Countdown! 3 More Days…

… till our Type+Writer course begins! Whoooheeee! 😀

I’d like to send out the biggest, warmest cyberhug to everyone who signed up to take this journey with Jes and me! We are totally thrilled to be with you for the coming 14 days!

I’ve still got my nose stuck to the grindstone, working with love, but I just wanted to pass by here and say THANK YOU!

Thank you, too, for all the warm fuzzies that you’ve left here and on my 4shared account. You are all totally awesome!

And because I’m never too busy to fulfill promises, here’s the paper pack (the first of two) that I promised I’d share with you!

LivEdesigns Whisper Paper Pack 1

LivEdesigns Whisper Paper Pack 1

Click on the image to download

Thanks for the love you leave on my blog as you download!

I also promise to come back with more exciting posts; I just need to get all my real life duties done! 😀

Hope you’re all having fun, and I’ll see you around again, soon! 😀

34 thoughts on “Countdown! 3 More Days…

  1. Thank you for the beautiful papers. I started reading and found your mini album. I’ve downloaded the inside pages but having trouble with the cover page templates. Is this file still available? If not, no worries since I’ll just do something else. By the way, the mini album is a wonderful idea.


  2. Hee, hee – the monsters are cute! I used these papers on my day 4 layout for Type+writer so I owe you another thanks! I’m sad the class is over but I am so far behind, I get at least another week of information!!


  3. Dear Liv
    First of all, thanks for all the freebies. What a gift! This is my first time on your blog AND my first time making a comment. I will be a regular after this. I have said this in the course forums but I want to repeat it here: you and Jess are a GREAT team. And I want to personally thank you for cracking the journaling and writing block I was struggling with. You have a gift not only with writing but also with that so-rare ability to find just the right way to encourage people to try something they might have been too fearful to do on their own. (Jess has it, too). I still have the last assignment to do – because I am struggling to find the right tale – but it will come, i am sure. And I also want to applaud your gentle grammar lessons; my dad was a stickler for grammar and I have bemoaned its apparent disappearance from the culture! The course was even so much more than I expected. both my regular writing and my scrapbook journaling will be infinitely better for it! Thanks again SO much!


  4. Wow, Jes and Liv – I am completely in awe of what you two have created. You are a perfect team – balancing each other and the end product was enhanced beyond where we could have been without both of you at the helm. Thanks for risking and sharing. Don’t let this be your last collaborative teaching effort.

    Now for a specifically unrelated question. Now that I have accumulated several layouts that I want to get printed into 12 x 12, and I don’t have the nifty printer Jes uses at her CKU workshops, where do each of you send your work for the best quality 12 x 12. And are there any specific instructions that need to be provided to the lab/company that does the work?

    Thanks – for everything! And Liv – thanks for all the freebies – loved them and the thoughtfulness behind your sharing them with us.

    Monda H. DeWeese, MPA
    Executive Director
    SEPTA Correctional Facility


  5. hi liv! i’ve been reading your blog but this is the first time i’m leaving a comment. sorry about that. thank you for the freebies. i’m also in the type+writer class. i’m really excited about that. i’m a little behind, but catching up slowly. thank you for being an inspiration.


  6. Love your site – and your Type+Writer course – learning so much and having a GREAT time! Thanks for your efforts – your commitment to making it an amazing experience is so apparent. Love the freebies – thanks for sharing your gift of talent with us! ~Monda


  7. Thanks Liv dahling!!!! Love the papers. Love you more!

    In just a few hours, the moment I’ve been waiting for begins!!! Type+Writer. WOW daily emails from Jess and now you too!!!!! Hope I won’t be too big of a disappointment to you.

    Love ya bunches!


  8. Thanks for the paper, Liv. I am soo excited about class starting Monday!! I’m so glad I got in and I can’t believe it is’nt closed by now. People don’t have an idea of how of what they are missing!! But I’ll be there!! Hurrah!!!!


  9. I am so excited for you! It is nerve-wracking preparing a class for Jess, but so worth it in the end. You will be challenged, you will learn from your students, and you will be able to look back in a few weeks, and say “Yeah, I DID IT!”

    Best wishes, Liv, on your new journey in journaling. (OK, I had to throw in one cheesy pun, right?)


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  11. Wow! Love the look of your blog. I thought I was at the wrong blog at first! I’m surprised you had time to change your blog…oh wait I forgot you didn’t sleep!

    I’ll be picking up that paper pack in a while.

    Love ya GF Thanks.


  12. Thank you Liv for you generosity. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class too. I need encouragement in the journaling area so I decided to move it to the top of my priority list. Can’t wait.


  13. Love your work — thanks for all the great gifts!! I use your papers os often — I to am looking forward to Monday’s class — it is fall feels good to be going back to school!! thanks again


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