Oh my word! It’s freebie time! Times Two Too!

840446_a_daisy.jpg(see me rushing through the door, with a flower peace-offering in my hand 😀 )

I’m so sorry for not being able to post a freebie yesterday… I got caught up in a whirlwind yesterday which involved, among other things, moderating for Jessica’s second run of the U&R course (where I am in the company of 3 other fantastic moderators, great friends all!), making and uploading new freebies for you (good for the next 5 days! YEAH! :D), packing for an out-of-town trip (have you ever tried packing for a family of 5 kids?), attending a school activity of my son (which took an entire afternoon!)… whew! Have I earned enough of your empathy? LOL! 😀

So anyway, here, finally are your freebies. Since I missed yesterday’s freebie, I’m posting TWO today!

pwm-webwordart1-eecprevu.jpgOne is a wordart done in color, with translucent splats behind. (It’s a png file, of course 🙂 The paper in the preview is just there for… preview purposes, LOL! 😀 But you’ll get that paper too, don’t worry… when the next paper pack comes out). For those who prefer more flexible wordart, don’t worry, I have another wordart freebie in black and white waiting in the wings, which you can manipulate / turn into the color you want :D.

I love this quote because it’s so playful, and I thought it matched the kit’s theme perfectly! (Click on the preview for a larger view if you wish!)

Download HERE. The password to unzip the file is lovedigi (Okay, I tried to get creative and ended up just switching the old password’s words. hahaha :D)

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

pwm-webgelliesprevu-copy.jpgThe second freebie for today is a set of gel stickers (special thanks to atomic cupcake!). They’re shadow-free and pretty big in size so that you can use them with as much freedom as possible (always better to downsize to fit your layout than to upsize, right? 😉 ). You can try putting letters above them, the way paperscrappers would probably apply rub-on letters to gel stickers? The world is your playground, and you are limited by nothing when it comes to playing with digi-schtuff! Don’t you just love it? 😛

Download the gellies HERE. The password for the zip file is anGELS. (It’s case-sensitive, so make sure the GELS is in caps). Now, that’s getting a bit move creative with the password, don’t you think? LOL!!! (Background is for preview purposes only; the file is in .png format).

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

I will be gone for the weekend (from Saturday afternoon to Monday, my time in my part of the world)… but I will bring along my laptop in the hopes that I can get a net connection in the mountains where we will be. I can’t imagine not being able to log on (I would miss you all terribly!!!). So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Do pass by here everyday though… I’ve arranged it with my blog’s guardian angel to ensure that even while I’m gone, the freebies will keep coming here everyday. (Magic!) 😀

Hope you like these, and don’t forget to leave some love in my blog (Thanks sooooo much to all those who comment. You truly make my heart smile!!! Words cannot express how elated I am to read what you’ve written, even if it’s just a thank you… and you’ve all done more than that! I love you guys! Thanks thanks thanks!)