I completely forgot…

to eat lunch today. I only remembered at around 7pm, when a dull headache triggered the part of my brain that connects to my stomach. (Voice in my head: Yo, woman, you have not put anything inside your body except cups and cups of that brown liquid that comes from ground beans…)

Sshhh. Don’t tell anyone though. It embarrasses me how something so basic as a basic meal, for crying out loud, can go unnoticed by me. But I have to admit, after 3 consecutive near-sleepless nights, my brain has turned a bit into mush. I’ve been working on editing about 70 articles for a project (deadline: yesterday 😆 )–some of which had to be completely revamped–and tomorrow we meet from 1pm to forever, however long it takes to get the project through its final, final stage… before we send it off on its final leg of the journey. How I wish I could be more specific!!! But I have to be patient and wait… till I can shout it out to you. When I do, you’ll probably get so sick of hearing everything about it (I’m collecting photos to document the whole thing for you too!!! :D)

So anyway, please forgive me. I’ve had less than a tiny sliver of space to work on the freebies I’ve been dying to give you… but I’ve missed you so much that, with 15 articles left to edit, I decided to just say STOP!, take a break and work on getting these freebs up for you. I have been sooooo wanting to give them to you to play with (come to think of it, I have been soooo wanting to play for the longest time! I feel like a little kid with the measles, looking wistfully out a window at all her playmates having fun and wishing the itchies would go away soon so she could join them. :D)

But before anything else, I want to say


thank you for your warm and encouraging reception of my Ripples poem. (Yes, Deb, I’d be honored…). thank you for all the warm fuzzies that keep me all cozy and just so full of overflowing love for all of you. thank you. there should be better words to express what i feel, but Webster and American Heritage have not put them down in their dictionary lists yet, so these are all I have to go with: thank you thank you thank you. Oh, and did I ever say I love you? Have I said it enough? Can I say it again?

Here’s a great big bear hug for all of you, my dearest friends.

Bring it on!!!

And now, what I’ve been wanting to give you for the longest time:

{ Click on image for larger view }

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise Set4

This 4th set of the Pinky Promise kit has 2 papers, both slightly textured and with inked edges. I used a flower brush that I made myself 😀 on the first one (the paper on the top part of the preview), so it has a slight pattern. The paper on the lower part of the preview is a cousin of one of the papers in the Set 3 freebie, but it has more texture and less grunge. 😀 There’s a paper strip ribbon as well, which is 12 inches long so that you can stretch it across your layout (you can also make it smaller if you wish). I also included a jumbo eyelet–in the preview the biggest one at the bottom is the actual size that you’ll be getting; I just played around with downsizing it to show you how you can play with it by varying the size. 🙂

Here’s the funny thing: while I was playing around with the preview, I thought of turning the eyelet into a frame to show you what else you could do with this jumbo baby, and I thought… hmmm, what if I made this into a frame? So I did, and then I thought: since I’ve made it, why don’t I throw it into the mix as well? So there you have it!!! A bonus round frame included in the latest set of your Pinky Promise kit! Hope you find some use for it! 😀 (Oh, and the drop shadows are, as usual, only for preview purposes, so you can apply any sort of shadow you want). Special thanks to stock.xchnge for the photo I used on my preview.

Download it here. Zip password is freelunch (guess why? 😆 )  Thanks for the love you leave as you download!!! I truly appreciate the time you take to type in a few words!

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back with more soon!

PS. I just realized… the bottom part of the preview doesn’t have inked edges because I mistakenly placed the top half of the paper instead of the lower half (the one that had the inked edges at the bottom). So the bottom part of the preview actually shows the top part of the paper… but don’t worry because when you get the file, you’ll find that all the edges are inked. (Error on the preview due to lack of sleep. hehe. Excuses, excuses.)

4 thoughts on “I completely forgot…

  1. Oh wow, you do good work when your brain is mushy, but please, please get some rest and food. We don’t want you wasting away. Thanks for always thinking of your GFs and creating for us when you should be sleeping. We miss you at U&R and can’t wait to see pictures. Kit 4 is so cute with all the different items you put into it and the story behind it. Love the jumbo eyelet too.
    I feel all warm and fuzzy with your bear hug. Right back at you! {{HUGS}}


  2. Cute bear!!!!! I like bears. I love the kit. I love these latest pieces. I love Liv!!!!! Thanks GF!!!

    Yeah, lack of sleep here too. So I forgot to add … Love the ribbon and the little flower. Love the Pinky Promise Kits. Thanks for the pinks.

    Now, everyone help me out here … (repeat after me) … “Dearest Sweet Liv … go grab a quick bite and then so get some sleep!!!” Now Liv, repeat after us …. “Yes Mam, I’m going right now!”


  3. Hope you have some time to yourself soon, you sound like you really need it! I miss seeing you each day on the U&R forum, and I just wanted to thank you for the Pinky Promise freebies! They are wonderful! Get some sleep…take care!


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