No, you’re not lost…

Believe me. You’re in the right place. This *is* my porch. (hehehe)

Here’s the Makeover Behind-the-Scenes story:

My sister is here for a brief precious few weeks before she flies over to Paris for years (aaaugh! No longer will she be within the same continent! 😦 ), and in between her tying all the loose ends together before she leaves, we’ve been stealing time to have fun with our compys.

Yesterday she happened to mention to our emailin’ group of friends that she wanted to learn how to blog. Whoo-heee!!! That’s all the prodding I needed–I shot her an email: Come to my house. 24 hours. I promise you. You’ll have your blog.

And so she now has one! (happy somersaults and little clappy hands!)

While working on her blog, seems the blog bug took a bite at me too, because I found myself excitedly exploring the possibilities of getting a new look for this little porch of mine…

Well, I scratched the itch, and voila! Here it is! Welcome to the new look! Hope you like it as much as I do. (Won’t it be great to sit on the porch swing and stare out at the calm blue sea and feel the ocean breeze gently sift through your hair? Mmmmm.)


9 thoughts on “No, you’re not lost…

  1. Great job Liv! This is not a surprise – you keep coming up with awesome creations and I always love your ideas whether it’s a picture, a thought, a freebie or the new look of your blog 🙂 To top it off, you always fill it all up with great sense of humour and so much happiness that I just can’t hold myself from smiling.

    I have read the new posts on your blog and Carmela’s as well – both fantastic! You made my day my Dear GFs! Lots of Hugs from Africa!


  2. wow Liv, I love it! Is that Carmela that’s moving to Paris? What the hey? Well, she must be ecstatic! Back to civilization. Please tell her I said hi, I haven’t heard from her in such a long time. Tell her to come and visit my blog, I’d love to hear from her! Love what you did here!


  3. Great new look–where do you find the time! But I know you’re one of those people who get by on very little sleep. So happy that your sis can spend some time with you before she leaves and goes far, far away! Good thing for computers and phones to stay in touch.


  4. Ah! Liv! Gorgeous changes. I need to do the same to mine. I’m so glad that Carmela is able to visit with you a bit before hopping continents and it also reminds me that I owe her an e-mail. Please give her my love. Tell her I’ve missed her. And I will fulfill my friendship duties soon! Have fun!


  5. Whoohoo!!! Now our blogs can celebrate their birthdays together!!! 🙂 Good job, chister… but you must still be playing because I still don’t see Taal! Hahahaha!!! 🙂 Kiss you tons for being my Master!


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