Eenie MINI Miney Moe!

(Is that even the way it’s spelled? :D)

Well, finally, I’ve begun the work on the latest offering! A mini kit! (though I’m not even sure I can call it mini, because more and more ideas for digi stuff keep filling my mind as I play and experiment with this kit!) Initially, I had intended for this to be a little kit, you know, a few papers here and there, mixed up with a few elements here and there… but so far, I’ve only begun playing with the papers and already I have more than enough! 😀 I guess you could say I’m just digitally decadent! LOL!

This mini kit is named Lavender Porch, in honor of all my friends who like walking out on their porch barefoot on a cool early morning, holding a cup of hot coffee to warm their hands while gazing contentedly at the garden before them as they breathe the fresh air, and just smiling contentedly, thinking of how the most ordinary day can be such a miracle. Aaaah. That’s life. 🙂

So here’s the first offering of Lavender Porch. As usual, all items are created at 300ppi, all papers are sized at 12×12. These are 3 stripey, subtly textured papers (thanks to LPand3dogs for the commercial use textures I purchased!) Oh, and  you’re looking at the basic color scheme of this kit, so I really hope you like the color combination! (Or I’m doomed! 😀 )

Download the papers HERE. The zip password is aaah! (yes, that’s three small A’s and an exclamation at the end 😉 ). Thank you in advance for the comments that you leave… 😉

ETA: Sorry, link is no longer available.

And since I’ve been experimenting a lot, I hope you will come back to pick up the results of all the playing I’ve been doing!

7 thoughts on “Eenie MINI Miney Moe!

  1. I’m glad you’re “Digitally Decadent” because we are all benefitting from “your” decadence! You paint such a warm and fuzzy picture in your blog. My porch is in the back and overlooks our little lake and many mornings when it’s cool (October here in Fla.)I do go out there, savor my coffee and thank “Him” for the miracle of a new day. Love these papers and the colors are inspirational. Gotta find some pictures that wil do them justice. Love you!


  2. Well Liv, my dear, you continue to out-do yourself. These are fantabulous!! Love the colors.

    Front porches are among my most favoritest things in the world. Actually, front, back, side porches … they all comfort me. I don’t drink coffee but you will often see me with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

    Thanks so much. {{{{hugs}}}}


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