Two is for the number of weeks that I’ve been getting less than 4 hours of sleep, working on ten million and one projects, all at the same time. (Could life get any better? 😆 ). Two is also the number of WordPress Photo of the Week Challenges that I have missed and need to catch up on.

And two is the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo of the Week challenge (and thankfully, I’ve managed to grab the time to get back on track).

The challenge prompt for this week was:

Two Subjects. This “theme” is more of a composition challenge. In the picture above, there are actually two subjects – one in the foreground (the cup), and one in the background (the dog) – both are essential parts of the picture and they each contribute something differently to the photo. Share a picture with TWO SUBJECTS! 

[ If you want to see the cup and the dog in the prompt photo, you can see it here ].

I am always delighted when the theme for a challenge is open to a million different interpretations. I am also delighted by sunrises, snowballs, delicious pairs of boots (note the plural form 😉 ), children’s laughter, my camera, and my computer… and above all, I am delighted by love in all its myriad manifestations.

Which brings me to my interpretation of this week’s challenge:

[ Click on the photo to see it in full size ]

My sweet nephew and his darling girlfriend have decided to tie the knot next year, and he got her the ring to seal the deal! (About time too, Joey! ;)). Ah, youth and love. *sigh & swoon* What a delight.

And delight is this song, too, which is, quite literally, perfect:

My Perfect Two is of course my hubby and me (which over the years morphed into the Perfect Seven = one girl, me, and six men… or boys, as the case may be :grin:). Still another Perfect Two of mine are my camera and my computer. Oh, and my coffee and my biscotti too!

What’s your Perfect Two?

11 thoughts on “Two.

  1. My two? The last two months I’ll be spending with my first graders before I retire in June. Bitter sweet. (Also ‘two’)
    Sad to not experience the fun and joy of the day with them, hearing all the interesting, and yes, hysterical, things they say, and happy to be afforded the opportunity to blog more 🙂 See and be seen ( ‘two’ more)
    Your post and the song are great.


    • oh such a wonderful list of “twos” you have, gemma! (i understand bittersweet parting well, having retired from 17 years of teaching five years ago myself. but the most wonderful thing has been re-establishing friendships with former students who are now grown-ups and seeing them—in an almost surreal sense—as full-fledged adults, some with children of their own already! geesh, and they were kids when i had them in my classroom :)). so that’s the “sweet” part… and since we’re into TWOs, here’s another sweet thing: you get to spend all that extra time doing everything you always wanted to do but couldn’t because of the time restraints and job demands of being a teacher on duty for most of the (school) year! for me, that meant discovery of interests that i never had the time to indulge in. and that’s such a wonderful benefit of being retired! 😀

      thank you for your kind words on my post, dear friend. 🙂


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