Playing Outside the Sandbox…

this time… I never thought I would ever make a kit like this, but it was a total joy and I love what I ended up with, if I may say so. hahaha. 😆 Thank you, pooja, for requesting for something, anything, with elephants. It made me extend my horizons and explore areas I wouldn’t have without your request. Hope you like this! 😉

Took a break from working on the Small Project so that I could indulge in creating (always more enjoyable than the “required” stuff…  maybe there’s a rebellious little brat in me that never grew up, you think? 😀 ). What I thought would be a small minikit grew (as usual) beyond the proportions I originally planned.

LivEdesigns TajMajic Mini Kit

This kit is called Taj Majic. 🙂 (Special thanks to Kim Broedelet, Mesokee, escrapper, themiz and just4you at stock.xchnge). There are 5 papers, all textured, in this kit: Forest Skin is a green elephant-skin textured one; Indian Sunrise is a yellow paintbrush-washed solid with faint tinges of orange, Follow Mom is an orange solid with a mom-and-baby-elephants brushed at the bottom; Morning Walk is a teal-and-green paper with a mom and baby elephant following her; and Elephant Block is actually the collection of the papers that I was putting together for the preview (what you see if you take off the tag and the screws and the brads and my own LivEdesigns tag). Here’s how that last paper came into being: My dh passed by, looked at the preview I was preparing on my monitor and said “Wow, that’s so nice!” (yeah, I know, he loves me, doesn’t he? It accounts for his lack of objectivity sometimes, hahaha). So I figured, hey, why not throw it in as a paper as well, in case you want a colorblocked quickpage! Just add your photos and frames and you’re done. Or fade your photos into the papers. Or do with it whatever you want. 😉

Then there are 4 X-screws and 3 brads with elephants on them. I also threw in a tag which I brushed around with the flower brush I made. I had to stop at that point, because if I continued, not only would this have become a mega-kit, I would also be in mega-trouble for not completing my Small Project (whose deadline, by the way, is tomorrow). Oh and I also just received a FedEx package a few seconds ago which contains the latest installment of work that I’m supposed to do for the Big Project. Hmmm. And I thought Hong Kong signalled the last leg of the work. Not. Now THIS is really the last part. After this, there’s just the launch and the event planning to worry about.

But wait, I’ve been babbling instead of giving you the link to the kit! Forgive me! Download the kit here. Zip password is pooja . Hope you all find some use for it! And if I may make a teeny request, do please leave me a note to let me know what you think… or even some love would be appreciated… even just a teeny tiny thanks? 😛

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Have fun and see you with the next freebie soon!