Freebie Frenzy…

Or freebie friend-zy? 😛

Here’s the latest in the Lavender Porch kit: 2 patterned papers and 1 solid paper with a chalky edge. (I had some comercial-use help from LPand3dogs Designs 😉 ) I had been trying to put the link on my blog the entire (yes, that’s right, the ENTIRE) day yesterday but it seems WordPress was having some technical problems as I kept getting logged off. I think something was wrong with their servers… but that’s okay because it’s all fine now! YEAH! 😀

These papers are totally the result of experimenting and playing…they’re very different from what I would normally make, but I’m playing “outside the sandbox” this time. 😀 –so I have no idea if they’re the type you can use or that you would even like 😕 This is why it is really really important to me to read your comments on this freebie release, as what you say will certainly help guide me in the sort of freebies I will be creating for you in the future. So please, pretty please, do leave me some comments in my blog? 😉 Thanks in advance!

Here are the papers then: 2 patterned papers and one solid one with chalked edges, all subtly textured.

LivEdesigns Lavender Porch Paper Pack 2

Download them HERE. Zip password is friend-zy (yes, with that hyphen 🙂 )

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

Have fun! Oh and a little teaser here: I’m coming up with some elements in the next few days, so do visit again soon! 😉

4 thoughts on “Freebie Frenzy…

  1. Well Liv, if this is experimenting and playing “outside the box” keep right on doing it because it is working. Love the green and purple together. Great job, love ya girlfriend.


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