Is this funny or is this funny?

I  prefer to think it’s funny (so that question leaves no choice now, does it? LOL! :D)

Thank you, my dear friend Deb, for alerting me to the unknown file type of the colored wordart. I sincerely apologize for the hassle that that little wordart has given you. If only I could prevent it!

I just deleted the whole thing and uploaded an entire new file. Hopefully it should give you no more problems (or I’m going to give it a stern talking-to!) LOL! 😀

Indulge me, please, just this one more time. Download it HERE. The zip password this time is take3 (my little way of teasing that file for the number of times it took to download it successfully). Please leave me a comment to let me know if it finally works. And if it doesn’t… then I promise I’m going to make 3 new wordart files for you! 😀

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

4 thoughts on “Is this funny or is this funny?

  1. ok, so nevermind my last post about the wordart…this is what happens when you start at the beginning and go towards the end (current posts), it’s like reading a book backwards, but I’m not really…thanks for the wordart.


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