I completely forgot…

to eat lunch today. I only remembered at around 7pm, when a dull headache triggered the part of my brain that connects to my stomach. (Voice in my head: Yo, woman, you have not put anything inside your body except cups and cups of that brown liquid that comes from ground beans…)

Sshhh. Don’t tell anyone though. It embarrasses me how something so basic as a basic meal, for crying out loud, can go unnoticed by me. But I have to admit, after 3 consecutive near-sleepless nights, my brain has turned a bit into mush. I’ve been working on editing about 70 articles for a project (deadline: yesterday 😆 )–some of which had to be completely revamped–and tomorrow we meet from 1pm to forever, however long it takes to get the project through its final, final stage… before we send it off on its final leg of the journey. How I wish I could be more specific!!! But I have to be patient and wait… till I can shout it out to you. When I do, you’ll probably get so sick of hearing everything about it (I’m collecting photos to document the whole thing for you too!!! :D)

So anyway, please forgive me. I’ve had less than a tiny sliver of space to work on the freebies I’ve been dying to give you… but I’ve missed you so much that, with 15 articles left to edit, I decided to just say STOP!, take a break and work on getting these freebs up for you. I have been sooooo wanting to give them to you to play with (come to think of it, I have been soooo wanting to play for the longest time! I feel like a little kid with the measles, looking wistfully out a window at all her playmates having fun and wishing the itchies would go away soon so she could join them. :D)

But before anything else, I want to say


thank you for your warm and encouraging reception of my Ripples poem. (Yes, Deb, I’d be honored…). thank you for all the warm fuzzies that keep me all cozy and just so full of overflowing love for all of you. thank you. there should be better words to express what i feel, but Webster and American Heritage have not put them down in their dictionary lists yet, so these are all I have to go with: thank you thank you thank you. Oh, and did I ever say I love you? Have I said it enough? Can I say it again?

Here’s a great big bear hug for all of you, my dearest friends.

Bring it on!!!

And now, what I’ve been wanting to give you for the longest time:

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise Set4

This 4th set of the Pinky Promise kit has 2 papers, both slightly textured and with inked edges. I used a flower brush that I made myself 😀 on the first one (the paper on the top part of the preview), so it has a slight pattern. The paper on the lower part of the preview is a cousin of one of the papers in the Set 3 freebie, but it has more texture and less grunge. 😀 There’s a paper strip ribbon as well, which is 12 inches long so that you can stretch it across your layout (you can also make it smaller if you wish). I also included a jumbo eyelet–in the preview the biggest one at the bottom is the actual size that you’ll be getting; I just played around with downsizing it to show you how you can play with it by varying the size. 🙂

Here’s the funny thing: while I was playing around with the preview, I thought of turning the eyelet into a frame to show you what else you could do with this jumbo baby, and I thought… hmmm, what if I made this into a frame? So I did, and then I thought: since I’ve made it, why don’t I throw it into the mix as well? So there you have it!!! A bonus round frame included in the latest set of your Pinky Promise kit! Hope you find some use for it! 😀 (Oh, and the drop shadows are, as usual, only for preview purposes, so you can apply any sort of shadow you want). Special thanks to stock.xchnge for the photo I used on my preview.

Download it here. Zip password is freelunch (guess why? 😆 )  Thanks for the love you leave as you download!!! I truly appreciate the time you take to type in a few words!

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back with more soon!

PS. I just realized… the bottom part of the preview doesn’t have inked edges because I mistakenly placed the top half of the paper instead of the lower half (the one that had the inked edges at the bottom). So the bottom part of the preview actually shows the top part of the paper… but don’t worry because when you get the file, you’ll find that all the edges are inked. (Error on the preview due to lack of sleep. hehe. Excuses, excuses.)

Of fathers and sons

One of the projects that’s been taking up a lot of my time has to do with just this: fathers and sons. It’s a huge project which, while it hasn’t come out yet, has to be kept under wraps (have to sit on my hands and do a jig to stop myself from shouting it out to you, my friends! 😆 )… but I was inspired to write this poem. I should probably mention here that I normally shy away from sharing my poems as they come from such a raw, vulnerable part deep inside of me… but I dare to write it here because you, my dearest friends, make me feel safe. (And that’s the best way I know how to express my trust and affection for you) 🙂

Hope you enjoy it…

Magallan stock.xchng photo

The Legacy of Ripples

They amble in quiet cadence

hand in hand

to the edge of the lake.

His chest swells with quiet pride

as the little one bends down

by the water’s mouth

And gently, carefully

sets sail to the paper boat.

Together they watch it,

this newspaper ship,

as it glides across the glassy surface

till it is but a dot in the distance.

Looking down,

he spots a stone

hidden in the blades of grass.

He picks it up.

Winking at the little one,

he hurls the piece of earth into the still water,

the little one’s gaze fixed on that rock

flying through the air

landing with a plop into the water

quickly descending into the bosom of the lake,

leaving only a trace of its presence, its weight, its impact

in the ripples that begin round its exit point,

little waves, slowly but surely

moving, w i d e n i n g ,  e   x   p   a   n   d   i   n   g ,

reaching out like embracing arms

till it almost touches the foot

of the little one

who stands in awe, mesmerized, entranced.

The son looks up at his father,

smiles and tucks his tiny hand

into the work-worn one.

They walk away silently,

but the ripples are seared into that young mind.

Many sunrises after,

the memory of the quiet soft waves

will accompany him when he returns

to this very place

With another tiny hand in his own grown grasp

as together they stand by the water’s edge

and watch the same ripples begin again…

Work hard, play hard!

This is believe: it’s always a good thing to reward yourself with some serious playtime after having spent a lot of energy on solid hard work. So today, in celebration of a week and a day of having slaved away at a million and one things (and in anticipation of the rest of the slaving away I have to do again beginning tomorrow 😆 ), I played hard. And you do know what happens when I play hard, right? I end up with… some goodies for you, my sweeties! Woohoo!!! 😀

I think I’m going crazy with pink now (thank you, Deb, you are responsible for this 😆 ) because I normally create more neutral, perhaps even more boyish stuff (with 5 sons, is it any wonder? 😀 ). But since my darling Deb planted the idea of pink in my head, I’ve been on a roll of thinking pink!!! So here’s more Pinky Promise stuff for you to play with!

This latest set has 2 papers: one is a solid soft pink with inked edges; the other is totally a wild experiment that I did with textures, brushes (including a floral brush I made), and colors. I’m not too sure I like it but I figured it won’t hurt to throw it in with the mix as well. Then there’s a jumbo wooden striped brad which I really like because you can actually use it for anything and everything (as usual, I made it big for greater flexibility). In my preview I used it as backing for a word… I’m thinking you can even line them up and make them form a word using your fonts, sort of like alpha tags? I’m sure you would easily find a million and one uses for this. 😉 Then there’s a grungy two-toned chipboard alpha for you to play with (all this pink and no dirt? Couldn’t resist!).  There are no capital letters in the font I used, but it comes with the basic punctuation on a png file (to be used with the marquee tools and copy-paste commands).

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise Set 3

Download here. Zip password is thinkpink 🙂 ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

More coming soon! Oh, and I’d like to thank all the wonderful scrappers who found my freebies through the search engine who took the time to leave some love: you know who you are. It really matters a lot. (And to my dearest girlfriends who always leave love, you rock, sweeties!!! Love you back! 😛

PS. I should tell you: last night I actually dreamed that I got more requests for particular freebies… now is that a sure sign of design addiction or what??? 😆

Enjoy, and visit soon for more freebs! 😉

Got flowers?

My dearest friend Jana is in the middle of making a fantastic layout, which inspired me to make some nature-inspired wordart. So here are 2 for all of you; hope you find some use for them! 😉

In between days WordArt

Download here. Zip password is Jana. The paper background isn’t included (just did that in a quick rush last night for the preview 😆 ), but the faint wildflowers behind the Emerson quote is part of it (thanks to arraich for that!).

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

In case you’re wondering what happened to the Pinky Promise kit, I’ve got more goodies coming, so stay tuned! I just have to zip ’em up and upload ’em…

Thanks in advance for leaving some love in my blog!

Oh and guess what? Found out that my freebs were featured again here and here! Woohoo!!! Love these freebie hunters! 😀

I’ll be back in a few to put up more freebs! Till then… keep playing! 😀

There are truly days like these…

when it seems the universe suddenly remembers that you exist, that you’ve had a lot of time to play and have fun, and that it’s about time you started acting like the adult you are with real-life responsibilities. So yup, I’ve been busted. I’ve played around for quite some time (just totally indulging in scrapping and designing) and now I have to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

It’s that time of year when

– the schools call the parents to come pick up the report cards of their kids … and it baffles me, but it seems they like to hold programs and shows around the same period that you’re coming to school to meet the teachers–I can almost imagine them rubbing their hands in glee and saying, well, why don’t we load these wonderful parents with more stuff to do for their kids?

– the photography project I mentioned (it seems as though that was eons ago that I wrote about it) is on its last leg before it jets off into completion mode (woohoo!)

– the quarterly newsletter that I edit is due in a few days (haven’t even glanced a bit at the articles bursting through the envelope)…

– the design project for my sisters’ business is due in about 7 days

– oh, and let’s not forget about the million and one usual duties of a mother and wife

Thank goodness I just finished my first layout for the Stand Up & Scrap challenge! That was a whole lot of fun to do (it was a mixture of nervousness and just plain excitement over having to scrap without procrastinating, something that I kind of suffer from when it comes to creative output. I diddle and daddle and dawdle until everything comes together in one snap, and then it gets done. Sometimes it takes forever to get it done… but when I have a deadline, like we do in Stand Up & Scrap, I’m forced to make forever last a day ) ).

So you will forgive me, please?, if I am panting and huffing my way here today (tonight? to-dawn? heeheehee).

To relax, I’ve been learning a new piece on the piano, Meditation from Thais… beautiful, haunting song… I totally love this piece because it brings me warm memories of my childhood days when my uncle used to play this on the violin with my aunt accompanying him on the piano. Not that we really sat and listened attentively… my cousin and I went on playing our Little House pretend-character games (she was Mary and I was Laura), seemingly oblivious to the wonderful concerto accompanying our play. But it sticks. Years pass, and the melodies that entered your subconscious surface and bring warm fuzzies each and every time. Sigh.

Here’s how it sounds, if you’re curious to know ( this is the violin piece–the piece was originally written for the violin, but I am learning the piano version D )

This made me smile.

I take my 5-year-old son to school to school everyday, and to while away the time in the car, I bring along a notebook where I scribble and doodle and jot down anything that I want to remember (have I mentioned I have a (t)rusty memory???). Well, lately I’ve taken to making lots of swirls and curly things, because I’ve been wanting to incorporate these into freebies for you eventually. My son loves looking at this little notebook (because he also uses it to scribble when he wants to while away his time. hehe). Well, he came upon those swirly doodles one day and asked what they were. I told him they were just doodles. Well, several days after, he asks for my notebook and, pen poised in the air, declares that he’s going to make a drawing for me. Here’s what he made:

Swirly People

I oohed and aahed and said “Wow!!! What’s that?” He said (and this totally had me in awe): “This is a swirly man, mama, for you. Because you make swirly drawings.” (Now, is that a son of a scrapper or what? hahaha).

This will make you smile (I hope!)

Oh and did I mention I’ve been working on designing more freebies for you? Don’t think I’ve forgotten… I’ve just been trying to come up with more “developed” (is that the word? I know it’s not, but it’s 3AM and my wordbank in my brain is failing me at the moment) freebies for you. What I mean is freebies with more variety, more texture, more whatever… just more. ;) More “developed” –insert the more appropriate word here if you find it–freebies also means more labor-intensive design work… so it’s taken me longer to produce these babies… I hope you’ll forgive me for the delay.So without delaying any further, here is the latest (still on the Pinky Promise kit):

{ Click on preview for larger view }

Download it here. The zip password is busybee. Drop shadows are there for preview purposes only. This set contains 2 papers (1 solid, 1 patterned), slightly textured… the blue one has a bit of a grungy look to it. I also included a round tag and 2 beaded pins for you to use in case you want to pin the tag (or photos, or journaling blocks, or whatever you fancy! ) ) on your layout. I’m sure you already know this, but just for the sake of saying it (ehhehe), in case you want to use the pin on other items and give it a realistic look, use your eraser tool to erase the parts that should be hidden under the item you’re pinning down. I included a sample of the pin and tag… and when I had finished it, I thought: hmmm, why don’t I throw that in as well, so that my dearest friends have less work to do with this particular tag and pin? So there it is, in the kit as well! D

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Let me know what you think, please? Your comments really do help me in my design work… a lot more than you could ever imagine! Thanks in advance, honeys!

Some postcript notes:

pooja, dear, I hear you: let me go try to design something with elephants… it’s going to take some work as the elephants I know how to draw are a bit on the cartoony side :D… but I’ll do my best to come up with something for you!

I discovered the whole Lavender Porch kit (all the freebies) included in the freebie list here. (Although I did have to scroll all the way down to find them… hahahaha). I am always amazed to find my freebies “found” as wordpress is normally not as accessible to freebie finders as blogger is… but hey, I’m happy! Freebies on any freebie finder means more people get to play with my humble gifts! D

Now, off to bed or I won’t be functional tomorrow, and there’s lots more to do… again! Night-y, my friends! Thanks for passing by and do come around again! Soon! ;)

I’ve been working hard…

… and I’ve been playing hard!!! 😀

I’ve been spending the past days cleaning up the mess that’s inside my compy… ahem, among other things 😛 … (and no, I have not yet gotten to the ACDSee part of it… just the sorting and regrouping of all the digi schtuff that I foolishly separated from their kits way back when, before I knew anything 😆 )… aside from the real-life work that must be attended to, of course. 🙂

So you know how it goes: when you work hard, you also play hard (makes sense, doesn’t it? Kind of reminds me of needing to find someone more or less as thin or as healthy 😉 as you are, to keep the seesaw balanced so you don’t hit your butt hard on the ground   > ouch!< ).

And so I played today. I experimented with making more textures using a couple of different ways. And because when I asked, my dear friend Deb suggested shades of pink for the next kit: here you are, sistah!!! You know,  seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive! hahaha! 😛

{Click preview for a larger view}

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise PaperPack1

This is a pack of 3 papers, all subtly textured… Download them HERE. Zip password is pretty-in-pink (with the dashes). Thank you in advance for leaving your comments in my blog!!!

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

I was so surprised when I found the last of my Lavender Porch offerings was featured on Digi Scrap Freebie Finder last Sunday… woohoo!?  😀  I must say, it’s an amazzzzing feeling to see your freebie up there for even more scrappers to play with!!!  Thank you so much, Ruthie (even if we don’t know each other yet, haha! 🙂  ), for finding my creations worthy of some space on your freebie list; I am so touched. 😀

More freebies coming… I joined the Stand Up & Scrap contest, so that will be keeping me busy… but certainly not too busy to make freebies for you, my sweeties!

Enjoy! And keep me in your prayers! 😀 Gotta go to bed as it’s 4AM… again.   > teehee < 😛

You will not believe this…

but it has taken me TWO hours to put up my happy post… the one right under this. TWO bloody hours. There must be something about wordpress that makes it inaccessible on weekends… and there must be something about wordpress that’s been making it really iffy to use these past days… but it’s enough to turn the 😀 in me into 😳

I want to post the freebie right now, but let’s see how it goes, huh? Keep your fingers crossed for me…

Here’s the last part of the Lavender Porch Kit… and one of the packs I’m proudest of (mainly because it took such hard work to get it right!!! Food for thought: aren’t the things that you work really hard for,  more valuable than those that just drop into your lap? I find that this is true for many things in life).


There are 3 bows and 3 strips of ribbons plus a bonus plum-colored paper (I used a texture for the paper from a kit I bought, but I can’t remember which one… oooh, sorry… will do better with that next time. Just didn’t want you to give me credit for the texture of the paper…). The ribbons are 12.5 inches in length, long enough for you to stretch across a 12×12 layout as a border, if you want to. Or you could always downsize them if you want them smaller (I always think it’s best to give as many options as possible! 😀 ). The drop shadows are there for preview purposes so that you can use the elements in whatever orientation you want to. But the creases and shadows on the ribbons themselves (on the strips and on the knotted portions of the bows) are really there… for added realism. 😉

EDIT: While I was fixing up all the messy folders of my digital stuff in my compy, I found the source of the texture that I used for the bonus paper, and I re-read the TOU and I was a bit uncertain as to whether I could put up a freebie using that texture. So I took down the link for a little while so that I could change the paper into an original texture to make sure that I don’t step on any toes (I know how difficult designers work on their designs so I really would rather err on the safe side than risk hurting or offending any designer). I have put up the new bonus paper with the same ribbons and bows; I hope you don’t mind the shift in the bonus paper, and I truly hope you understand… 🙂

Now I’m on to working on other single freebies and I hope to be able to make a mini kit with pinks, as requested by my friend Jeanne in the comments (see? I hear ya, honeys!!! 😀 ). Also, I’ve joined the Stand Up & Scrap contest, so that should be keeping me busy for the next six weeks… but never too busy to keep making freebies for you! 😀 So do drop by and don’t stop visiting, okay? There will always be iced tea or freshly brewed coffee waiting for you here on my porch swing. 🙂

Download the last Lavender Porch offering HERE. Zip password is ribbows (the “w” is not a typo… it really is a combination of ribbons and bows… hehehe).

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and thank you so much in advance for the comments you leave in my blog! 😉


853705_happy_3-by-iikozen.jpgWooooohooooo!!! I am sooooo happy!!! I just discovered something!!!

But first, let’s talk about happy things:

I confess. I am a kid at heart. The simplest things can make me jump for joy. (Case in point: everytime my husband comes through the front door at the end of his work day, it’s all I can do to keep myself from jumping up and bounding over to him lest I seem like an over-eager puppy! 😆 )

What are the things that put a silly grin or a contented smile on your face? What makes every pore in your being ooze with happiness? Make a list! Post it in my comments space here! And then, if you’ve got energy left over, go and scrap about it! (And then give me a link so I can put it up here on my blog!) Wouldn’t that be great?

What makes me happy? Simple things. Today, after having tried to log onto my blog unsuccessfully for the past 8 hours, the first thing that would probably come out of my mouth is: being able to log on to my blog so I can release the freebie that I’ve worked so hard on. 😀

Seriously though, top on my Happy List: my faith, my family (husband and five sons, always in that order 🙂 ), my friends (and very high on that sublist is my playground family at Jessica’s).

LIFE makes me happy, being alive, being a wife to my wonderful husband (can’t imagine ever being happy with any other man), being a mom to my five sons (can’t imagine ever being happy with any other five kids).

My camera makes me happy, especially when after days of taking a zillion photos that I’m pretty happy with, I get one or two or even three that make me suck in my breath and say “woooooow.” (Doesn’t happen often, so this type of happy moment is often accompanied by a grateful look thrown up to the heavens).

Digi-scrapping makes me happy. Designing makes me happy. Giving away my designs to my very appreciative and supportive friends makes me happy.

Helping others always, always makes me happy. Making people laugh makes me happy. (Hmmm, kind of makes me sound like I used to be a clown in my past life)

Painting with oil, and the freedom to wipe my brushes onto my old paint-stained jeans, makes me happy.

Playing games with my kids, hugging them, looking at them… heck, anything that has to do with my kids makes me happy. (Okay, I’ve connected happiness with family three times already; that says a lot, don’t you think? haha)

Finding digital freebies, especially commercial use freebies (ooohhhhh wheeee!!!), makes me happy.

Reading great books makes me happy.

Writing makes me happy, especially when the words flow so smoothly and effortlessly. Happy, happy, happy!

Standing under the shower and feeling squeaky clean after always makes me happy.

And I could go on and on. Because I’m just a really happy girl at heart.

And if there’s something else that makes me really happy, another absolute happy-necessity in my life, it’s discovery. Discovering new things, discovering how to make things work better, discovering new friends, discovering the special in the ordinary: these make me happy.

And like the great wise men of old say, your happiness always doubles when you share it with others.

So here’s my latest happy discovery that I totally want to share with you:

A few weeks back, Jessica so wonderfully shared with us a tip that she discovered about how to scroll through different font types in PSE without having to hit the font type each time to see how it would look on your typed text. (It’s a great tip; go check it out!!!) I tried it but I couldn’t make it work for me… (definitely user-error, where the user is me). 😆

Well, here’s my happy discovery! If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, it works in place of the up and down arrow keys! Woohoo! (And here is also where I got to correct my user-error! I found out what my wrong move was! I had done all that Jessica instructed, except that when I got to the part of the font type dropdown menu, I hit the arrow keys BEFORE i clicked on any font type. No wonder it wasn’t working for me! I realized I had to click on any font FIRST on the font type list, and THEN hit the arrow keys–or, joy of joys, get my scroll wheel to do the up and down work! Okay, this may be what many of you would consider a duh moment of mine, but can I tell you how great it feels to have that “duuuh” transform into “eureka” ? hahahaha!!! )

So that’s my happy discovery. Not a big one, and certainly not an original one (credit goes to Jessica for that), but just discovering that I could make it work… well! Yeehaw! That’s a great thing! 😛

Now, let’s get to your happy lists: What’s on them? Write as much as you want, make your post as long as you wish–I love reading what you have to say 😉

In the meantime, I’ll be working on uploading a new surprise for you!

When it rains,

it pours! That kind of sums up all the stuff that’s been begging for my attention these past few days. We’re wrapping up the August session of the Up&Running course of my friend Jessica Sprague (those who have not taken advantage of this wonderful journey can sign up for the next one… there’s one more to come at the end of this year, I think… read all about it on Jessica’s blog!), and the August girls taking the course have been so awesome, producing layouts with admirable (or should I say enviable as well? 😛 ) energy and productivity!!! I have yet to catch up writing my comments on all their wonderful layouts 😐 but I promise to get to that soon!

There have been a million other design-related things that have been shouting out for my attention (I have been procrastinating in favor of making freebies for all of you, my dear friends–which I have to admit felt more playful than the “required” project I had to do–something that has to do with a company’s brochure–and I was more in the mood to play than to work, teehee!). There’s also this book that my hubby and I are working on together with the top photographer in this country, which I’m dying to talk about but which I’m sworn to secrecy until it’s released 😉 … when I’m given the go-signal, you can be sure I’ll gleefully spill all to you here! 😆 And then of course, there’s real life (after all, I do have 5 kids and a hubby to attend to as well, hahaha!)

So anyway, this crazy long preface above is meant to encourage you to excuse me 😆 for not being able to post daily freebies, much as I have wanted to. But I promise I will continue to make freebies… just need to learn how to ride the seesaw (read: balance duties with playing) better. 😀

More freebies coming up soon, so keep visiting, okay? For today, I have the last of the Lavender Porch paper packs… there are 2 patterned papers and 1 solid paper, again all subtly textured. One of the patterned papers is a rougher version of the stripey medley freebie of some days back… just in case you have some use for a more textured version.

{ Click on preview for larger view }


Download them here, and don’t forget to leave me some comments! Oh and if you have certain themes or needs in mind, please DO write me in the comments here on my blog! I would love to hear what you like so that I can design with you in mind! (And you just might get freebies tailored to your need! 8) ) Zip password for the download is drizzle (since the blue paper makes me think of rain, which I love… as long as I don’t have to trudge in the puddles in my good shoes 😛 )

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy! And have a great day!

Have you seen this?

Totally hilarious!!! I am no big fan of this kind of music, but I certainly am a big fan of the incredible imagination of the owner of these hands!!! 😀 And I envy him  the extra time he has to think up this thing and actually see it to its fruition! (My eldest son’s comment: “He has too much time!” LOL!!!)

I actually think it’s time well spent, if only for the amusement he has contributed to my life today. 😀 (And to yours, if you bother to watch this… at the very least, it’s amusing… amazing to those like me, who are crazy enough to appreciate this kind of thing… and the more you watch it, the more hilarious it becomes… can’t lose with that now, can you?  😆  Plus, it is only fair that this guy be given high points for the unbelievable finger dexterity he possesses (go ahead, I dare you to try it yourself… I did and couldn’t keep up! hahaha! )

Here, judge for yourselves, and then let me know what you think about it.


My 5-year-old J watched this video and held up his hands for me and said “Mama, can you write on my fingers so that I can also make them dance?” 😆

Out on the Porch

And now… for the latest in the Lavender Porch kit… a paper pack again. This time the pack contains 2 simple solid papers and 1 patterned paper, all subtly textured.

My dearest girlfriends (you know who you are), thank you again and again for the time you take to leave some love when you download. I can’t tell you enough how much it means to read your comments. (And it baffles me how there can be 26 downloads and only 8 comments… but I’m not complaining, I’m just… baffled 😯 ).

Click on preview for a larger view.

LivEdesigns Lavender Porch Paper Pack 3

You can snag the papers HERE. Zip password is rainflower I hope you aren’t getting bored yet with this kit… if you are, please don’t hesitate to tell me so! 😛 You do know that I create FOR YOU, so naturally it matters in a huge way that you are happy with what you’re getting. Right then, please pass the comments! 😆

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.