It’s really not a big deal, but…

it’s a nice gesture nevertheless. Leaving comments, that is.

When I download freebies (who doesn’t love freebies? Everyone does! :D), I would sometimes see rants from designers on their blogs about people downloading their freebies “without bothering to say thank you or leave a comment.” Now that I’ve started making my own stuff to give away (and I love doing so!), I get more than ever what they’re saying. It’s funny when you see so many downloads and only 1 comment… I say funny because, personally, I really don’t take it against those who download without leaving comments. It’s honor enough for me to know that someone wants something I created. I really mean that.

But I can understand how some can feel a little sad when they don’t get comments. It’s like you work the entire night to make a wonderful handmade gift for your friend, and then when you hand it to them, they take it and don’t say thank you. None of us would do that now, would we? So why would some do it in cyberspace–maybe because it’s easier when anonymously receiving? Honestly, I don’t know.

But let me tell you, it’s really a great thing to get comments, you know? It drives the spirit, it sparks the creative juices, it makes one feel appreciated. And that, to me, is worth soooo much more than any amount of $$ one can get by selling their creations.

So I’m taking this time to thank you, my darling, wonderful friends, for the trouble you’ve taken to leave comments, here or on the 4shared download sites: Janie, Jana, Joan, Deb, Annie, Stacy, Kathy, Nancy, Dawn, Tina, Connie, Mer, the wonderful Connie of digiscrapinfo, cindyj, and my favorite divine-digi-goddess Jessica, and everyone else who left their comments on the MB of our playground… and I’m not just talking about the download comments here. When I read your heartfelt messages, it’s like receiving double the honor: your visit to my blog, and your sharing of yourself. Wow, how do I put into words how absolutely precious that is? You do me proud, girlfriends. Your comments are the vitamins of both my soul and my creative muse. I can never say thank you enough to you; nope, words will never come close to the gratitude and affection I have for you. (And mind you, it’s not because of the comments. In fact, the comments just reinforce that I have the best-est friends in the entire world!)

So I just wanted to give you a million hugs… for everything that you are. 🙂 You seriously rock, girlfriends!

4 thoughts on “It’s really not a big deal, but…

  1. I totally agree! It only takes a second to say “thank you”. Unlike me, person who seems to babble…and since you have your blog to approve the comment before it’s posted….well, you’re probably telling yourself, alright already crazy person, lol. Seriously, thank you for your huge generosity.


  2. I love the muppets and you’re right, that Yeah at the end was worth waiting for. Thank you for all these wonderful goodies, now I must get myself in gear and start scrapping! Love Ya!


  3. I hear what you’re saying girlfriend. There is nothing more precious than a grateful heart. You know that you have my undying love and gratitude for just being you!! and to add the freebies is icing on the cake.

    I can never get enough of your wonderful creations. Thanks bunches and loads.


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