What the…???

My friend J just alerted me to something on my 4shared site where Set 2 of Winter Shimmer is… a note that says “Protected archive-failed to virus-check-2007-12-05” which TRUST ME was NOT there earlier when i checked my site (and there were already 16 downloads by then). I have an amazingly strong anti-virus software installed in my compy and I always check everything I download and upload … ALWAYS.

Here’s the most baffling thing: if you check on the 4shared site DATE UPLOADED, it says “2007-12-06”.

So how can you state “Failed to virus-check” if you’re doing this to a file that has not YET been uploaded as of the time you failed your virus-check? Think about it: Failed to virus-check – date? Dec. 05″ Compare it to date uploaded “Dec.06” ????? Can you explain that to me, Kaspersky people? I mean, if you have a way of virus-checking files that have not YET been uploaded, well then, that’s totally amazing! What’s that called–cyber-ESP?

I’m sorry for the rant, my dears. I’m not normally like this… but I’m totally aghast at this development!

I’m presently trying to download my own file and will check it out. If it seems like it’s been sabotaged (my friend J tells me that nothing comes out of the file), then I’m taking that down, changing the password, and uploading a new file.

Oh, and for the sake of your own peace of mind, I never, ever, ever, ever upload a file without running it through a virus-check, EVEN IF I know my compy is virus-free. I am deathly afraid of those buggers, ask my dearest and closest friends. I love playing around with my compy too much to not make sure it’s got itself protected in a plastic-bubble from those atrocious things. And then there’s that OC-AR tendency in me to double-and-triple check, even if the virus-scan software runs every so often within the same hour, 24/7. Just want you to know, you have nothing to worry about. 

And that is why I rant at things like this. I mean, really, what is supposed to be accomplished by something like this? I just want to share my designs (insert crying emoticon here).

Okay… now on to checking this bummer. Will be back to let you know what happens.

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