Fly me to the moon…

LivEdesigns PlayWithMe Wordart2The greatest thing about creative ventures is the imagination’s ability to fly to unvisited, pristine places and discover surprises just waiting to be found! Here is a wordart to celebrate that!

Like I said yesterday, this wordart–which is a GREAT african proverb–is a black-and-white png file… you can change it into any color to fit your layout. I made it large for greater flexibility, but you can easily make it smaller by using the transform handles in your software. I kept it in black and white for preview purposes though… the paper is for preview purposes only, but you’ll get that too, one of these days. 😀

BTW I have always wondered: do you prefer black-and-white wordart or do you prefer colored ones? Do leave me a comment to let me know, so that in the future, I can create what suits your needs 😀

Download HERE. The password for the zipfile is flyby. 😀 Hope you like it! And thanks in advance for your comments on my blog! 😉

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.


Totally unbelievable. 2 very good friends of mine (whose names both start with J… actually I am amazed that many of  my dearest friends have names that begin with J!) have called my attention to the 1st freebie of yesterday (the wordart) being not available for download with a stinky little message on it instead.

I checked out the link in total shock. I’m sure you’ve seen what it said if you had attempted to download the wordart freebie earlier. Because I consider you as my dearest friends, and dare I say, even family, with as much love and affection, I would like to share with you how I felt about the entire … what’s the word for it?…pain-in-the-derriere that happened today. Perhaps the best way to do this is to paste here the response I gave to my good friend on our playground’s board:

I have already sent an email and feedback form to 4shared support, asking them to shed some light on this. Since I have not yet heard back from them (and I know it is too soon for me to expect an answer), I have gone researching and trying to find how others have dealt with similar situations. 

Apparently, some designers who have experienced this have had 4shared support tell them that certain words and names are caught by automated filters in 4shared and are immediately removed if there is any slight risk of copyright infringement or illegal activity. Most times it has to do with pornographic stuff (heavens forbid!!!) so in that sense, J, you were right about the word/name of the author having something to do with it. Had I not placed her name on the file, the filters would not have caught it mistakenly and you would have been able to download the freebie without a hitch.

Initially, you know, I have to admit I was stupefied, dumbfounded, shocked. I take care of my name and my integrity, and to have a message like that on something I’ve made is uuuugh, indescribable torment for me. Then I went from shock to anger,/irritation,/annoyance, brought about by my failure to understand how this could’ve happened. But NOW. Now I think it’s unbelievably hilarious and crazy and unthinkable. Enough said.


So anyway, I took down the link. I can’t fix it immediately because I’m not home (out of town for a few days) and so I don’t have the actual wordart files on my laptop. I will change the filename and then upload it again once I’ve got everything fixed and there’s no risk of the most innocent thing as a file containing an author’s name (poor e.e.cummings) getting deleted for being possibly “pornographic”. (Can you still see me shaking my head with a look of disbelief on my face?)


I checked all the other freebies including those yet to come. They’re free of any such snafus. SIGH. I know better this time to put really simple one word names… though you know, given my sorta dense mind when it comes to green matters, I just very well may come up with a generic name that a filter may deem unacceptable. LOL! Hope it never ever happens again, though. Certainly not a happy experience. But definitely one that can make me into a better person if I only react with calm, peace, patience, forgiveness and… well, wisdom gained from experience?

Hugs again, and lots of gratitude!

The reason I’m leaving that post there to explain everything is because I am still shell-shocked by the experience and am totally confused and unsure whether I should just throw my head back and laugh heartily at how immensely schtoooopid this has turned out to be, that a simple name used with such innocence (it IS an innocent word, it’s a person’s name, for crying out loud!) (and a well-known poet at that!) (whose many works are most known because of their childish tone and playfulness!) (for crying out loud!!! again! and again!)… or if I should be furious, fuming, and foaming at the mouth over this catastrophe that for me has possibly laid a shadow of doubt in the minds of people who don’t really know me enough about my character and my integrity. Those who know me well enough, my family, my dearest friends, YOU… I know that you would know me better. I just wish all the others who may have stumbled across my freebie (through search engines? I don’t know) would too.

Well, it’s almost 3AM in these mountains where I type, The wind is blowing, the kids are all tucked warmly into bed, my dh is snoring his way to lala-land.. and here I am stressing over this. Unh-unh. Not anymore. I understand. And understanding is the first step towards forgiveness. And if you’re really, really lucky and sincere, at the end of the forgiveness phase, there is, mercifully and thankfully, along with the ability to know truth from fibs, the ability to laugh it all off and chalk it up to experience.

That last thing: that’s the place I want to be in right now. So I will post this, publish it, and call it a night. Maybe, just maybe, I may find myself laughing in my dreams. Thanks for hanging in with me through this, honeys. 

Oh my word! It’s freebie time! Times Two Too!

840446_a_daisy.jpg(see me rushing through the door, with a flower peace-offering in my hand 😀 )

I’m so sorry for not being able to post a freebie yesterday… I got caught up in a whirlwind yesterday which involved, among other things, moderating for Jessica’s second run of the U&R course (where I am in the company of 3 other fantastic moderators, great friends all!), making and uploading new freebies for you (good for the next 5 days! YEAH! :D), packing for an out-of-town trip (have you ever tried packing for a family of 5 kids?), attending a school activity of my son (which took an entire afternoon!)… whew! Have I earned enough of your empathy? LOL! 😀

So anyway, here, finally are your freebies. Since I missed yesterday’s freebie, I’m posting TWO today!

pwm-webwordart1-eecprevu.jpgOne is a wordart done in color, with translucent splats behind. (It’s a png file, of course 🙂 The paper in the preview is just there for… preview purposes, LOL! 😀 But you’ll get that paper too, don’t worry… when the next paper pack comes out). For those who prefer more flexible wordart, don’t worry, I have another wordart freebie in black and white waiting in the wings, which you can manipulate / turn into the color you want :D.

I love this quote because it’s so playful, and I thought it matched the kit’s theme perfectly! (Click on the preview for a larger view if you wish!)

Download HERE. The password to unzip the file is lovedigi (Okay, I tried to get creative and ended up just switching the old password’s words. hahaha :D)

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

pwm-webgelliesprevu-copy.jpgThe second freebie for today is a set of gel stickers (special thanks to atomic cupcake!). They’re shadow-free and pretty big in size so that you can use them with as much freedom as possible (always better to downsize to fit your layout than to upsize, right? 😉 ). You can try putting letters above them, the way paperscrappers would probably apply rub-on letters to gel stickers? The world is your playground, and you are limited by nothing when it comes to playing with digi-schtuff! Don’t you just love it? 😛

Download the gellies HERE. The password for the zip file is anGELS. (It’s case-sensitive, so make sure the GELS is in caps). Now, that’s getting a bit move creative with the password, don’t you think? LOL!!! (Background is for preview purposes only; the file is in .png format).

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

I will be gone for the weekend (from Saturday afternoon to Monday, my time in my part of the world)… but I will bring along my laptop in the hopes that I can get a net connection in the mountains where we will be. I can’t imagine not being able to log on (I would miss you all terribly!!!). So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Do pass by here everyday though… I’ve arranged it with my blog’s guardian angel to ensure that even while I’m gone, the freebies will keep coming here everyday. (Magic!) 😀

Hope you like these, and don’t forget to leave some love in my blog (Thanks sooooo much to all those who comment. You truly make my heart smile!!! Words cannot express how elated I am to read what you’ve written, even if it’s just a thank you… and you’ve all done more than that! I love you guys! Thanks thanks thanks!)

It’s ELEMENTary, Watson!

pwm-elpack1-wbpreview.jpgCouldn’t resist that! 😀

Here are the elements I promised for the Play With Me Kit! Hope you enjoy them, and don’t forget to leave comments here on my blog! I totally love the comments that you leave on 4shared too, but those can disappear later on, while these stay with me forever… mmmm (hug!)

I made these without drop shadows to give you more flexibility when you use them on your layouts…

The staples look mighty large, don’t you think? That’s to give you more leeway in adjusting the size 😀

Download HERE. The password for the zip file is digilove6 (no kidding! I am so un-creative with passwords, don’t you think? LOL! 😀 )

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

PS. I have a surprise layout made by a very dear friend of mine, waiting to be posted here, and I can’t wait to show you!!! It’s GORGEOUS! If you’ve made a layout and you would be so kind as to allow me to show off your wonderful work on my blog, please email it to me (and if happen to not know my email,  leave me a comment as to where I can download your work) … I would be so honored to post it here on my blog for everyone to oooh and aaahh over! 😉

PS. special thanks to tracy drane, whose lined journal paper i used for my preview of the elements pack.

Freebie Time Encore!!!

live-playwithme-wb_pp4previ.jpgHere’s the other paper pack I promised you! This one has 2 solids included (slightly grunge-ified :D) along with 2 more patterned papers. HERE is the download link. Remember to leave some love! The zip password is digilove5.

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

{Did you know you could click on the preview to see a larger view?}

PS. If it takes forever, could you please drop me a line in the comments here in my blog? I’m not sure if it’s because 4shared has some kinks today, or if it’s the size, or if it will even take a long time for you to download… I just want to make sure your freebie-snagging is a pleasant experience! 😀

If it takes forever, I will provide links again to the individual items to make it easier. So please let me know how it went for you; thanks so much in advance!

Have a digi-love-filled day! 🙂

Freebie Love! Better late…

790902_sad_girl_on_steps.jpgthan never, they say!

I’m so sorry, my friends!!! 😦 I hope I didn’t disappoint you yesterday, in case you visited. Real life made demands on my time, and by the day’s end I was exhausted. And just to show you how sorry I am, I’m posting not one, but TWO freebies this time!

And in case you’re getting sick of the papers, I promise to come up soon with other schtuff to complement the papers… elements this time! Who doesn’t love elements, huh? huh? huh? 😀

Thanks so much for your patience! And hope you enjoy these! PS. password for this one is digilove4 🙂 Download HERE. (Please leave comments! Thanks!) ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.


I tried downloading the file and it seemed to take forever… did the same thing happen to you? If it did, you might want to try these single downloads; they might go faster (so that the seasons don’t change while you’re busy downloading :D) Try these links HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. (Phew!) ETA: Sorry, links are no longer available.

Round is Good!

I thought you may be getting a wee bit bored collecting just papers, so here’s something to pin down those wonderful photos of yours onto your layouts: ta-dah! Brads! I made them in 3 sizes and in different designs so you actually get 12 different brads to coordinate with the papers. Happy playing! Hope you like them!


The password for this download zip is digilove3 (I know, I know, how uninventive can I get? Just don’t want to make things confusing with different passwords 😀 ). Download the brad set HERE. (Comments will be highly appreciated!! 😀 ) ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

PS. I know that the brads look like they’re floating on the paper in the preview… I didn’t include the shadows to let you know that they’re shadow-free… you can just apply the shadows once you use them, so that you have more freedom in your layouts. 😉

Welcome to my homeland…

And I’m proud to say I love it.

You know how, when you visit a friend’s house for the first time, you are drawn to explore every room, every nook and cranny, so that you can ooh and ahh in amazement and wonder at the beauty and love that resides in there?

My girlfriends and I have been barely able to contain our excitement at the prospect of getting together as one big group of scrapping gals in Chicago next summer. I’ve been to some places, but never to Chicago, so it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to (though even more than the city, it is the thought of seeing my friends that totally excites me!)

When all this talk about getting together began, I issued a standing invitation to everyone to come see my homeland. It’s an offer without an expiration date. 🙂 And to provide everyone of them with a sneak preview of what they could be looking forward to, I found an excellent “brochure.” It’s right here, below.

A few words, though, before you view it:

1. Photos are never really the same as the real thing, are they? In the same way, I personally feel that, though this is the best showcase (so far) of what my motherland has, there is still no substitute for seeing, tasting, smelling, and experiencing the Real Thing. And the fact that many of the best Filipino artists (including world-class Florante and Lea Salonga) are doing the story-telling is no small thing! 🙂

2. This is best appreciated in the native language, as there is no substitute for the beauty and color and expressiveness of a language in its original form; its flavor and nuances are often lost in translation. I wish I could tell you more about all the wonderful places and food that are mentioned here (like how Taal Volcano happens to be the smallest volcano in the whole world, and Mayon Volcano is known for its near-perfect cone), but it would take pages and pages and pages of writing and still I would not have scratched the surface. So I’ve just provided a link to more information–click on the “beauty of the Philippines” line in the translation below… (just put any place or item in the search box and it’ll take you to a wonderful source of information).

Enjoy the visual and auditory treat, and I hope one day to be able to enjoy all these with you, my friends, beside me. 🙂

Here’s my very rough and very humble translation of the song:

Are you feeling sad, bored, exhausted?

Are you tired, slaving away night and day?

Has your life lost meaning, devoid of spark and color?

Is everyday the same, like nothing ever changes?

Let’s go! Let’s travel together with our family,

Our closest friends, and the whole ensemble

So that we can truly have a great time.

Come on, let’s travel so that we can see

The beauty of the Philippines,

The greatness of the Filipino

Have you been to Intramuros and Luneta?

Palawan, Vigan and Batanes

Subic, Baguio, and Rice Terraces?

Have you seen the vintas of Zamboanga

Taal Volcano, Mayon Volcano

The beaches of Boracay and La Union?

Let’s go! Let’s travel from Basco all the way to Jolo

So that we can truly get to know

All our fellow Filipinos

Come on, let’s travel so that we can see

The beauty of the Philippines,

The greatness of the Filipino

From city to city

Seven thousand and one hundred plus islands

In my beloved Philippines

Let’s go to Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao

Don’t be a foreigner in your own land

Have you tried shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan?

Have you gone diving in Anilao

Or surfing in Siargao?

Have you tasted the sisig of Pampanga,

Durian of Davao, Milkfish of Dagupan,

Bicol Express and Balayan Lechon?

Let’s go, let’s travel

Then we’ll be able to help somehow

In improving the lives of all our countrymen

Come on, let’s travel so that we can see

The beauty of the Philippines,

The greatness of the Filipino

Have you joined the fun of the Pahiyas and Masskara,

Moriones and Ati-atihan,

Sinulog and Kadayawan?

Have you attended the fiesta at Peñafrancia in Naga?

Gone up to Antipolo?

Danced in Obando?

Let’s go, let’s travel so that we can attain

Happiness and friendship,

Progress and peace

Come on, let’s travel so that we can see

The beauty of the Philippines,

The greatness of the Filipino

Come on, let’s travel…

Wow, Philippines

Come on, let’s travel!

You! Yes, You!

680675_pressie.jpgThat’s right, my friends, you! Thank you so much for your kind comments (here on my blog, on my 4shared download site, and on the Fresh Laundry Pile thread on Jessica’s playground). I can’t begin to tell all of you how totally wonderful it is to read what you’ve written, even if it’s just a line or two. It’s like bringing a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine to your best friend’s house when she’s invited you to dinner: never demanded, but totally heart-warming and greatly appreciated. So thanks. Really. From the deepest recesses of my heart.

In fact I have been so inspired that this kit, which was really supposed to be a “mini,” is starting to grow and expand to monumental proportions! So keep visiting and coming back for more!

This second offering in the Play With Me series is a set of papers again (who doesn’t love papers? Yummy!) I threw in a solid –there are more where those came from 😉 And I have 3 more patterned papers to go with the ones you may already have downloaded.

Hope you enjoy these too! Oh, and when you unzip the download, the password is digilove2 (Don’t forget the 2 at the end!) No spaces, all small letters. Download HERE and hope you have fun playing! 🙂 ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.