What was I thinking???

I must have been crazy to think that I could create my Christmas gifts this season, because with 6 days to go before The Big Day, I have NOT done a single thing (except roll ideas around in my mind… does that count?) and I have not crossed out much on my holiday shopping list either.

Talk about overestimating oneself.

Anybody interesting in renting out their services? 😆

I have several unfinished Christmas freebie items which I can’t get to though I’d love to (doing the usual self-motivation thing: No, self, you may not make any freebies until you’ve got your Christmas to-do list all checked). I do hope I’ll finish soon as there’s nothing I’d love better than to finish up that last Christmas freebie kit, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Winter Chills and Ills

Okay so it doesn’t snow where I live. But the season brings with it its fair shair of viruses. Three of my babies are sick. One worse than the rest. If he doesn’t get better today, off to the pedia we go tomorrow. I’ve been getting less than my usual 3 hours of sleep because he wakes up every hour to either throw up (uhhhm. excuse me for the graphic language), or complain that he can’t breathe, or ask for water. Poor little guy. I want to hold him and put toothpicks in my eyes to stay awake the entire time. During the day I have to nebulize him 3 to 4 times… and each time I say “Nebulize, honey?” he says “Yes!” So I know his illies are bad.

The other two babies are not so bad… thank God. But sick nevertheless. And what mom can really not worry when one of her little ducks has the slightest illness?

I Caved

Okay, so tell me I’m crazy. Call me nuts. I have NOT done a single paper-scrapped layout since I was 16 (just to give time a perspective: when I was 16, you had to use carbon paper to make multiple copies of what you were typing out on a manual typewriter, and it would be a few years before you could type <B> to get your word into a bold font on computers with green screens and pixelated fonts).

The whole underbelly of my king-sized bed is crammed with paperscrapping materials that are in their virgin state. The three shelves and scrapping tables with drawers I have? Not used. At all.

So why, why, why did I have to go and get these things at the mall when I should’ve been shopping for gifts?

The Impulsive Loot

Simple. There they sat on the shelf, making droopy eyes at me, calling out softly “Take me home, take me home”… how could I resist??? Poor lonely things were calling out for a home.


But I can justify, actually. The Heidi Grace Designs punchboard items? Need them to make the homemade recipe box my eldest sister requested from me as her Christmas gift this season. The K&Co. little bragbook? My dad would just love it when I send him this with layouts inside (not yet created, by the way… LOL). The Fiskars squeeze punches: the corner rounder? Never mind that I have 3 corner rounder punches (and the fourth, which is the only one I’m really using, is Jessica’s corner rounder brush… loooove digital!!!). But this one is the coolest among the paper-scrapping punches I have because you can see exactly where you’re punching! The large circle squeeze punch? Well… I’ve been pining for its 3-inch big brother, but since the store didn’t have that, I had to settle for my unrequited love affair by getting this 1.5inch one. The DCWV 6×6 chipboard blanks? Hey, you never know when you’ll need them.

I wasn’t so bad, actually. I did get some shopping done. (Some being the operative word).   😉


And speaking of shopping…

Here’s the latest addition to our Santa family… hubby and I couldn’t resist adding them to our 2 santas in groovy black shades (one has a guitar and the other has a sax, and both play a guitar and a sax version of Christmas songs) and the reindeer that taps his foot in total rhythmic accompaniment to the music.

The New Santas

See, we were hoping our two youngest boys , j (who’s turning two at the end of December) and S (who’s 3), would find these new Santas less frightening. See, the group of three jazzy folks I just described had the strangest effect on our two boys: when we turned on the music and the Santas started strumming and blowing on the sax and the reindeer started tapping, my two boys stared in disbelief and ran away.

So enter these new two: Santa on his sleigh with Rudolph behind him (though you can’t see him too well in this shot) happily bob along on the sleigh as the music plays. Then the other Santa’s legs grow and shrink as he says “ho-ho-ho!” and Jingle Bells plays in the background. He gets tall and short and tall and short.

Come to think of it, as my friend Noel said, why SHOULDN’T it be scary for the kids? A growing and shrinking Santa who can only utter repeating 2-letter syllables Ho Ho Ho… hmmmm. Words of wisdom from a dear new friend whose daughter Emma used to cry on Santa’s lap each Christmas.


And what am I doing…

having the fun of my life sitting on this porch swing with you while the mountain of unwrapped gifts looms before my very eyes and the holiday shopping list is crying out “Hey, look at me! Look at me and DO something!” ???

Gotta get running!!! Six days! Six days!

Does anyone know how to freeze time? All I’m asking for is double the number of days left!

Catch you later, my sweeties!

Oh… and when I get around to doing the creations I crazily thought of making this Christmas, I am sooo sharing with you whatever it is I have… whether they’re templates or instructions. 😉

6 thoughts on “What was I thinking???

  1. Poor poor Liv…if you lived closer I would come over and help…I LOVE your santas…maybe Is hould come over and steal them too..they would look great by the shutters that I am going to steal 🙂
    Poor scared babies….Santa is awful frightening to little ones sometimes…keep those babies young and not afraid of anything 🙂


  2. Hi Liv, long time no talk so I thought I would check in. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas if only it was as simple as it was meant to be. Gotta say I am not totally together myself this year, think its my new found obsession. The key word for me this year “Gift Card”. Haven’t even sent out one Christmas card yet since I have it stuck in my head that I have to make them. (paper) Well it was fun chatting but I am off to bake my Dad’s favorite Christmas cookies. A recipe from my Mom that my Dad has told me I make better than her. Talk about the best compliment. Time consuming cookies but after that compliment how can I not delight my Dad every year. Love Ya


  3. Hey Liv … you might want to check your calendar. You might be a victim too. Somebody stole several days off of my calendar!!! All the days between Dec. 5th and Dec. 17th mysteriously disappeared.

    I’m kinda in the same “homemade” boat with you. What was I thinking?? Me … actually have time? … Ha! … to make homemade gifts? … That was what I use to do in my alternate life … but not in this one!!! (Sigh Loudly!!) Between births and marriages we had five people join our family this year and so I have to make 5 stockings before CD (Christmas Day). At least I finally bought the fabric and trimings and I actually know where the pattern is this year. Now, just to make it. Oh yeah, I also have to move the computer off of the sewing machine cabinet so I can get to the sewing machine! Does that tell you how long it’s been since I sewed anything? Haha!!!

    Take care of your sweet babies! Then take care of yourself. As much as you love your freebie creations … that should be the last of your concerns. We will be here when things calm down and you can finish that wonderful kit. Even after Christmas I will want your creations … cause it is gonna be after Christmas before I can use them to create my Daily December pages! Love ya sistah!!!


  4. I also caved this past week at my local scrapbook store. My 10year old daughter had been amazed that I hadn’t gone into my “favorite”s store in a long time (since JS 1st class last June). But I had a 30% off coupon! At least I didn’t buy paper. Still working on the calendar for the grandparents. All done except for December–I was waiting to get some pictures of the kids this year–since it will be a whole year before they get to that page and I didn’t want them to be too old. I think I am done shopping?! but I don’t really know, I’ve been stashing things for months so I plan on pulling them out to see what I’m missing later today. So sorry to hear that your boys are sick. Mom’s are always who they want. I still call my Mom when I’m sick! There is just something soothing about hearing her voice saying it will be all better soon.


  5. Well, your life sounds a bit like mine. Much shopping to do, but can’t get motivated to do it. I finally got buy rear in gear this past saturday and went shopping. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot, but it was a start. Mind you my oldest is 14 and doesn’t require a LOT of stuff…but what he has requested is quite expensive….a new MP3 player (Zune) which was about $250something….with accessories and a Lego robot that you build yourself. I read the reviews on this thing and it sounds pretty awesome. He asked for this same thing about 3 or 4 years ago and I didn’t get it because I didn’t think he was old enough for it (looks pretty complicated to build) but when he asked for it again, I caved. My youngest’s list isn’t much cheaper either…all he plays with are Legos and those sets are NOT cheap at all. He also plays with action figures that’s it….he has never really played with those little cars or any of that stuff. I haven’t bought any other gifts…***sigh***I was going to make calendars for the family, but never did get around to it. So, if you find someone that rents out their shopping services….give ’em my number, lol.


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