Winter Goes Metallic!

with the last set of the Winter Shimmer Kit!!!

It’s getting pretty busy around here, with all the preparations for the holidays. How are things in your home? Have you done any shopping yet? (If you tell me your list is all ticked off, I’m going to sit on the floor and bawl! Or… hmm, since that’s not very productive, maybe I’ll send you a ticket so you can come and do all my holiday preparations for me! Does that sound good to you? 😀 😆 😀 )

Only 17 days to go till The Best Day of the Year, and in some places where my friends are, they’ve got snow bringing on the brrrrs!!!

Here’s something to keep you company while you scrap by the fire:

Winter Shimmer Set 3:

{Click on image for larger view}

LivEdesigns Winter Shimmer Set 3

There are 4 papers here; one is patterned, the other has a frosty, icy row of white snowflakes at the top, and the 2 are shimmery blue and lavender almost-solid ones. All are highly textured, as usual. I went crazy with the elements (and the snowflakes too, heehee), so you’re getting a metallic blue snowflake border which coordinates with all the papers in the entire kit (I tried putting it on each paper and it goes well!). There are 3 gem-centered pewter hanging accents, and so that you can hang them on your layouts, I’ve included 2 metallic snowflake brads–the ones you see on both sides of “Christmas 2007” which is a pewter Christmas label. There’s also a snowflake paper clip and 2 journaling sheets (to write your Christmas wishes for Santa? 😆 )

To make the paper clip look realistically attached, just CTRL-CLICK on the layer thumbnail of whatever element you’re attaching the clip to. You should see marching ants around it. Then target the layer that the paper clip is on. Take your eraser brush and start erasing the paper clip parts that should be behind the element. Voila! 😀

Hope you like this last set of the Winter Shimmer kit. I’ve got some exciting ideas for more freebies, but do let me know if you’re sick of Christmas freebies already (there are so many going around, right? Have you had enough? 😆 ) Download Winter Shimmer Set 3 here. There is no zip password this time.

ETA: Sorry, download link is no longer available.

I decided to do away with the zip password, as that is the reason for the orange sign coming up on my 4shared site. The only reason I placed zip passwords was to make sure that those who snag the freebies do pass by to say hello on my blog (I always love having you visit! 😉 )… but I really don’t want to give you unnecessary hassle and I can’t help thinking that those of us who have a deathly fear of viruses (who doesn’t?) may just have their fears stoked by that sign, even if it only means that 4shared couldn’t check my files for viruses due to the password. Phew!

To make a long story short, download and extract without hassles, my dears! 😀  😀  😀

Have a happy day, and thank you so much for the love you leave! (((hugs)))

15 thoughts on “Winter Goes Metallic!

  1. I just found your wonderful site! It will now become one of my daily stops. : ) Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, I can hardly wait to get home tonight and start scrapping!



  2. for some reason I can’t download this set. I keep getting the message that the server has reset. please let me know what I should do. I really like your work and I don’t want to miss this.

    Thank you


  3. I usually post on 4shared but… thought this would be better this time. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL KIT! Now, I think all your stuff is great, but I really like this one. Love the colors, and am just crazy about snowflakes! It hardly ever snows where I live, so it’s not like I have lots of snow pics to scrap, but I just love those buggers.


  4. This is a beautiful kit you’ve created. Thanks so much for sharing. I have not finished shopping…actually just started. I have one thing from each list….and my little ones list is quite lengthy…Lego’s galore, yippee, how fun for me. I hate those little tiny buggers (so does my vaccuum!) As for snow, none of that here. As a matter of fact it was in the 80’s today. Ever go shopping in shorts and a tank top? It doesn’t make it feel much like Christmas. Have a great evening.


  5. This kit is gorgeous Liv! I can’t wait to get some snowy photos & some Christmas ones to scrap with this! You know you are one of my favorite designers! Thanks so much for your generosity!


  6. I so love all of your designs, but this one is amazing. Winter is very cold in Alberta this year and (sorry) I am done my shopping. My family is too big to not get it done early, otherwise I never get to enjoy it. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.


  7. Love this kit! What’s not to love!!!! I hate to say it but I’m about 98% done with my shopping. I’m hoping to finish up later today. Now, there’s just mounds of wrapping to do! But hey, send that ticket girlfriend, I’ll be there in a heartbeat!!!

    I do understand about the password, but I’m gonna miss those cute ones that you always came up with!!

    Am I sick of Christmas kits? NO!!!!! I need more since I’m doing the daily December LO’s (which I’m already behind 3 days thanks to all my whirlwind shopping this past week). I’ll take anything you so generously give me!!!

    As usual, love ya to pieces!!!!!!!


  8. Wow, I am so behind on my downloading so I have to do the the whole Shimmer kit which BTH is totally beautiful. You are one in a gazillion (isn’t that someones word) love you to pieces,


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