UPDATE on Flabbergasting Sabotaging Schmuckarookierafadoodle

Yeah, I know, those words half don’t make sense. Like what’s happening at 4shared totally doesn’t make sense.

I was just chatting with my wonderful friend veevs and she checked other 4shared sites, and ALL of them have this notice.

Will keep you updated as we sort this out, darlings. Thank you so much for your patience.

Oh and the best cyber-sleuth? That would be my friend veevs.

One thought on “UPDATE on Flabbergasting Sabotaging Schmuckarookierafadoodle

  1. You forgot to type )*($^%!(%_)”(+$(“$& !!!!
    What a blooming nightmare 4shared has been for you!! Hope its just a temporary glitch and you are up and running and hassle free!! I cant check 4shared from work so will have another looksy when I get home! Mmmmmwwwaaaaahhhhhhh!!


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