Rain On

On my list of favorites in life, few things are more romantic than sitting by my window pane (fingers on my keyboard, of course 😉 ) and watching rain fall while listening to really cool music.

It’s raining now. Yum! Sit with me and enjoy? 🙂

I think part of what makes rain so mysterious to me is that it reminds me of tears.

Ever wonder how one thing is always so closely related to its opposite?

Another mystery, with all the secrets it keeps: night.


And my longest-favorite song (from way back when I was 3 years old and Michel Legrand’s version played on my dad’s …uh, what do you call those things that have huge wheels and tape? :lol:)

I love this version more (and watching Pierce Brosnan makes it even more delish! Mmmmmmm :D)

Happy ear-candy day! 😀

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