Lovin’ the 80s

Oh gawd. What a great decade. I’m so glad I came of age then.

Yes, we lived in a mad world back then. But it was fun.

The song that was as good as a license…

One of my 80s anthems:

And yet another:

And this one still makes me stop and put my hand on my heart when I hear it:

And this song was ooooh:

Oh yeah. The 80s were a great decade.

Mmmmmmemories. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lovin’ the 80s

  1. This entry made me laugh with every song you had posted!! I love it, Liv! I’m an 80’s gal, too (class ’88, actually) and just loved the trip down memory lane! Thanks! See ya at the Spraground. :>)


  2. It was a great time to grow up, wasn’t it? You posting Take My Breath Away reminded me – yesterday my 6 year old daughter and I were at a restaurant and this song came on and she said “Don’t we sing this at church!” Hmmm. Maybe the church of Top Gun.

    Also, thanks for posting Delilah the other day. I had to get it and have been enjoying it.


  3. Ah the memories….The U2 one reminds me that I went to their concert here in Minneapolis when I was about 8 months preggo with my oldest DD (now 11.5 years old). It was awesome despite the frequent trips to the bathroom. But I recall that many ladies let me skip ahead in the potty line remembering what that was like to wait.


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