Don’t they worry?

about their future? about where they’re going at the end of time? about where they will spend eternity? Don’t they think about what God thinks of them? Of how greatly they offend Him, the Author of Life, the Prince of Peace?

These people who have the temerity to indulge in terrorist activities, without regard nor respect for the dignity of human life: do they wonder how they would feel if it were their mom, their spouse, their son or daughter, hurt, maimed for life, or killed by the work of their hands?

Are they so numb to what is morally right that they can just throw away what they have no right to even touch, human life?

A bomb went off today in a mall in the business district. 8 people have been identified as casualties, up from the initial news reports of 4 casualties, and there are 86 reported injured. I wonder how those numbers are going to go up as the investigation goes on.

The worried mom in me kicks into high gear at times like this. I can’t help thinking, my gosh, what kind of world will my kids live in? Will they be safe? What kind of country, instead of cradling its citizens in a cocoon of security, makes its children feel unsafe and insecure?

Here are some photos from the website of, which one of the bigger Philippine news agencies.

Glorietta Bomb 1Glorietta Bombing 2


I wonder how some people can go about doing evil (yes, I’ll say it again, evil: anything that involves taking away human life is evil) without worrying about eternal life. There is peace, and there is justice, and there is a God who sees all this and is hurt by the abuse of freedom that some of His children do. And one day, these people will have to answer to Him, whether they blind themselves to that reality or not.


3 thoughts on “Don’t they worry?

  1. Scary, I often think of my childens future. Even though I know I have to let then discover life I still want to hold there hand through it no matter how old they are. It breaks my heart that they have to live in this high paced world where we seem to be growing further and further away from the true values of life. We have to hope for the best and pray God will take care of them.


  2. How awful! I agree with every word you said. What kind of world indeed will our children and grandchildren have to live in. I was talking with some of the people at one of my schools today and the comment was made about how different things were in schools when we young and how these children today are expected to live up to a higher law and standard that we ever were. In our school system there is zero tolerance for certain offenses which “back in our day” would have resulted in a mere hand-slap. The world has definitely changed and not necessarily for the better. It is because of these people who have such a disregard for human life as well as just decent human respect, that our lives have changed so drastically.

    I pray for those innocents who suffer in these type of tragedies. I try to control my anger and my fear and put it in God’s hands, knowing that he will deliver justice where justice has been denied in this life.


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