This one looks like it’s going to last…

for some time, if not forever.

My boys (3 and 5 years old) have been singing this every single day, about 10 times a day at least.

It’s such a sad song, but they totally love it, and I don’t see anything wrong with it, actually. Except that it kind of nudges my heart in a way unknown to my kids, because I could’ve been singing this myself when I lost my mom at the age of eight.

My 5-year-old once said to me, after another round of this song: Mom, I am sooooo happy that you’re alive.

Yeah. Me too.

Because my kids don’t know this, but the one thing I have always asked from God, as far back as I can remember, is that when I have kids of my own,  He blesses me with enough time on earth to be there for them till they don’t need me anymore.

I have always told my husband that, at the end of the day, I don’t dream of castles in the sky. I could be sitting on the ladder of our nipa hut and planting vegetables in the garden all day, as long as we sit together holding hands and watching the sunset, still in love with each other, still loving and being loved by our sons, and loving God above all, then that would’ve been a full life for me.

Ah. Being a wife to my hubby. Being a mother to my five sons. I think in the whole wide world, these are the greatest blessings I have ever received.

What are the greatest blessings you have received? What is your definition of a full life?

I will join you in thanking Him for all that He has given you, me, us, everyone.

Have a great day! 😉

3 thoughts on “This one looks like it’s going to last…

  1. My oldest (15 next month, yikes) was a big time Rugrats fan. Day and night, every movie, every song, every catch phrase they had he said. He’s outgrown that of course, but they sure do know how to tug at our hearts don’t they. Their innocent little faces looking up at you with wonder in their eyes. I am very greatful for my two boys. I was told when I was very young that I probably wouldn’t have any babies and I had two wonderful loving boys. They are my life. I think every mother prays for the same thing, to be there for our children. And you know what, I don’t think there will ever be a time when our children won’t need their Mother….I still need mine and I’m 30something. LOL. Have a great day too and enjoy your family.


  2. I love this! I have never heard it before, but it is so cute and touching.

    I totally agree with your definition of a full life, as it is mine too. 😉 Family…means everything. And He will not give us anything we can’t handle, including our families, right? Right! Love ya, Liv!


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