This you REALLY gotta see!!!

Amaaaaaazing!!! It is always stunning to see wonderful layouts made by my friends A. because they’re great works of art; B. because they take a lot of squeezing of creative juices (and that’s not always an easy thing, believe me); and C. because each layout is always done with a lot of love and devotion and a willingness to expose one’s heart and soul on a page (and really, who has an easy time being vulnerable?)

Now if that isn’t even amazing enough to appreciate, try experiencing the honor of having those wonderful friends of yours actually use stuff you, in your amateur creative attempts, have made with a lot of love and affection for them, and tell me if you don’t soar to the highest heavens with delight!

786290_smile-by-geras.jpgLemme tell ya, this is me:

Yeah, well, okay, without the milk moustache and the blonde hair, but you get a pretty accurate visual of the delight, yes? 😀

 So here, let me show off the most wonderful things I’ve seen in the last couple of days:

This one’s by my dear, dear friend,  just-totally-fantastic Jana (okay, I’m cheating with the adjective here, but there are sooo few adjectives that begin with J!!!) …  a lot of love and sweat and major FUN went into making this, I hear… 😉

Come Play with Me! by Jana

This one’s by brilliant Barb don’t you just love those swirls and all those touches of green? Perfect!


This one’s by darling Dawn, love the summery cool look of this! And gotta love the wordy background, eh?


And these are from some of my friends from the Up&Running August Course of Jessica, which I’m helping to moderate … so much fun! And the girls are amazingly energetic and enthusiastic and talented! (Just like everyone who has made Jessica’s playground their second home 😀 )

This one is a wonderful job by terrific Tina, who calls herself a “newbie”… certainly doesn’t look like newbie work now, does it? Yay, Tina!!! (Doesn’t the layout just ooze coool? Plus I totally love that she did a layout of herself!)


And this, by another new friend of mine, awesome Alisa… now doesn’t her layout just shout out coool fun!!! I love that the pool is filled with kids! Totally! 😀


Girlfriends, you have my deepest gratitude, way deep from the bottom of my toes (that’s farther down than my heart!) I am truly honored that you have chosen to preserve your memories with my humble creations. You guys RAWK!

Now, can we have a standing ovation please for these absolute masterpieces? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love ya, girlfriends!!!

Alpha Encore!

LivEdesigns Play With Me Swirly Wooden Alpha

Dawn, Deb, Stacy… and anyone else who wants to snag these, here they are! 😀 This is truly the last of the Play With Me kit, so that I can work on other freebies for you! 😀

These are just lowercase alphas, without any punctuations (sorry, was just playing around with these and didn’t bother to experiment with the punctuations :D) But that really won’t be a problem because you can use the lasso/marquee tools to take the letter I and use it as an exclamation point (which is what I did with the preview, hehe), or you can simply select the dot of the I and use it as a period. Fun, isn’t it?

As usual, these are created at 300ppi, with no drop shadows (the ones you see on the preview are added only for your viewing pleasure).

Hope you have fun with them!

Download HERE. The zip password is iswirl! (no spaces, includes the exclamation point).

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

Please don’t share the link with others; I would love to have them visit my blog and download from here. Looking forward to receiving your comments too! 😀

Off to bed now, as it is way past dawn in my part of the world. 😉