Guitar Love

I have a special affection for the piano and believe that no home of mine would be complete without it (having had a childhood where the piano was often the center of impromptu sibling singing, very much Waltons-style :lol:). I think pianos are great therapists (Feeling happy? Let your fingers play on the keys! Feeling angry? Let your fingers bang on them… just not too strongly, haha!)

But guitars! Guitars, I love because they remind me of my brothers. Guitars bring back such fond memories.

My eldest brother would play the guitar most afternoons in his teenage years, and girls would swoon. I can still recall very clearly the time that he had to perform in front of a crowd, and to everyone’s surprise, he played with his back turned on the audience (I think stage fright is genetic).

My other brother, 2 years older than me, played lead guitar in a band that toured (yep, they made it to the US too, haha!) back in his teenage years as well. He used to compose songs that I loved because they were so real. I may be in the minority, but I used to think it was so cool when he’d play his electric guitar in his room (I don’t think our dad shared my point of view. And now that I’m a parent myself, I’m thinking I’m probably blessed that my sons play the piano instead of the electric guitar. 😆 ).

My youngest brother played the bass in three different bands before he grew up and joined the workforce. He’s amazing with the bass too. Ahem. Maybe stage fright afflicts only the eldest boy and the youngest girl (me)?

Ah. Guitars and boys.

And swooning girls. (Count me in this latter group).

So. It was with delight that I spent the afternoon listening to these while multitasking on … schtuff. 😉 More on that soon. But for now… ear-candy time!

Love the last lines of this song… and the guitar picking (did I just invent that word? 😆 ) is awesome.

Nothing beats a great beat… and amazing fingers. This Andy dude is amazing.

Every guitar lover knows the Boss. (This song was one of my favorites to play while driving long distance. Hot!)

Newton Faulkner. Introduced to me by my 16-year-old son. Cool dude.

And of course, this post cannot end without the coolest pairing of all: Bono and the Boss.

Happy strummin’ along, sweeties! It’s back to the salt mines for me! 😆