When it rains,

it pours! That kind of sums up all the stuff that’s been begging for my attention these past few days. We’re wrapping up the August session of the Up&Running course of my friend Jessica Sprague (those who have not taken advantage of this wonderful journey can sign up for the next one… there’s one more to come at the end of this year, I think… read all about it on Jessica’s blog!), and the August girls taking the course have been so awesome, producing layouts with admirable (or should I say enviable as well? 😛 ) energy and productivity!!! I have yet to catch up writing my comments on all their wonderful layouts 😐 but I promise to get to that soon!

There have been a million other design-related things that have been shouting out for my attention (I have been procrastinating in favor of making freebies for all of you, my dear friends–which I have to admit felt more playful than the “required” project I had to do–something that has to do with a company’s brochure–and I was more in the mood to play than to work, teehee!). There’s also this book that my hubby and I are working on together with the top photographer in this country, which I’m dying to talk about but which I’m sworn to secrecy until it’s released 😉 … when I’m given the go-signal, you can be sure I’ll gleefully spill all to you here! 😆 And then of course, there’s real life (after all, I do have 5 kids and a hubby to attend to as well, hahaha!)

So anyway, this crazy long preface above is meant to encourage you to excuse me 😆 for not being able to post daily freebies, much as I have wanted to. But I promise I will continue to make freebies… just need to learn how to ride the seesaw (read: balance duties with playing) better. 😀

More freebies coming up soon, so keep visiting, okay? For today, I have the last of the Lavender Porch paper packs… there are 2 patterned papers and 1 solid paper, again all subtly textured. One of the patterned papers is a rougher version of the stripey medley freebie of some days back… just in case you have some use for a more textured version.

{ Click on preview for larger view }


Download them here, and don’t forget to leave me some comments! Oh and if you have certain themes or needs in mind, please DO write me in the comments here on my blog! I would love to hear what you like so that I can design with you in mind! (And you just might get freebies tailored to your need! 8) ) Zip password for the download is drizzle (since the blue paper makes me think of rain, which I love… as long as I don’t have to trudge in the puddles in my good shoes 😛 )

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Enjoy! And have a great day!

6 thoughts on “When it rains,

  1. Liv, I just printed the cards you made to go with the Up & Running class. They are great! Your design stuff, amazing layouts, all your kids – do you actually sleep. Thanks so much for your hard work. I’m taking advantage of all your generosity.


  2. Liv – just printed the cards you made that added to the Up & Running lessons. Man you rock hard! Plus all your kids and amazing new digital stuff. Do you ever sleep. Next, we’ll all be taking classes from both Jessica and you!


  3. Liv, give me some of that stuff you take for all your energy. Maybe I should start drinking caffienated coffee. Ha, Ha. Anyway girlfriend thanks for the papers they are awesome. And can’t wait for the photography news, I so crave to be a better photographer and learn all there is to it.


  4. Can you figure out how to add extra hours to each day? There is so much I want to do but just don’t have time to do them. Too many “life responsibilities” keep me from spending as much time on my FUN things.

    Love the papers. You’re the greatest. Love ya bunches!

    How about considering something with shades of pink sometime in the future.

    Can’t wait to hear about the photography news!!! You rock girlfriend!!!!!!


  5. Liv,

    You continue to amaze me! It sounds like you have some great things going on…can’t wait to hear more about them. The latest additions to Lavender Porch are wonderful. Thanks again GF!


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