, starting from the beginning and working my way back to Boy Oh Boy, which is what brought me here. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Liv — this is incredible. Can I say I knew you when? Thank you so much and be prepared for the floodgates when people see your kind offer to design wordart especially for them! I am so proud of you, my friend!


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