Gee whiz!

I’m so sorry! Deb, thanks for alerting me that the zip password wasn’t working… I can’t figure out why, since I always try to do a download-and-unzip before I put the link here, just to make sure that it works. But I’ve read on other blogs that 4shared seems to be having some issues, so it may have been one of those days.

Anyway, I’ve taken down the old link and put up a new link for Set 5. You can download it here. (Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, my friends!) I’ve also changed the zip password to take2. Hope that helps.

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

For those of you sweeties who can’t unzip the other files with the passwords, please try doing a direct keyboard-input of the passwords when you unzip, instead of doing a copy-paste. It’s possible that when you copy the password, some stray items (like spaces or periods) can drawn along into the password, and that’s what could be getting in the way of unzipping it. If it still doesn’t work (though it should 😉 ), then do write me in the comments and I’ll do all I can to help you unzip it!

Thanks! I’ll be back soon! Just need to work on some other deadlines! (That’s been the boring story of my life lately) 😆

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