Well, hello there…

…good old friend(s) of mine… (are you singing along with me? :P)

Man, it’s been AGES! I am soo soo sorry for being absent from my porch swing… I’ve gotten a number of emails asking me why I’ve been quiet… I’ve been wanting, panting, hankering to come here and post freebies but ~sigh~ life has just been moving at full-speed ahead!

The kids are out of school, with summer officially here for the past month… and you who have school-age children just know how that means mom is also officially the Boredom Buster and Head Entertainer and Day Planner. It’s a total pleasure and it’s really my first job description (being wife and mom, hehe), so “working”  on the “peak period” of this job has been keeping me busy… 😛

Then of course, there are the fabulous courses at our Spraground! Now that’s what keeps me on my Summer Mom toes! WHAT FUN!

We just finished up with the March run of the Up & Running beginners course… and I love that we have a lot of new Spraground family members who are joining us on the Dark Side! heehee! (And that includes my own sister and her three friends! Whoopeedoo!!! 😆 ) I have to say I looove moderating because nothing beats the pleasure of working with the incredible tandem that Jes and Jared are, and being able to helping others and being part of the incredible A-ha moments! It’s totally awesome to be part of the learning journey of new (and some old) friends, to see them grow in their Photoshop skills, to marvel at their creations and to be privileged to see them enjoy telling their life stories… the joy is just so overwhelming.

Right after wrapping up the U&R course, we began (and are now heading towards the end of the first week) of our beta Digi: In Deep, my dear friend Jessica’s advanced course for digital scrapbooking. I have to say, each day, when that email comes into my inbox, I am floored by the AWESOME activities and lessons that Jessica has planned for us! It is just so FABULOUS, so wonderful, and geez, I could run out of all the superlative adjectives, and still that wouldn’t come up to describing how much I love this course! Wow!

It’s an action-packed course, and I love every minute of it! But it also means that no matter how excited I am to design new stuff for you (got a whole list of things I want to create for you!), it’s going to have to wait a little bit till I’ve gotten hang of my time management. (Yo, that big compound word that really just mean I-would-give-anything-for-more-than-24-hours-in-a-day 🙂 )

We’ve also come up with our Spraground Weekly Challenges, which are open to everyone who’s registered at our Spraground (registering is free; come play with us!) We’ve been seeing a whole load of awesome layouts coming up on our galleries, and, really, nothing beats playing AND learning at the same time!

As if to tease me for my long absence, I open the door to this little place of ours on WordPress, and I am astounded. WHOA. This is totally rocking! A whole new face, beautiful clean colors of cool blues, greys and whites, a totally modern interface… WordPress is ROCKIN! Whoopee!!! 😀

Anyway, today I’ve pushed aside all other pressing matters to sit with you a while… because I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms from not having been with you for what feels like forever!!!

I do want you all to know that I have been keeping you in mind and missing our porch conversations for the longest time! So I’m so glad to be with you today!

Layin’ It All Out

Here are some layouts I’ve come up with since the last time I posted:

Jammin’ in My Jammies:

Jammin' in My Jammies


Lisa Whitney – ArtsyFartsyPaper ; Katie Pertiet – StarGazers Flourish; Michelle Coleman – Glow Gold Dust Edge ; Chere Edwards @ digiocd.blogspot.com – Scribbles Alpha


This was done for our Spraground Weekly Challenge Designer Spotlight, where our designer was none other than our fabulous Jessica Sprague! The challenge required us to use nothing else but her Home Away from Home kit, which is fabulous, and the theme “Home”. You can get it Jessica’s fab kit for free on her blog! (Link is on my right sidebar!)



Jessica’s Home Away from Home Kit (papers slightly recolored); FONTS: Zapfhumnst BT, Tagettes

The Magic of a Child

This was done for our Spraground Weekly ColorLift Challenge, where we are required to do a scraplift (this one by heathert at DD) using a particular color scheme. Totally had fun with this one! (Then again, I have fun with each one! 😆 )

The Magic of a Child

Journaling (Quote by Francis Thompson):

Know you what it is to be a child?

It is to be something very different from the man of to-day. It is to have a spirit yet streaming from the waters of baptism; it is to believe in love, to believe in loveliness, to believe in belief; it is to be so little that the elves can reach to whisper in your ear. It is to turn pumpkins into coaches, and mice into horses, lowness into loftiness, and nothing into everything, for each child has its fairy godmother in its own soul.


One of my few top favorite designers, Meredith Fenwick’s AfternoonSerenade Paper & Antique Paper Swirls; Jen Wilson’s ExtraSmudges (recolored) & Variety Alpha; NatashaWhiteley’s DiffusedGlow action (used on background curtain)

Simple Joys

This was done for our Spraground Merry Go Round Challenge, which required us to use photos that were taken in available light:

Simple Joys


everyday you teach me the beauty of simplicity. you reveal to me the treasures that hide within the smallest things. you run free and carefree, the afternoon breeze playfully tussling your soft hair, the crunchy grass embracing and cushioning your little feet, the warm glow of the sun bouncing on your chubby cheeks. you teach me that true happiness doesn’t cost a thing. it’s found in purity and innocence and, yes, simplicity. you need nothing more than empty space to frolic in to have the time of your lives. and i need nothing more than simply being with you for my heart to be filled with pure, unadulterated joy. ah, true happiness at its very best… yep, it really is that simple.


Meredith Fenwick – EasySilence apple paper; TwilightDreaming Butterfly, JapaneseTree; CrazyBeautiful-PaintedFrame (recolored) & Alphabet
Annie Manning/Paint the Moon: Charmes d’Antan – Butterfly (altered) & Butterfly Wings
KimChristensen – Spelling101 Kit: Black Inked Overlay

DID I Say…?

Here are the two layouts we worked on for the first week of DID… Absolutely ROCKIN course!!! 😀

Lesson 1A: Of Friendships & Brotherhood

Of Friendships & Brotherhood


how totally wonderful to see the three of you working together, helping each other. one minute your faces are scrunched up in intense concentration; the next minute your eyes crinkle delightfully as you brust out in silly, boisterous laughter. today you build sandcastles; tomorrow you’ll build even greater things. what i hope remains the same is the spirit of love and friendship that you have for each other as you work and play together. because, my dear sons, more than any tangible thing, you build best when you build bridges of love.


Everything from the DID Course Materials by Katie Pertiet, Jen Wilson, Trish Jones, Linda Gill Billdal, Nancie Rowe Janitz, Mary Ann Wise, Lynn Grieveson. Fonts: Texas Hero, One Fell Swoop, Problem Secretary, English111 Presto BT

Lesson 1B: My Everyday Miracle

We had to create our own layout from scratch, using the techniques we had learned in Lesson 1. Here’s what I came up with:

My Everyday Miracle


Meredith Fenwick-GrungyBaby papers(blended);Cowboy Papers; CrazyBeautiful-stitched eyelets/Paint-the-Moon Annie Manning-TheNaturalsRibbons-LeavesTie&Shadow/ Dani B-BlackFriday Button/Mary Ann Wise-AlaMode Flourish/Fonts: Porcelain, BeautifulES, SandraOh

As you may have noticed, I am very into Meredith Fenwick’s stuff… that’s because she just re-opened her store at ScrapbookGraphics.com and when I went to get her grab bag (among others, hehe) that celebrated her return (man, was that AWESOME!) Mer was soooo generous that I got an additional 50-off coupon to go crazy with in her shoppe again! Woohoo!!! Of course I got all that I could manage to get my itchy digi hands on. hehe.

I asked Mer if I could show you here the items I bought from her SBG shoppe, and she said YES! So… here’s what I’m totally loving right now!

From her Posh Collection:

The Posh Collection

The Posh Collection

The Posh Collection

The Posh Collection

I also got her Everyday Inspiration collection, her Grungy Baby kit, and her Legible Notecards set. They’re all as wonderfully textured and beautiful as the Posh collection you see here!

And since you made it this far…

and because I’ve been gone for so long, I have a little something for you! I’m sharing with you the circle template that I created for our DID Lesson 1B class. It took me a huge amount of time trying to translate what I saw in my mind onto my monitor… but I am so thrilled that I was able to get it done!

This is a very simple template: I have not added strokes to any of the items (because it’s better to add the stroke after you’ve pulled in your papers and photos to clip on), and I’ve left the drop shadows out so that you can have absolute freedom in deciding where your light source is. I’ve also left the entire thing very basic so you can choose which accents you want to add into your own layout. I hope you find some use for this, and thanks for the love you leave right here on my blog! 😀

Here’s what you’re getting (the layout I made with it is above):

LivEdesigns DID It Circle Template

And you can click here to get it!

EDITED on October 14th:

I’ve received word that the old link is no longer valid. I’ve re-uploaded and changed the link upon request… you may now click on the image of the template to get the new link for it! 😉

Now I really need to get back to my work on the DID course… so I hope to see you soon!

Have a great day, my sweeties!!! I promise I’ll do my best not to stay away so long again! 😀

26 thoughts on “Well, hello there…

  1. Hi Candy,

    Thanks for letting me know about this!

    I don’t know why the links suddenly go invalid for some files… will have to talk with 4shared about that (I’ve seen it happen on other blogs too :P) but don’t worry; I’m fixing up a new link right now and you should be able to download it within the next 24 hours. Do let me know if you’ve been able to snag it, okay? 🙂

    Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Liv, I just love that quote “where there is great love, there are always miracles” that you used on your LO. I want to use it on my blog, but can’t read the author. Is is Willa Carter?



  3. Hi LivE!

    Welcome back!

    Finally I had some time to read your blog and browse some of the websites which you recommend. OMG! It will take me a good week to only take a quick look, let alone go through the tutorials! It is all very interesting PLUS there is sooooo many beautiful Freebies that I am officially a Freebie Junkie!

    I also loved your LOs – you are very creative and I can tell that you put a lot of heart into your projects. You are doing a great job! Thank you very much for sharing all your tips&tricks with us.

    It was really nice to read about you and find out what you do. I can’t believe that you have 5 sons!!! You look so young too! How do you do it LivE? Come on – share your secrets with family friends 😉

    I don;t know how often I will manage to write on your blog BUT I will definately be “poping in” so make sure you have some good coffee ready (very weak, white with 2 sugars), ok?




  4. Whoo! You made up for being gone with all those ROCKIN layouts! I’m headed over to Meredith Fenwick’s shop right now to check out more of her cool stuff. Thanks so much for the awesome DiD template…I admired the heck outta your layout over at the Playground, and can’t quite believe I can play with the template myself now:) Whee! Thank you!


  5. I’ve got a post to write that will be about as long as yours … although I’m still sure you are busier than me!! Thanks for the template … *LOVED* that LO and can’t wait to replicate it! DID is absolutely amazing and I have no idea how you find the time – I have barely even ventured into the gallery for time sake. I’m lucky to have gotten my 2 LOs done last week! I’ll get to the quote album ann picture challenge when I get to them. Hate it but life is what it is right now 😉 Words aren’t enough to thank you for the notecards, too! You are the most wonderful treasure around!!


  6. Oh Livie, so nice to see your post. Man my head has been spinning too and I about 3 LO’s behind. I so loved seeing your template since I adored that LO. Maybe I can use it for my 1b LO, oh I guess that would be cheating huh. I have all those Meredith kits too. Love them. Hugs and kisses sweetie.


  7. Liv…you are awesome…love the template…you make it so easy to scraplift from you 🙂 That lo was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder what this week will bring…more goodies I am sure
    How did we all get so busy all of a sudden?? Life is moving too fast


  8. OMG>>>>> this is great!!!! i’ve missed you so my dear!!!! Thank Goodness for a template!!!! DID wore me out last week (LOL!) !!! i’m glad you are back for a breather. i know how busy you’ve been!
    Your LOs are GORGEOUS!!!! TFS! I just really always pray for a little more REFLECTION in my days….i’m missing so much being so busy!!!
    miss you, can’t wait to “see” you!!! (((hugs))) shell


  9. LIV!!!!!! Welcome HOME!!!!! I’ve missed you so much it hurts! I so totally enjoyed everything in your post here. Your LOs are so incredibly awesome!!!! I know what you mean about life rushing ahead at full speed. What’s up with that? Doesn’t life know that we need to have time to savor and enjoy every minute. I feel like I barely have time to take a deep breath before I’m yanked off in a full speed trip to the next task awaiting my attention. I haven’t been able to savor and enjoy the things I’ve accomplished much less those wonderful accomplishments of my dearest girlfriends. Thanks for taking a few moments to come sit on the front porch with me. It has renewed me so that I can take off again with the anticipation of those next few moments that we can share together again. Love ya GF!!!!


  10. Thanks for the update–kids all underfoot already! What do you do when they say “I’m bored.”? My kids don’t like my answer (usually house or yard work). DID is awesome! Glad we’re in it together. Thanks for the template!


  11. Oh and P.S….
    For the life of me, I can’t seem to find that “Home” freebie kit that you said Jessica had on her blog. (I’m sure it’s right under my nose, but…) Thanks!


  12. Hi!
    Thanks so much for sharing the template. I was totally planning to scraplift you when I scrolled down and saw the template. 🙂
    Thanks again for being so encouraging about joining the Spraground. It has been a lot along with the AWESOME DID class, but I, too, am loving every minute of it…well, except being one of the folks with the finicky marquee tools…still haven’t figured that out. Well, I’m off to do a LO from our photo challenge today. 🙂


  13. First, the second class LO is sooooo beautiful. I am speechless.

    Second, the stuff you got is pretty awesome. I am salivating. And I’m so glad you were able to work the coupon thing out. 🙂

    Third, you just continue to amaze me.


  14. WOW…i came over just for a cup of coffee and boy was it nice to see your post..all your layouts (in one place given how larger our gallery is these days)..and than your template gift!! Thank you…and i hope you are getting some sleep with all that is going on around you…!


  15. Wowza Liv! That is one huge post, but OH so fun to read. It felt like hooking up with a good friend after a long time apart. I just LOVE your style!

    And those layouts are breathtaking. Each one. The love you have for the layouts/subjects just exudes from the screen. I love that you love unabashedly and journal so elequently.

    You, my dear, are quite simply…AMAZING!

    Hugs and thanks so much for sharing your template! Wowza!


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