Just couldn’t help myself…

I just had to scrap.

Yes, my bedroom floor resembles a war zone with wrappers and gifts (not yet wrapped) crammed into every nook and cranny. Yes. my husband has to go through an entire obstacle course to get from one end of our room to the other.  Yes, I have yet to check my holiday gift list and see whether it is 20 (or 30) more people I need to shop for. And yes, yes, yes: I do know that I have 2 days left till Christmas Eve, when the gifts that are still in their unwrapped state are supposed to be sitting under other people’s trees.

But! When the going gets tough, the tough go scrapping.


So here’s what I came up with today. I was going through the forum in my playground at Jessica’s and, after reading this ongoing thread about how our famous mom-and-daughter team are playing tug-of-war over some great shutters that daughter bought and that mom wants to buy from her, with the rest of us jumping in on the playful fray, on a total whim (crazy I know), I was inspired to create a layout that involved shutters.

It took daughter (that would be my friend, Noel) some time to search for a photo of her and mom (that would be my friend, Jackie) together. Jackie, if you’re reading this, run over to Noel’s house and get some photos taken asap! 😛 It took countless tries (and a really long, really fun chat session) for Noel to get this photo scanned in and sent to me. She is so NICE. Right, Noel? 😉

So anyway, here’s what’s waiting for them in their inbox when they get up in the morning:

Noel and Jackie

{ Click on image for larger view }


photo by stoneraven at stock.xchnge (altered) ~ flower brushes by jason gaylor at designfruit ~ photoblast action used on jackie’s and noel’s photo ~ word art by me! 😛 ~ grungy overlays (used 4 in all) by me! 😛

And since the scanning of the photo took a long time to accomplish, here’s what I came up with while waiting: my own version. hehe.


You think this could pass for one of my Daily December pages (of which I have just ONE to my name?) 😆

I wanted to give out the page as a plopper freebie, but I still have to check with stoneraven and jason gaylor if they’ll agree to that. 😉 If they say yes, the plopper is so yours, my sweeties!

Okay, now I really must get back to the holiday to-do’s. I’ve played the entire day and I need to make up for that this entire night.

Catch you again soon, my sweeties! ((((hugs))))

13 thoughts on “Just couldn’t help myself…

  1. Oh yes, and your shutter page is just so cool! I’m eager to know if you finished the gift list or did what I did – that is I made a few Basic Grey card folders and put money for the granddaughter, and gift cards for dd and her dh! They all seemed well pleased and probably thankful I didn’t rush and buy the first thing I saw! the others got what they hinted at!


  2. I just wanted to thank you for doing that smashing Jessica Sprague PDF file for us from her chat at Katie’s Designer Digitals site! I’m a bit late because of all the holiday goings on, but it was such a sweet thing to do, especially since she was feeling so sick!
    I’m really enjoying your blog and writings!


  3. Liv, what a truly wonderful thing to do. This is fabulous and if you do get the “OK” to give the plopper out, we will all be grabbing it. Your friendship and generous heart are unbelievable. Love you, Nancy


  4. You are too funny. I hope your little guys feel better soon. Love the LOs. Good luck on getting everything finished. I’m only doing 1 album and it’s taking me days to get it finished. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll get done and then printed. Have a merry if I don’t talk to you before then. (Try and get some sleep)


  5. Liv, what wonderful LO’s, they are fab but I know you only do fab work. How nice of you to settle that little spat that was going on too. I know you will get everything done because what is 2 days to Xmas for most is really 3 1/2 to you since you burn the midnight oil all the time. Love Ya.


  6. What a great layout – very nice indeed. Love those shutters – you are such a peace maker. Now get at your to-do list so you can have some relaxation time at Christmas!


  7. Fabulous Liv! and the LO is gorgeous too! You are truly a one-of-a-kind angel with the biggest, hugest, most ginormous heart. All of us must have been extra super good somewhere along the way to deserve you as our friend and guardian angel!!!!!

    Hope you get permission to share ’cause I would *LOVE* this quick page!

    Now, enough with the warm fuzzies …. get busy girlfriend!!!! Go, take care of your sweet family … buy them presents, wrap them presents, give lots of squeezes to those cute babies and awesome hubby!

    Love Ya bunches and loads!!!!!


  8. Oh Liv…what a fun surprise this morning to wake up too….usually I go right to my email after the dogs are fed but this morning I needed to wrap things and get some other stuff done so i just got to it…Noel even called me to make sure I had seen it but I already had a good smile over it…LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of your son in the frame….
    So how much does it cost to ship something from the your house to mine…would love whatever junk shutters there are around your place…….

    Hey…I can web cam you too 🙂


  9. my wonderful friend liv… i was totally loving the “love” in my inbox this morning!!! lol! i love it! i’m having this baby printed up!

    thanks for the laugh & the fun chat! luv ya!

    (one word… webcam…)


  10. Wowzers, LivE! These are fabulous! Leave it to you and your extra large heart to even think of doing a layout about the shutters being bandied about on the Playground! That’s so sweet!! And then, gasp, to see the same layout with your precious little one. Took my breath away.

    Forget all the “schtuff” Liv, you embody the holiday spirit right here, right now!

    Good luck and have a MERRY Christmas! I’m sending you lots of cyber hugs!!!!


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