It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

why, yes, even in my own home, as of last night! 😆

Christmas, my friends, has officially arrived in our home as of December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. 🙂

It’s a good thing that my dear hubby does not believe in filling every nook and cranny of our humble home with Christmas decor, because it makes my job of decorating that much easier. 😀 Also, it totally helps that I have five sons who can help me put up the Christmas decor (well, okay, four… 😛 )

What I really love is that I now have some real Christmassy photos to use for my Daily December album, which has been up in the air (or more correctly, stuck in my camera’s memory card), instead of the daily-any-month photos that I’ve been taking since December began. 😆 I’ve been trying to decide whether to post the photos here or maybe make a layout and post THAT here (need a push to actually start scrapping those photos, and this might be it! haha)… but while I make up my fickle mind on that issue, here’s something again for you!

(And some nice music by two of my favorite people to keep you entertained as you download 😉 )

This freebie is actually a spin-off from the Winter Shimmer kit, so you might notice that the papers are similar to some in Winter Shimmer, except they’re in more playful, brighter colors (and the striped one is new, and the creamy one has a different texture). This came about because my dear friend Jana loves pink christmases, so I decided to go ahead and make a pink version. The elements on this mini kit are not the same, though, so you might want to snag it as well. 😀

Since this is a mini kit, you’re getting all of it in one download. Aside from the four papers, I’ve made a chipboard arrow with a snowflake accent, a Christmas tree calendar transparency accent, and three silver-bookplate tags with gemstone brads. One of the tags has wordart on it. Thank you’s are in my TOU! And that’s the whole kit, my dears!

Thank you for letting me know that you can still do with more Christmas kits; this one is for you and you and you, and all of you, my sweeties!

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Jolly HollyDays (Winter Shimmer Spin-off) PReview

Download Jolly HollyDays here. Now much as I’d love to sit on this porch swing with you, I really must go to bed as my fingers are frozen from the cold and it’s almost 5AM in my part of the world. 😀

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

Love to all, and to all a goodnight! (((((hugs)))))

6 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. I love the new colors. Christmas takes awhile to get to my house. We did get the tree on Sat, last night the angel went on top, I think tonight the hubby will put the lights on and finally the tree will be decorated on Thursday (next night that the whole family is home). On the good side, I guess that gives me lots of opportunities to take pictures to scrap!


  2. Liv…you never cease to amaze me (I’ve probably said that before, at least once or twice). You are amazing, soooo talented & generous! I LOVE the tree…it’s really cool!!! Thanks again for everything. You really are the best!


  3. Oohhhh!!! Thanks Liv! Love the pink shimmer kit. That is the coolest elements. I love the tree.

    Please post your Daily December LO’s. You always inspire me and I love to see your work. I’m waiting … hurry up!!!

    Thanks for the video. That was beautiful. OK, so I recognize Pavarotti (who doesn’t) but I don’t recognize the other singer. Who is that?

    It’s nice to have your boys to help with the decorations. I love Christms and I have so many decorations, iniside and out, but since most of my kids are grown, married and moved out, I don’t have many around to help me anymore. Everyone does still come and help decorate the tree. But I don’t have much else beside my tree and stockings so far this year. And I spend all my spare time scrapbooking so I may not have the Christmas that I’ve always had. Oh well, it’s not about the decorations anyway. Merry Christmas and thank you for being … YOU!!!!! Love ya!


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