Count it higher, now!

Don’t you love this? I remember loving this already as a kid, but now that I’m older, I appreciate the hilarity of it even more! Isn’t that funny (or maybe I’m really just a kid that never grew up)?

Well, lately I’ve been hearing these monsters singing this song in my mind while I make freebies for you. (Picture that big smile on my face and my feet tapping as I make these freebies, singing “You gotta count it higher, count it higher…”–if I had my way I’d keep making freebies the entire day for you, my dearest friends!)

LivEdesigns PlayWithMe gel slide mount frameHere’s the next freebie… it’s a slide mount frame (that seems redundant, I know… but it’s a slide design which is big enough to be a frame! LOL! 😀 I made it 5 inches high and wide… so that you can downsize it and turn it into a regular slide if you want, or use it as a gigantic slide-type of frame.

Download it HERE. The password for the zipfile is framed! Yes, that exclamation mark is part of the password 😀 Don’t forget to leave some love in the comments! And do visit again tomorrow; there’s another freebie waiting to jump into your lap! 😀

ETA: Sorry, link has been removed.

4 thoughts on “Count it higher, now!

  1. Wow, I have so much catching up to do on the download front! thank you for the goodies.You are one busy lady. The frame is beautiful, and will come in handy I’m sure. I am addicted to collecting frames and have yet to use most of them! Did you get my email? I had gotten an email from Wacom and forwarded it to you, but maybe it ended up in bulk mail. Anyway, I was also just saying hello because time just doesn’t allow me to chase after friends on the board. Hope you’re well.
    Annie 🙂


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