Spree Me! Freebie!

Temptation, quit¬†hounding me and spree me from thy clutches! ūüėÄ

Last night my darling friend J and I were having another one of our regular fun chats. For the life of me, I cannot remember how the topic¬†came¬†up (certainly it had a connection to Labor Day weekend and all the sales sprouting like wild mushrooms–the operative word here being WILD, hahaha) but we both decided¬†our¬†mantra for the night would be When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! ūüėÄ

I should have recognized that portent and heeded its warning. Because today¬†as I was cruising the boards at Jessica’s playground¬†I happened upon a¬†thread where some¬†quickly-getting-digi-addicted¬†ladies (my kind of ladies, really!) listed wonderful digishops with special sales. Sound bite:¬†Oooh, get me away from those! Take my credit card and lock it up, quick! Threads like this are so dangerous to financial health! LOL! I mean, really, who doesn’t love shopping? (okay, you got me… groceries can be a real chore sometimes, but I’m not talking about groceries here, honeys, I’m talking DIGI-SCHTUFF!!!)

Yum, yum, yummy!

You know how it goes: you tell yourself oh, I’m just going to check out the stuff. I promise I won’t buy. This is just going to be a case of simple window-shopping. So you click on the link to the site (and yes, it just happens to be in your favorites). And you look, and you click on View larger, and you salivate, and after a while your “hmm, I could use these” magically turns into “man, I need these!” And then ka-ching! You wake up from your delusion not-a-few dollars poorer.

Empty wallet. But happy.

I don’t know about you, but I looooove digi schtuff!!! (Okay, admit it, sista, you do too ūüėÄ ).

So while I was reading this enabler thread with my left hand struggling to¬†block my right hand¬†from¬†getting anywhere near the sites’ links on my favorites,¬†this song kept playing in my head: (it’s not a favorite song of mine, so I have no idea why it was¬†lodged in my subconscious… maybe something to do with the beat and a vision of my friends and me on a shopping frenzy, snagging all the goodies¬†we could get¬†our hands on? LOL!!!¬† ūüėÄ )

[ Warning: This is unabashedly sooooo eighties!¬†Kim Wilde’s¬†hair, her dance moves… man!!! Be prepared for a total blast from the past! ]

Now what happens when you get engrossed in all this talk¬†about shopping and sales and great prices¬†of digital goodies? Your adrenaline starts flowing. Well. Mine did.¬†I had two choices: go crazy shopping or distract myself by doing¬†something that didn’t involve¬†opening my wallet.

Guess my choice? (Hint: it was a wise, albeit difficult, one :D)

Here’s the answer:¬†( I’m delighted to announce that I¬†still have a modicum of self-control left. :D)

Click for larger view


Bar code labels, girlfriends!!! You can download them¬†HERE. (They’re quite big, at 4×2 inches… but I like big elements because you can always downsize them without sacrificing the quality). They’re PNG files, so they’ll take on the background of whatever you’re putting them on.

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Hope you like them! Oh and the zip password is… what else? shoppingspree

Enjoy! and have a great Labor Day weekend, girlfriends in the US! ūüėõ