Will I be able to do this again?

Last year I went all out and prepared the Halloween treats for my son’s schoolmates who came trick or treating at our place.

 Halloween Treats 2006

Went out and bought all the “healthy” goodies (if by that you mean chocolates and yoghurt milk and cookies 😛 ), printed out a couple of Halloween creatures, made some Happy Halloween tags personalized with each kid’s name, wrapped them up in orange Japanese tissue paper tied with happy plaid ribbons… and watched the kids munch away within two seconds of handing them their halloween pails.

Do I have the energy to do this again this year?

I think not. 😆 Hence my posting this photo here on my blog. As evidence that once upon a time, yes, I did actually make the goodies for my kids. 😆

I think I’ll just work on digitally capturing their Halloween experience on some layouts, is that a good deal? 😆 How ’bout if I just work on a Halloween freebie kit for you??? Can I pass treat-jury-duty this year?

How ’bout you? What are you doing for Halloween this year? (If you’re going to be all creative and amazing with your treats, you’re going to make me cry in guilt!) just kidding of course. I’ll stand up and clap for you till my hands are raw and numb!

Working on more of the Sistah kit, which is fast turning out to be pretty major. Will be back to post the links soon! 🙂

One thought on “Will I be able to do this again?

  1. Wow Liv! Glad you are learning to say “no.” Welcome to our level down here in the “wishicouldbesupermombutdon’thavetimeorenergy” group. (haha) Can’t say I was ever as good as you but I use to go all out with decorating the house and dressing up and even for a few years designed and created a haunted house for the kids. Now I just sit back and let my grown kids do all the decorating. We have a house decorating contest in our community and the winners get a “Best Decorated” sign to post in the yard. We have won a couple of years. This year the boys have outdone themselves. I really hope they win for all their efforts.

    I would LOVE a halloween kit from you. I have so many pictures from past Halloweens plus this year that will HAVE to be scrapped. And I can’t think of anything I would love more than to have your boo-tiful creations to do that with.

    Also just sitting here swinging away on my orange swing. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!!! Maybe a seesaw?

    Love ya to pieces BFF!!!


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