Monday, Monday, Monday!!! :D

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Monday is here! Our Now We’re Rockin’ with Photoshop course over at our playground at Jessica’s has officially begun!!! How totally wonderful superb awesome fantabulous rockin’ly great!!!


Here’s another woohoo:

Conran Shop Magic GadgetFor dinner tonight, my sons and I had crabs. I hate eating crabs in a restaurant because… well, there’s just no refined way of eating crabs, right? I mean, you have to don those bibs and use your fingers, and then after eating you’ve got the crabby smell on your fingers and no matter how strong the soap you use to wash your hands is, that crabby smell still lingers faintly on your hands… and there is just no way to look refined given those circumstances! 😆 Thank goodness we can let it all hang out when we eat at home. hahaha.

But we were speaking about woohoos, not crabs.  😆  The woohoo part is… around 10 years ago, when hubby and I were in London, we went to this wonderful store called Conran Shop (my absolute favorite store in London), which belongs to Terence Conran, a furniture designer, restaurateur, and style maven, who began this shop to show off his home designs. Lovely place. I could spend an entire day there with all the goodies. Anyway, ten years ago, we picked up this amazing thing , which is a metal teardrop-shaped thingie that you use to wash with. You’re not supposed to use it with soap. Just wash with it like it were a soap bar (and it’s got this thin metal edge at one end which you can use to get to those things stuck in your nails, if needed)… and the smell is gone miraculously in a few seconds, leaving your hands smelling clean and fresh! Then you wash with soap… if you still want to. How cool is that, huh??? 😀

Ten years after, I still praise the heavens for finding this jewel of a gadget. I use it all the time for all kinds of stubborn smells (like garlic on your hands after you’ve cooked). Love it! So woohoo for the guy who invented that, and woohoo for the Conran Shop where we picked this up!

Third woohoo for today is… I have the second set of Swing Out Sistah!!! Yay! I have so many things I want to add to this kit, so it looks like this is going to go on for quite a number of sets. 😀 But in between I think I may insert a Halloween kit or a fall kit, or both (for you, Deb! and for all the rest who want it!) because if I wait till the SwingOut Sistah kit is done, Halloween and Fall might’ve been taken over by Christmas! 😆

So anyway… here’s the 2nd set of SOSistah!

LivEdesigns SwingOutSistah Set2

{Click on image for larger view}

There are four more papers in this set: Dusk (teal) and Citrus (orange) are slightly textured solid papers with slightly grunged edges. Sunshine is a slightly textured printed paper with very faint floral designs. And DuskSwing is a printed paper with several purple swings (for you, Jana!, and for all who like purple! 😀 ) I also made 10 plastic buttons… I decided to keep them simple so that they don’t “fight” for attention if you decide to use them along with the swing papers. There are 5 round buttons with stitches and 5 floral buttons also with stitches, all in playful colors! The preview shows the buttons at actual size (no drop shadows included so that you can apply them to your layout with your own personal drop shadow preference! 😀 ). You can download Set2 here. Zip password is woohoo! (yup, with the exclamation mark!)

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Just want to remind you to type in the zip password instead of simply copying and pasting it. In the past, some of my friends have experienced problems with the password when they copy/paste it: there’s a risk that stray spaces or letters get pulled along into the copied password  so then the zip refuses to open. When you type in the password instead, there’s less possibility of pulling in a stray item when you attempt to unzip the file.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave some love, my dearies. All your comments give me the warm fuzzies always! And thank you too to those whom I don’t know personally, who come from the digi freebie search engines, who take the time to leave some love. I truly appreciate it. (My dream is that one day the number of comments will equal roughly the number of downloads made on a freebie. hahaha).

I am yawning like crazy now so I think I need to hit the bed before it hits me. 😀 Have fun now and I’ll see you soon for the next rounds of freebs!

Hugs to all! 😉