Hath anyone theen…

the toof fairy??? 😆

This is the new kit I’ve been working on… inspired by my friend Tori (yup, she of the “why-don’t-you-make-a-boy-kit” wisdom). She’s a wonderful friend, and I’ve been keeping her in mind and in my prayers (and it would be great if you could, too!) 🙂

Tori, this is for you, sweetie.

And for you, all my sweeties, all of you who pass by (my darling friends!)  too!

Now I do realize that a lot of us have children sporting permanent teeth already (in which case, I certainly hope they don’t lose any just so you can use this kit,  hahaha) … but as usual I tried to incorporate parts of this kit that anyone can find useful (especially the papers… the elements that come in this kit are specialized, I have to admit).

I had to stop myself from adding to this kit, because as I was playing around, I took a look at my Toof Fairy folder and realized that I had more than 20 papers!!! Holy looth teef!!! 😆 Don’t worry, I’m not going to dump them all on you; I just chose the best and that’s what you’re getting, of course (nothing but the best for you!) 🙂

So here now is the first Set of the Toof Fairy Kit:

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Toof Fairy Set1

I know that there seem to be a lot of blues here, but don’t worry, the next coming sets will have greens and yellows and light blues as well, so you can use them for your girlies too! This set has 3 grungy papers and one patterned paper with stripes made out of a toothbrush-brush (literally! heh!) that I made and played around with. It also comes with a felt tooth patch that has stitches around it (doesn’t show up too well on the preview, but it’s there, trust me 😛 ) If you want to add some journaling on the patch without losing the texture, you can always use the blending modes… 🙂 Download Toof Fairy Set 1. Zip password is pearlywhite .

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Hope you like these, and thank you so much to all my thoughtful friends who leave love in my blog (and on my 4shared)!!! I truly am immensely grateful that you take the time… it is always so inspiring to read your words.

Have a happy day! I’ll be back tomorrow with Set 2!

PS. I’m going to start working on a Christmas Kit (mega kit??? 😛 ) soon… but since we’re talking about Christmas, is there any kit you’re wishing for? Who knows? I might be able to grant your wish (as long as it’s not the moon and the stars… oh wait, have had a request for that, and will work on that soon!!! 😀 )

Seriously, though, if there’s anything you’re wanting, do leave me some comments right here… I’ll do the best I can. 😉

3 thoughts on “Hath anyone theen…

  1. Oh Liv…I don’t even know what to say. Thanks for sending thoughts and prayers from your side of the world. My world has definetly been turned upside down and shaken around, and I have needed those prayers and your support. Wow, to have such a great friend!

    And these kits! They turned out soooo cute! I must make a page ASAP of my toothless little guy. I’ll send you a link for your blog and maybe post it in the general forum at Jessica’s. First I have to finish my page for her book. 😉

    Love ya to pieces!!!!!


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