WOOHOO!!! Freebie At Last!

I am soooo happy!

I have finally begun the freebie kit that I’ve always wanted to work on, in celebration of the friendship and family I have found in Jessica’s awesome playground! This is for all my girlfriends at jessicasprague.com–my darling sistahs from the June class, and our ever-growing family now including our August and October little sistahs! WOOHOO!!! This is for you, my sweeties!!! (And for all those in our worldwide family of digiscrapping addicts as well! 😆 )

This kit is called Swing Out Sistah! and I’d like to thank my dearest friend Jana for saying that she fell in love with a paper-scrapping paper (ha! Is there such a word???) with swings that she saw. Naturally, the wheels in my head started turning. Thought process: hmmm, I’ve always wanted to make a kit in honor of our playground family, and I’ve always wanted to do one with swings ( we always sit and play on virtual ones, right, Deb? 😉 Mine’s the red one and kimi, is yours the yellow?)… so this must be the kick in the butt I need to just go ahead and do it!

I got kicked, and this is what came out of my playtime today:

LivEdesigns Swing Out Sistah Set1

{Click on image for larger view}

This first offering has 3 playful papers, all textured slightly. The blue one, Pond, is just a wee bit grungy on its edges. The green one, Grass, has some grass stains on its sides and a vine design (an image gift from my sis, a bonus for my work on their brochure). The swings you see on the green paper are not part of the paper; they’re actually part of the wordart that I placed on top of the paper. So you get a green medium-solid paper (because its pattern is limited to its perimeter). And the patterned paper below, Swing Out Loud, is a light blue textured paper filled with different colored swings!!! I was trying to decide between wooden swings or tire swings, but I kind of think tire swings, hanging from tree branches, are more reminiscent of those lazy afternoons when the breeze wafts through hair warmed a bit by sunshine… and many stories and secrets are shared among girlfriends amidst giggles and cool lemonade. Aaaah. Such wonderful happy days.

But I digress. Back to the other parts of this freebie. I included a wordart, just one quote, but in three versions: a black-and-white version, a colored version, and a bevelled colored version which you see in the preview. It’s about 6 inches wide but you can resize it easily. Special thanks to Cindy Doerksen and SweetMade for their commercial use items and to haloocyn of stockexchange for the photo inspiration.

This must be one of my absolute fave freebies, though I really can’t tell, because I just love making freebies… so I suppose I like all my freebs, but this one has special meaning–along with the pink ribbons (such touching comments I received for those, I loved reading them)! Download the first set in the SOSistah freebie here. Zip password is 4myGFs Please let me know what you think of it, as this is the first time I’ve ever come up with something so colorful and playful. Any comment you leave, whatever love you leave, on my blog is always, always so appreciated!

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Have a great day! And I’ll be back soon with more freebs, so do visit soon!

Now, off to work on my layout for this week’s challenge at Stand Up & Scrap. Have not done a single bit of work on that one. hehe.

PS. My 5-year-old son looked at the preview as he was passing by and said “mom, those look like doughnuts! Or cereal loops!” Yum. Good enough for me. 😆

16 thoughts on “WOOHOO!!! Freebie At Last!

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  2. I love it Liv! You did such a great job on our virtual playground! Now we just need to get together to use our “appendages” for some great pics to use with this kit!

    I love how your little guy said “cereal loops.” Mine would say “fruit loops.”



  3. Seriously?! I’m totally in AWE!!! Not only is it such a fun and gorgeous FREEBIE, but a tribute to the amazing family we are all a part of. My life is forever touched and improved because of what you and all of our other sisters bring to the playground. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful part of yourself with us 🙂


  4. Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!!!! Yeah, I call the orange swing!!! I LOVE THIS kit and it has such special meaning that makes me treasure it even more. When I think of playgrounds, I think of bright colors so this is just perfect!!!!! Love ya sistah!!!


  5. Liv…love the colors. The tire swings are awesome!!! Maybe they look a little like “life savers” candy??? Thanks you so much for the new kit! I always love your wonderful descriptions & creative names/passwords!


  6. How wonderful. This freebie is so touching. I wish I had pics of everyone so I could have then swinging in their swings. Thanks so much GF you are such a sweetie. {{{hug}}}


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