DST September Newsletter Out!

Zooming right onto my blog porch to deliver the news!

The September edition of the Digishoptalk newsletter is out! My friend Kel, who is the newest editor-in-chief of the newsletter, came out with a super-fabulous issue of Firsts! I love the look of the newsletter, love the editorial piece of Kel, love the theme, love the inside look at designers’ first kits redone… in fact, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a DST newsletter as much as I have this one! AWESOME job, kel!

Oh, and here’s a little whispered tidbit: I have a little article there too, if you’re interested in reading it. πŸ˜† The newsletter is free, but you have to be registered at DST (also free)… if you are one of the few who aren’t yet registered, go run and get yourself counted among the minions! πŸ˜†
Here’s a screenshot of the first page of my … uh, rather lengthy but (I hope πŸ˜› ) inspiration-filled… article on Recording Firsts:

First Love Article

DigiShopTalk September Newsletter: First Love Article

And with great apologies for putting this up here a bit late (was totally consumed by working on the Type+Writer course, so my memory bank went pffft for a little while), here’s the freebie with items I created especially for layout that I made for the DST article:

LivEdesigns First Love - DST September Newsletter Freebie

LivEdesigns First Love - DST September Newsletter Freebie

Click on the image to download.

Thank you for the love you leave in my blog as you download! I love reading your comments, and am always grateful that you take the time to leave some warm fuzzies.

One little thing I wanted to point out: please note that the papers in the preview are not included in the freebie download (because in the article I had written that I would release as freebies some of the stuff that I created in making my layout that appeared in the newsletter, and I did not use these papers on my layout). BUT I will be putting these papers–and MORE– as free downloads within the next day or two, so if you want them, be sure to come back and grab them! πŸ˜€
All right, my workload is calling my name once again, so it’s back to the saltmines for me! I hope to see you soon again!

Huge hugs to you, my sweeties!

32 thoughts on “DST September Newsletter Out!

  1. Liv, I was doing my Saturday morning blog hoppin’ and landed on these beautiful creations. Thank you, thank you, my friend, for sharing your talent so generously! And LOVE the blog makeover!!


  2. Your FIRSTS article is great! At first I thought it was going to be the same as other similar articles and lists of firsts I’ve read, but you suggested some new creative ideas. You’ve inspired me, and I’m keeping the article. Thanks!


  3. @ RoseAddict –
    Thanks for knowing that I certainly didn’t mean to insult anyone… and thanks for the correction! Thankfully, one of the definitions of minion is “one who is highly esteemed or favored; a darling” (see http://www.thefreedictionary.com/minion), although I do realize that by common usage, it has taken on a pejorative connotation. (yelp! sorry about that!) So I truly appreciate that you know that I love ya! πŸ˜€


  4. Just a little SHOUT out…to say thanks for this awesome share!! I gave you some..♥"Link Love"♥..here if you want to check it out. I gotta tell ya…I love showing off your stuff! Stay the sweetest…I’ll be stalking you!! hee,hee:)


  5. I cracked up when I read Heather’s “saltine” comment, especially since I was already puzzling over what you meant to say when you wrote “go run and get yourself counted among the minions,” (a contemptuous term,) since I KNOW it was not your intention to insult us, lol! Millions? Mignons, perhaps?

    Thank you so much for the great stamps and overlays!


  6. I love the freebie, Liv, and the article was great. Not too long at all.

    Looking really forward to Monday for the Typewriter class. I feel really lucky to be able to take this class from you. Oh, the opportunities we’ve been given by Jessica.

    See you Monday!


  7. DEEEEELightful little Freebie, Liv! I love the overlays! One of these days, you’ll have to teach me even just a little of how you do it!

    Can’t wait to read your article. I’m saving it for the plane ride to Mexico!


  8. Thanks for the great overlays and stamps. I haven’t had a chance to read my newsletter yet (something about searching out a bunch of pictures and other prework for some class I am taking next week!) but I have my newsletter downloaded and I am going to get to it today. You’re awesome, as always!


  9. Wow–you’ve been a busy girl–getting ready for class, updating your blog and now this awesome freebie! Thank you for all you do! It is appreciated. See you in class on Monday! I can’t wait!


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