I’ve been working hard…

… and I’ve been playing hard!!! 😀

I’ve been spending the past days cleaning up the mess that’s inside my compy… ahem, among other things 😛 … (and no, I have not yet gotten to the ACDSee part of it… just the sorting and regrouping of all the digi schtuff that I foolishly separated from their kits way back when, before I knew anything 😆 )… aside from the real-life work that must be attended to, of course. 🙂

So you know how it goes: when you work hard, you also play hard (makes sense, doesn’t it? Kind of reminds me of needing to find someone more or less as thin or as healthy 😉 as you are, to keep the seesaw balanced so you don’t hit your butt hard on the ground   > ouch!< ).

And so I played today. I experimented with making more textures using a couple of different ways. And because when I asked, my dear friend Deb suggested shades of pink for the next kit: here you are, sistah!!! You know,  seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive! hahaha! 😛

{Click preview for a larger view}

LivEdesigns Pinky Promise PaperPack1

This is a pack of 3 papers, all subtly textured… Download them HERE. Zip password is pretty-in-pink (with the dashes). Thank you in advance for leaving your comments in my blog!!!

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

I was so surprised when I found the last of my Lavender Porch offerings was featured on Digi Scrap Freebie Finder last Sunday… woohoo!?  😀  I must say, it’s an amazzzzing feeling to see your freebie up there for even more scrappers to play with!!!  Thank you so much, Ruthie (even if we don’t know each other yet, haha! 🙂  ), for finding my creations worthy of some space on your freebie list; I am so touched. 😀

More freebies coming… I joined the Stand Up & Scrap contest, so that will be keeping me busy… but certainly not too busy to make freebies for you, my sweeties!

Enjoy! And keep me in your prayers! 😀 Gotta go to bed as it’s 4AM… again.   > teehee < 😛

11 thoughts on “I’ve been working hard…

  1. Hi Brigitte,
    Did you unzip using the password pretty-in-pink with the dashes in between the words? I tried it again and it worked…

    Could you tell me if you’re using Windows or Mac? I’ll do all I can to help you unzip it. 😀


  2. I want to thank you for this beautiful kit!
    I would like to unzip the first part of this kit, but winzip tells me, that the password isn’t correct! Can you check this matter, please!



  3. Liv, I adore these new papers. Please take care of yourself though. We love your freebies and love seeing you on the MB but we are willing to share you with sleep and your family. Love you girlfriend.


  4. Oh yeah … CONGRATS on the notoriety. We know how special you are … now others are also finding out. Oh my, pretty soon we will all be saying …. “I knew her when we just played on our playground!” Can I have your autograph please?

    Love ya!!!


  5. Liv … YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing somersaults and cartwheels here (it’s really fun – especially since I have never been able to do it in real life! haha). Thanks so much sistah!!!! I LOVE THE PAPERS! I can’t wait to see what you dream up and design to go with them. Love ya bunches and loads! Hugs and Smacks!

    … and yes, PLEASE, take care of yourself. Too many 4am’s and you’ll get sick. Voice of experience here. (sniff, sniff, cough, cough).


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